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When will we begin to criminalize the far-right GOP members who incite violence and do naught but spew threats of violence and legal repercussions with no teeth?

How you answer is the difference between being fascist and not. (Hint: it’s definitely OK to lock up those who actively do something lawbreaking, but not if someone kept the peace and obeyed the law and kept their rhetoric peaceful enough that no one is threatened)

The paradox of tolerance required that Trump and his guilty cohorts be tried for Jan. 6th. The GA case is an extension of those charges investigating that. How this case goes will probably set a nationwide precedent to whether or not additional GOP oversteps could be tried as criminal on any level.

With luck law will land on the right side; and remind everyone that peaceful discourse is much preferable to aggressive actions.


If he's found hiding and refusing to produce classified documents. Go ahead.

If he's on record conspiring to destroy those documents, proving that he has knowledge of everything including that he broke the law. Lock him up even more

If there's a proof of Biden conspiring to overturn election. Go ahead boys.

But I doubt he is stupid enough to keep US secrets for clout, and go on record forcing people to overturn election in Georgia. Even with a severe dementia that he has 😆.


History has shown that imprisoning the normal people somehow always becomes the goal of a fascist party.

History has also shown that fascism has never been defeated by pacifism. Prep, train, teach others.


Ben Shapiro proclaimed, “Running for office now carries the legal risk of going to jail — on all sides.”

That’s the “masterful intellectual argument” that sways the all-important Joe Rogan.


As if he thinks that running for president should make you immune to legal consequences.


No plan to govern, no ability to govern, no desire to govern.


That’s what you get when the entire political platform is to prove that government doesn’t work.

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projection at its finest. lock anyone up but their own, who are committing these crimes.

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