TenderfootGungi, (edited )

Not that secretive, it has been reported for years. Instead of [edit the government] collecting data, they just have the telecoms collect it and then they pay to access it. They even have special API’s.


The phone companies have been selling our data for their own profit for years now. We are not just the consumers anymore, we are also the product


Time for carrier pigeons to make a comeback. At least there is an international standard for it (RFC 1149 - IP Over Avian Carriers).


RFC 1149 has always been my favorite RFC!


What about RFC 2321?


This is a new one for me, but now sits right along 1149 as a favorite. Thanks for sharing this one!

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Anyone who thinks that cops and feds are unable to listen to your calls and read your texts whenever they want to (unless you’re using an encrypted messaging system) and haven’t been able to for years is either naive or fooling themselves.

We’re just lucky they need warrants to use them in court. Not that it would stop them from acting extrajudicially if they feel like it.

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They can’t listen to everyone’s calls all the time just yet. A lot of it is retroactive. We’ll be there one day though.


Yes. The problem is you sound like the crazy tin foil hat people when you tell people that don’t follow any technology about it.

The backdoors into telecom equipment didn’t even register with 99% of the people when it was all over the mainstream news.


I almost never talk on the phone anymore. I got some of my family on Signal though. I’m always glad when Wyden shares stuff like this. No one will be able to replace him.


Privacy aside, signal is just better than texts or any other messaging app.

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Telegram was ok for a while, but I only had one friend group on there.


Phone records are business records of the operating company. Not only do you not own them, you never owned them.

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