This crisis is caused by every adult Texan who didn't vote against - or who voted for - Governor Greg the sadistic psychopath Abbott, who proudly values the protection of toxic waste more than human life.

The state of Illinois should place these 13,200 people in hotels with complimentary room service, and bill it ALL to the great state of Texas. I’m sure those taxpaying patriots are happy to put their money where their vote is.

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honestly the most annoying part is he purposely times the busses to arrive in the middle of the night on weekends wherever. The city and state have asked that they just work with them to send them to designated locations at designated times. The other annoying thing is they want the feds to allow them to work as that will solve a lot of the issues.


are there 13000 jobs in the area that they’re qualified to do? are there enough apartments in the area?


This is feeling like a big failure from the Biden administration. Not because too many migrants were let in but because it appears they were given no Federal assistance in finding long-term shelter or work. There’s probably plenty of both in the US but it’s not all in Chicago. Immigration could’ve easily made staying within their “designated state” a condition of asylum and therefore making busing them out of state a federal offense.


Too many migrants


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The big problem is they have no real status. He actually should have just made a central location with dorms and a court house and send people there and they stay until their status gets worked out.

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