Is it really called X Corp now? The fuck-nugget is really going for the full super villain aesthetic.


All his shit is named X. Even his kids.

BolexForSoup avatar

Except his car models because he’s a middle schooler. Though one is X so

stopthatgirl7 avatar

When I realized he was naming his cars to spell out “sexy,” I was like…

BolexForSoup avatar

The thing is, it could actually be kind of funny, except we know the person he is so it’s just juvenile/maybe even offensive as a result. Kind of like two people making the same joke but because you know one of them is a piece of shit and the other is a standup person it just doesn’t hit the same way.


He’s extreme

ly stupid and immature.

FlyingSquid, avatar
HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

I reject this image’s premise. It’s Riker and it’s trombone. How could it ever be sad?

Nutteman, avatar

That’s kinda the point of the image. He’s not sad at all

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