Trump should not face trial in Georgia if he wins 2024 election, lawyer says

The remarks by the lawyer, Steven Sadow, came as the judge overseeing the case wrestled with how to set a trial date given Trump’s other legal entanglements and the looming campaign next year. Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic President Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

Sadow said that if Trump wins the election, he would seek to postpone the trial until after he left office, arguing that it would interfere with his responsibilities as president.

Trump, who faces four simultaneous state and federal criminal prosecutions, has repeatedly sought to delay the cases against him until after the Nov. 5, 2024, election. Sadow’s remarks show how Trump could use his campaign and a possible second four-year term in office to delay those cases, even in state courts where he would be unable to pardon himself and would not have control over the prosecutions.


Sadow said that if Trump wins the election, he would seek to postpone the trial until after he left office, arguing that it would interfere with his responsibilities as president.

What responsibilities? His golf schedule?


Now that’s not fair. He also has a lot of Fox News to watch.

FlyingSquid, avatar

And he needs time to rant and rave on TruthSocial.


Same people who swore that going after President Clinton while he was in office wouldn’t be a distraction are now arguing the reverse. What could have made them change their minds???

girlfreddy, avatar

What could have made them change their minds???





girlfreddy, avatar


cedarmesa, avatar


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  • Dagwood222,

    Rolling coal…

    jordanlund, avatar

    We already know running for president is not a protection.

    Anyone who is confused by that needs to look at 1988 and Lyndon Larouche.

    He had a grand jury indictment, arrest, and trial while he was running for President, the conviction hitting one month after the election.

    If the argument is “well, you can’t be tried while campaigning” that would block perennial candidates, who are ALWAYS running, would never fall under prosecution.


    Having a convenient way to shield people from prosecution is one of their goals.

    blazera avatar

    give him his presidential campaign immunity. And then Biden can just murder him. Or hell let Bernie do it, he's got 8 years he can postpone the trial for.


    I’d rather we set the precedent of holding people accountable for their crimes.


    The guy tried to overthrow democracy. If he gets re-elected, this is the least to worry about.

    mo_ztt, avatar

    I don’t really know, but I get the worrying sense that the courts don’t realize what a big deal this is.

    Cancel any other cases for any Trump-involved judge. Have 24/7 military grade protection for all court staff and everyone’s families. Have the NSA involved in tracking down every single person who makes every single threat to the safety of anybody, and prosecute them. The alternative is that the collapse-of-democracy-o-meter ticks one small mark closer to 100. I’m not trying to be all panicky about it but the country has essentially bottomless resources to deal with Trump’s cases with the gravity and urgency that they demand, but they’re being assigned this priority alongside 1,000 “business as usual” things. This isn’t a normal case with normal consequences. Make it a priority.

    skellener avatar

    LOL! Not only is he going to trial in Georgia, he’s going to be convicted and sentenced without chance of pardon by another POTUS. He’s going to rot there until he dies.


    I admire your optimism.


    I watched some of this, and that guy is a simpleton. He wasn't comprehending what the issue at hand was, and McAfee seemed tired of hearing it after a point.


    If the bank robber is able to break into the bank on his second attempt, he should not be held accountable for his first attempt. Solid logic. Sure.

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