Ajit Pai Elected To Public Television Board Of Trustees

Pai, who chaired the FCC from 2017 to 2021, during the Donald Trump administration and was often derided online mostly for undoing the net neutrality rules, is now a partner at Searchlight Capital Partners, a global investment firm.

”America’s Public Television Stations are honored and delighted to welcome Ajit Pai to the APTS board,” said APTS president and CEO Patrick Butler.

Fox in the henhouse, again.


WTAF? So he can ruin PBS too?


Yup. Bye bye sesame street

@ryven@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Sesame Street isn’t actually owned by PBS, it’s a nonprofit called Sesame Workshop. And it was like 8 years ago that SW was running into funding trouble due to declining DVD sales, and ended up licensing the show to HBO so that they could continue producing episodes at the rate they wanted. PBS now gets episodes several months behind.


TIL, I did not know that. Since I have young kids, I’ve started watching it with them the last couple of years and it’s such an amazing, wholesome TV show. I can’t believe they were running into funding problems, I feel like they should do national fundraising drives and they’d get their funding in a heartbeat (or at least, I sure as hell would donate every year).


The problem is that anything actually for the kids doesn’t usually get funded. The “for the kids” stuff that does get funded is almost always for the benefit of someone else.

@ChunkMcHorkle@lemmy.world avatar

It premiered when I was a kid myself. I’m kind of proud of the fact that Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno taught me how to read.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ajit kill sesame street for shits and giggles regardless of the funding.


God I thought we were done with this asshole…


So whatever happened to net neutrality? I haven’t heard any bad stories since the asshole we’re discussing went for it.

BarrierWithAshes avatar

Not much has happened. ISPs have the ability now to charge based on usage but so far have not. The possibility still lingers however.

@MamboGator@lemmy.world avatar

Is there a single photo of this man where he doesn’t look like a sneering punching bag?


I’ve yet to see one, if one in fact exists


Horse tooth jackass looking like fafafooey jr.

@hemmes@lemmy.world avatar

Someone get the beekeeper’s mask

TheCrispyDud avatar

He smiles like a horse.

@negativenull@startrek.website avatar

Ah yes, the tears of smaller mugs.

@ChunkMcHorkle@lemmy.world avatar

I see that and have no reason to believe Pai was not suffering from some severe form of mug inadequacy.


There’s no shirt for your face


A have to take Ajit.


Fuck Ajit Pai


Fuck shit pie

@BeautifulMind@lemmy.world avatar

This is what happens when Koch money goes to public media like PBS and NPR- they start hiring corporatist toadies


The only thing he should be elected for is guillotine blade sharpness tester.


Someone stick a giant Reese’s Mug over him, and leave him there.


Don’t know how he made his face even more punchable


How does this guy have any place doing anything? Who’s in control?

@tetris11@lemmy.ml avatar

If you can be bought and sold, and you tell everyone that you can be bought and sold, and even proud of it, then chances are that other places are going to want to buy and sell you.


No one is in control. That’s why dumb decisions get made. He’s an Ivy Leaguer who was head of the FCC. On paper, this is a no-brainer hire. Obviously, smart people would disagree with that.


This is the way you bribe politicians now. Somewhere along the line dinners are had and promises of future jobs are made, then you do your work like a good little greedypieceofshitjackass, leave government, and end up on some board of directors or what have you in the industry you helped make money through your actions in government.

Bribery is illegal, employing ex-government officials and giving them gigantic salaries isn’t… :(


Goddammit elect me president and I will FIX THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT WITH AN IRON FUCKING FIST


This is the day PBS died guys. Sucks.


Fuck that Reesecupshithole.

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