A law firm that has long defended Donald J. Trump’s campaign and businesses from employment lawsuits has abruptly asked to withdraw from a years-long case over what it calls an “irreparable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship.”

Somehow I don’t think it’s about money.

But late on Friday, it asked a federal magistrate judge to allow it to withdraw from a suit filed by a former campaign surrogate, A.J. Delgado, who says she was sidelined by the campaign in 2016 after revealing she was pregnant. The timing of the motion was notable, just two days after the same federal court had ordered the campaign to turn over in discovery all complaints of sexual harassment and gender or pregnancy discrimination from the 2016 and 2020 campaigns — materials that the defendants have long resisted handing over.


Paywalled for me.

chemical_cutthroat, avatar

Like Trump’s legal defense is about to be for him.


Yeah, OP is a jerk. I fixed it.


No need to call names. We wouldn’t even have this post without OP. Criticism is fine but be respectful.


It would be objectively better if we banned paywalled posts like this one from the sub, it’s equivalent to not linking to an article.

HorreC avatar

ganna guess the money is getting at its end, and no more looks to be coming


Did they ever get any money from him?

HorreC avatar

I thought he had to give a massive retainer for them to even take him on. Could have been one of the other many lawyers that are dealing with him currently.

protist, (edited )

I doubt that, the article outlined how they’ve been paid millions over several years and are still representing him in other cases. Plaintiff’s counsel is accusing them of using this as a tactic to disrupt/delay discovery, which would have Trump turn over damning evidence of employment discrimination against a pregnant woman in his campaign. The judge agreed with plaintiffs and has ordered Trump’s counsel to continue representing him until they provide a good enough reason to need to back out.

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