Cult of self-proclaimed 'Queen of Canada' threatens Sask. village with public executions

An extremist cult leader and her followers have set up camp in a small Saskatchewan village, 83 kilometres northwest of Maple Creek, near the Alberta border. The group has called for public execution of elected officials and other members in and around the community.

Romana Didulo is known as a far-right QAnon conspiracy theorist. She has declared herself the “Queen of Canada,” among other titles including the national Indigenous leader.

She has amassed thousands of followers by pushing conspiracy theories and what she calls decrees through social media, particularly Telegram — a messaging app that has grown in popularity with the far right.

Didulo and some of her followers, who call themselves the ‘Kingdom of Canada,’ have been travelling around the country for some time. On Sept. 13, they were forced out of Kamsack, Sask., by the townspeople.


I’ve been following this group by proxy through reporting on the QAA podcast and in print media since shortly after she declared herself queen. They’re dangerous fanatics. I’m convinced there will be violence eventually. I just hope it doesn’t occur beyond their ranks.

Btw, the QAnon Anonymous podcast does regular deep-dives on far-right conspiracy types and is very entertaining, for anyone who might be interested. They’re anti-conspiratorial-thinking, despite what you might think from the name.


Just leaving this story here my Canadian friends.


Ah, no need for me to say what I was gonna say then. Y’all got the guide right here, be safe.

PugJesus avatar

Jesus Christ, how horrific.


Holy shit this all happened pretty damn close to me, and I’ve never even heard about this.

Also, what? Did the local bar just like steadily fill up with more and more people all just watching the dude drink? Cause that’s pretty creepy.


Well I mean they shot the guy immediately after so idk if seeming creepy really mattered lol


I don’t know but maybe true Canadian patriots would do something to stop this dangerous madness? Pretend it’s a hockey game drop the mitts?


Can we just FF a bit and get to the flavor-aid drinking part already?

StarshotJohn, avatar

The MLA from Cypress Hills is from the Saskatchewan Party who are about wipe their ass with the Charter by invoking the notwithstanding clause over “parental rights”. Very little credibility coming from the provincial government.

girlfreddy, avatar

The only thing credible about Premier Scott Moe is his utter fucking stupidity.


Only if you mean in-credibly stupid 😉


I thought she just got run out of some community in Manitoba?

girlfreddy, avatar

She was run out of Kamsack, Sask


That was this round though.

girlfreddy, avatar

I am unable to find any evidence she was run out of other communities.

Please provide your data that says differently.

Ryan213, avatar

See, we’re not immune, eh?


We know all about Al “Texas Jr.” Berta and that whiny trucker bullshit that went down not all that long ago, so this isn’t too terribly surprising.

Didn’t these psychos get run out of the last town where they pulled this crap? [edit] ah, yeah, that was mentioned in the article


Utterly crazy.

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