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"Hours later, Linda Yaccarino, X’s chief executive, tried to mitigate the damage. In a post on X, she shifted attention to Mr. Musk’s apology for associating himself with antisemitism and appealed to advertisers to return.

“X is enabling an information independence that is uncomfortable for some people,” Ms. Yaccarino wrote. “X is standing at a unique and amazing intersection of Free Speech and Main Street — and the X community is powerful and here to welcome you.”

It’s called information independence y’all, look it up. Kinda like alternative facts but better.


X is giving actual Nazis a platform, so that comment can fuck right off.

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A unique and amazing platform, no less.


Well, Linda Yaccarino is an actual Nazi, so that tracks.


Honestly at this point it’s ok. Because the worse it gets the quicker people will abandon it. Advertisers leaving means famous people won’t be able to monetize the website optimally and they’ll start looking for alternatives as well. It will just take the right start up with leadership that isn’t a massive dick head to see sometime knock out the titan. I honestly can’t wait.

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This woman must have some clause in her contract that says she loses some big cash bonus if she quits too soon. Why would any sane person with a reputation that is quickly eroding choose to stay?

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“The X community” can go FUCK ITSELF! Is that clear? I hope so.



However, at this point, isn’t it mostly bots?

Let Muskrat dump even more money into that dumpster.


information independence

independent from what?



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Next question!


We must liberate information from reality. We are the freedom bringers.




Critical thinking, apparently.

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IMO this has less to do with Musk, or any moral consequences and more to do that most of Twitter’s traffic has always been bot activity, and companies are waking up to the fact that they have been paying to serve their ads to bots.

I foresee facebook and reddit falling to the same fortune.


Aww. The whores don’t want to hang out on my corner anymore.


It’s no extortion, it’s not blackmail, it’s abandonment. What took these companies so long? I’ll never understand how calling out the rescue diver for going to Thailand wasn’t the end of Elon.


Who cares, less ads in the world, this is good news


They will put their ads elsewhere, somewhere where actual people might see them


The question is: Who the f–k does still pay for ads in that cesspit? There should be a wall of shame for those idiots.

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Fucking yeah right. They’re waiting for the moment everyone forgets about this and then they’re going right back.




They werent coming back anyways.fuckem


Please buy Facebook next!!!


What happened to that cage fight?


Musk wasn’t ever going to go through with it. He was hoping Zuckerberg would decline and then he’d look like the big tough guy, but it fell apart when Suck called his bluff so now he just looks (even more) foolish.


that’s not true!

he cannot possibly look more foolish, at this point.


Watch em


It was stupid from the start because Zuck is actually doing Jiu Jitsu and went to tournaments while Musik doesn’t seem to do much sports at all.

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He doesn’t need to, just sharing his drugs with Zucc should do it.


“We’re too busy f***ing ourselves, so cannot advertise on X” - Advertisers, probably.


I am really curious to know what sort of ROI these companies are getting on Twitter ads. How much did they spend, say 30/60/90 days prior, and how much drop in traffic/revenue in the following 30/60/90 days. Is there any way to find this kind of data?


They aren’t seeing the money they spend on Twitter back in most cases. Twitter as an ad platform is honestly terrible. There is very little targeting and even less control over what ads and content you don’t want to be posted alongside. Facebook is terrible and evil and very no good bad but as someone who has used FB as an advertising platform, it is light-year beyond what you get out of Twitter. You can target your advertisements so specifically that you could effectively pin point a single user with the demographics settings alone. You want to advertise only to Russian grandmothers who live on farms in Michigan and play pickleball on the weekends? Facebook will get you there. On Twitter, you get next to no click through because the ads are annoying and irrelevant to the user. On Facebook, the clicks just come rolling in because users see things that they would have been interested in anyways.

The thing everyone is missing in these headlines is why advertisers left in the first place. They aren’t leaving because there are horrible people on the platform and the CEO is a gobber with more money than sense. There are horrible people running these companies anyways. Anyone’s money is good to them. No, advertisers have left because Twitter refuses to improve in any meaningful way for the users or the advertisers. Why would I spend money on Twitter when that same money will get me 10x more clickthroughs and all of them by my target demographic on Facebook?


Do you know the comparable cost of ads on these platforms? Does a Facebook ad cost 10x as much as Twitter? Just curious why advertisers would choose to use Twitter in the first place if they don’t provide much value. Maybe companies just feel compelled to keep up with the Jonses, who are all putting ads there? Or is this a more recent based on how Twitter and Facebook are developing (or not) their ad platforms?


In case anyone else also sees a paywall:


Did anyone else get caught in a captcha loop here?


He’s trying to find a scapegoat to blame for destroying the company, and he seems to think he’s found it in the advertisers that are withdrawing their money.


Don’t forget his “lawsuit” against Media Matters.


Benny “Dry Humping Only” Shapiro is calling it an attempt to silence Musk and an attack on free speech

These guys never showed up for fifth grade civics

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I think they have, they just know their base is easy to manipulate.


You can always count on Benny to come up with some hot take that’s wrong, stupid, or not even wrong.


Hard to deny this as he explicitly said it in this same interview, but the fan boys will

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I heard David Samson (former president of the Miami Marlins) suggest that he wants the advertisers to all bail so that he can entice his sycophants to boycott the companies who pulled their ad revenue.

He suggested that if you have the type of f-you money to waste that Musk does, then it’s simply an ego move. He’s not going to succeed with XTwitter so he might as well let it burn, and scorch as many people as he can in the hopes of getting petty revenge on those who crossed him.



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    Well, he’s well on his way to burning it down, so he’ll get at least half way there.

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    Musk: “F*ck off and don’t advertise.” Advertisers:

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