Silicon Valley county becomes first in U.S. to declare loneliness a health emergency

A mountain of research has linked loneliness to an increased risk of dementia, depression, anxiety, heart disease, stroke and early death. The Board of Supervisors of San Mateo county, which includes part of Silicon Valley, passed a resolution on Tuesday that declared loneliness a public health crisis and pledged to explore measures that promote social connection in the community.

Relative to white people, Black people face a higher risk of premature death linked to social isolation. Older adults have a higher risk of loneliness in general, since they are more likely to live alone or have chronic illnesses that limit their mobility or leave them homebound.


with how hard tech has rallied against remote work this is 100% aimed at justifying return to office

Gaywallet, avatar

I really doubt this is behind the push. Tech that wants people in the office in silicon valley already forced everyone back to the office.


The cure is simple. Talk to people. Take two minutes out of your day and talk to someone about whether the asparagus is good deal, or if the buses should have music or could The Rock have beaten Humphrey Bogart.


Loneliness isn’t an epidemic, it’s a symptom of a greater illness. That illness is called capitalism and it’s slowly killing us all.


“There’s an app for that.”


Is it Lemmy?

Faydaikin, avatar

I think you’d be closer to the truth if you had said ‘Onlyfans’.

A surprising amount of people turn to prostitutes just to alleviate loneliness. To have someone show a bit of interest in them for a while.


Well, I do know of someone who used to complain about Firefox using up all of their RAM… when running just 6 of their favorite Chaturbate feeds at once for over an hour… seems to be some sort of memory leak in Firefox, but yeah.

I’ve heard the thing about prostitutes many times, and been curious about checking it out by myself, but paying always seemed like a turn off. Maybe I’m just not wealthy enough, or not desperate enough, or whatever.

Faydaikin, avatar

Paying definitely is a turn off.

But when I hear about all the catfishing going on in the dating scene, suddenly prostitution comes of as the more honest solution.

But each to their own. Personally, I don’t do either. I’ve grown content with my lot in life.


With the brilliant ideas and massive wealth that the area generates, it’s hard to imagine a world where they don’t solve every social or medical challenge they are faced with with ease…



Hmm loneliness and techies. Am I the only one who’s seeing the dawn of the sexbots approaching fast?

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