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Traitor. To. Our. Allies.

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A vote for Trump is the same as spitting in the face of Ronald Reagan. Then again, Reagan's face should be spat in. I'm kind of conflicted, to be honest.

In a just world, Trump would be swinging at the end of a noose already.


Don’t worry, if this sounds like someone you can’t support, we have an even older white guy who’s actively circumventing congress to fund a genocide!

For bonus points, they both agree the rich don’t need taxed, none of us really need healthcare, and cannabis is too dangerous because jazz musicians smoke that stuff.

You can pick any president you want, as long as it’s one of those two fuckheads.


Wow. How did all of that fit up your ass? The only thing that you got right was Biden is 4, yes a whopping 4 years older than trump. Why is everyone focused on Bidens age and it’s never brought up about orange menace?


Because some people have higher standards than trump?

My dog would be a better president than trump, but I’m not voting for him because that would be ridiculous


This doesn’t sound like someone anyone should support. We already had 4 years of this fat fuck and he couldn’t even keep himself from getting COVID . Why the fuck would I trust him over the president who saw one of the largest economic investments in this country in decades. Meanwhile now everyone is feeling the trump tax effect this year and all that inflation from those shit Chinese tariffs and non-existent pandemic policies. Yeah thanks for clearing that up for us.


I don’t know how pointing out Biden has some of trump’s flaws made you think I was saying Biden would be worse.

I was pretty explicitly saying there’s lots of things that the majority of Americans disagree with, that our only two options support.

And giving Biden credit for bounce back after covid makes as much sense as giving Clinton credit for the dotcom boom.

Any president would have seen that bounce, even trump would have. And giving credit to any president for it just makes zero sense.


Yeah, I don’t expect Trump to be the kind of fellow that would answer calls to arms from defending allies. I think most of us probably guessed that one.

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