Ex-Human Rights Watch chief - Israel violating humanitarian law in Gaza


Israel’s decision to deprive Palestinian civilians living in Gaza of access to basic needs violates international law, former Human Rights Watch chief Kenneth Roth said.

“In the realm of humanitarian necessities, the Israeli government has imposed a siege on all of Gaza,” Roth said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

Roth, who now teaches at Princeton University, added that the atrocities committed by the Hamas armed group against Israeli civilians do not justify the “revenge” and “collective punishment” against Palestinian civilians.

“A basic premise of international humanitarian law is that war crimes by one side never justify war crimes by the other. There’s an independent obligation by both sides to respect the laws of war.

“It increasingly does look like the Israel military is proceeding without adequate care to spare civilians. And that kind of indiscriminate and disproportionate attack … is in itself a war crime.”

ParanoidFactoid, (edited )


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  • Hirom,

    Do you happen to have any source for these reports?


    There is no source because they made it up. The closest thing I could find is this news.yahoo.com/wagner-mercenaries-involved-traini…Which states wagner group may have trained Hamas fighters according to this report …gov.ua/instruktory-pvk-vagner-gotuvaly-hamas-do-…

    @SenorBolsa@beehaw.org avatar

    It’s an interesting theory. Big if true. It just seems far too risky when you know most of the western world still supports Israel.

    Though if you can pull it off, wow, and they could probably have predicted that it would cause a lot of internal division among Americans which only benefits Russia.

    @feral_hedgehog@pawb.social avatar

    Yeah all those kids in Gaza sure do deserve to die of dehydration.

    @feral_hedgehog@pawb.social avatar

    If you look closely at the picture you’ll see that it is in fact a Hamas terrorist, and not a child - don’t feel bad though, it’s a common mistake ^_^



    @alyaza@beehaw.org avatar

    leave it to Charlie Hebdo to place themselves firmly in the “dumb take” camp

    @feral_hedgehog@pawb.social avatar

    Yeah, what could those out of touch edgelords possibly know about terrorism?

    @alyaza@beehaw.org avatar

    the fact that they were victims of terrorism as a publication does not suddenly exempt them from having dumb takes, and bluntly their “satire” is often far closer to actual islamophobia than humor.


    Most Western countries have to be seen as pro-Israel no matter what to deter accusations of anti-semitism or pro-nazism. Charlie Hebdo used to be scathing satire and now is just the magazine for Islamophobic European neolibs or conservatives. Its bush league satire and really low effort and blatant racism to troll Muslims.


    Given the white coat, that’s pretty accurate to what Palestinian doctors would be experiencing…

    @cupcakezealot@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

    i don’t understand how attacking ambulances and hospitals in gaza achieves anything for israel


    It gets the brown people out of Israel.

    @library_napper@monyet.cc avatar

    Clicked the link and the “article” was 2 bullet points. Downvoted. Please link to actual articles

    • the entire contents of the article is listed in the text description
    • "downvotes" don’t work on beehaw-hosted communities
    • third bullet point

    There are still over a hundred hostages. Crank down on Gaza…no electricity, etc…and you’ll eventually get some intel on where they are at. It’s war, and they put themselves in this position.


    I assure you, Palestinian civilians didnt put themselves in Gaza. The Israeli government created the ghetto prison known as Gaza and relegated the Palestinians to it.


    The basic problem is that Palestinians never got their Gandhi. Instead they got violent ass clowns.


    Egypt took Gaza in the '48 war, built camps and put Palestinians (then called Arabs, the word “Palestinian” still most often referred to Jews) in them. Nobody much cared until Israel took the territory in the Six Day War and Egypt refused to take it back after.

    Likewise Jordan annexed West Bank, built its camps, put Palestinians in them and held it until '67. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt all built camps for Palestinians WITHIN their own borders and refused to assimilate them or allow them to become citizens. They used Palestinians as pawns in their quest to eliminate the infidel state. It didn’t work. No one much cared unless the pawns can be used against Israel.

    Palestinians who remained in Israel are now citizens with voting rights etc. Israel didn’t chuck them in camps like their neighbours did.

    The camps are now cities by the way. But no one calls them that, cause “camps” is better to use against Israel.


    It’s war, and they put themselves in this position.

    Did they also put themselves in the inhumane conditions that sparked this war too? Or is decades of inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people immaterial to the situation?

    Because Israel is a good part of the reason Hamas is as powerful as they are, so I guess they put themselves in this position too?


    Hamas hates everyone even Palestinians. Who knows why they harbor them, but they do.


    Who knows why they harbor them

    Yeah, who could ever know why Palestine harbors the group that Israel funded to delegitimize the more moderate political parties? It's not like the group Israel funded explicitly advocates for aggression against Israel in the name of freeing the Palestinians from the murderous boot of Israel and their decades long campaign of slowly exterminating the Palestinians and stealing all of their land.

    It's a complete mystery....

    livus avatar

    they put themselves in this position.

    The civillians there did not. The last election in Gaza was held 17 years ago.

    The median age in Gaza is around 18 meaning the leadership was chosen when half the population hadn't even been born yet, let alone able to vote.

    To put that in perspective it's like if the US was still ruled by George Bush and no one had ever had a chance to vote him out.


    They surely did, by harboring Hamas and not demanding better.

    livus avatar

    @Rapidcreek I suppose you probably blame the citizens of North Korea for "harbouring" Kim Jong Un, too. But that's just not how life actually works.

    Collective punishment of civillians is always a war crime, but blaming people with no access to free and fair elections in order to justify it is particularly cynical, especially when nearly half of them are still children.


    I do. They let Kim be their ruler do they not?


    So it’s the fault of oppressed people for being oppressed?


    You can take a walk through history and see oppressor and oppressed in every era. A common thread is when people are oppressed by internal forces they either revolt and take power or simply live with the oppression. Even the attempt to revolt is important.

    Gaza has a two fold problem. First they ruled by Hamas who don’t give a shit about them. Plenty of Palestinians hate Hamas, but not enough to make a difference. Secondly, they are oppressed by Israel due to Hamas.

    They can either live with this or revolt. They’ve chosen to live with it.


    Man, it’s a real sign of living the privileged, easy life when someone thinks this way.

    Those people try to revolt and they die. They don’t revolt and still die. What kind of choice is that?


    Yeah they do. People that stand in front of tanks can get run over.


    So it sounds like when assholes are in power people suffer and die anyways, no matter what.

    Society should grow a stronger immune system to allowing these types of rulers.

    t3rmit3, (edited )

    Palestinians literally protest this situation all the time, but are ignored, or shot for it.

    “You didn’t violently rebel, so anything that happens to you (and your children) afterwards is your fault.” This is some straight evil shit.


    So according to you, Hamas is oppressing Palestinians, and Israel is oppressing Hamas, but it’s only righteous for Palestinians to stand up to Hamas. Isn’t it also important for Hamas to stand up to their oppressors?


    No. They didnt.

    Seriously. Shut the fuck up. Theres 75 years of history you missed out on and youre exposing your lack of education.


    After WWIi the UN created N Korea, because the Japanese that occupied the entire peninsula, had withdrawn and because the Soviets as well as the US both felt they should have control. Russia soon got bored with a sphere of influence in the Pacific.

    Got it right so far?


    At first I thought this was about a terrorist attack that killed more than a thousand denying their human right to live. Then I remembered those didn’t have the right to exist in the first place.


    And the US will turn a blind eye once again

    snooggums avatar

    The US has not turned a blind eye, it has gone all in on supporting the war crimes of Isreal.


    Shit… You’re right. That’s even worse

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