How about we do what I want for once. trump would not like it. Nor would he be in a position to protest.


I wonder what law he thinks they can be charged under 🤔

DrinkyCrow avatar

"If it wasn't for those meddling pigs" - Trump probably


No one should give a fuck what he wants.


Suggest that they also charge police who beat the hell out of innocent BLM protestors and watch their heads explode.


His bowels have finally emptied into his brains, again.

@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

Shouldn’t the January 6th insurrectionists just have complied?


I thought they were all antifa.


Only the brown ones.


Not a lot of those there on that day. Funny thing, that.


“Donald Trump Says Something Stupid. Again.”


And I wanted a .50 cal on the steps mowing down every Trump supporter within eye sight.

We don’t always get what we want.

shalafi, (edited )

I watched all that day, live on CNN, every last motherfucking minute of it. Got the merit badge and PTSD to prove it. Don’t believe I got PTSD? Read on.

Anger, fear, rage, revenge, bloodlust… Not strong enough words for how I felt then and how I feel now. I’ve not been able to watch 60-seconds of that day without crying and screaming. Can’t even glimpse still pictures, too much. My mind makes those pictures a blur, no focus, I scroll past, fast as I can. Can’t read text about it without getting wound tight.

My Philippina wife asked me, I dunno, something about that day, she wasn’t here on 01/06. Tried to show her some videos and explain, broke down sobbing and cursing, soaked in tears. Was afraid of what she would think of me. She held me tight.

Was screaming that day, “Form ranks! Front rank, kneel, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE FOR EFFECT! RELOAD! Second rank FIRE, FIRE, FIRE FOR EFFECT! RELOAD! First rank, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!”

One traitorous cunt, shot through the throat, and they had a collective panic attack. Imagine the rout we could have had with a 60-second hell storm of 9mm lead. Ended this shit for once and for all.

But no. We gotta handle these fuckers with kid gloves, just like we did the traitorous Southerners. (And I’m an old, white, Southerner.) See where that got us.

I know I need counseling. I’ll get it when the threat is over. Until then, I’m holding onto my hate, holding onto my AR-15 and my Colt .45. They may come to serve me one day.


Imagine the rout we could have had with a 60-second hell storm of 9mm lead. Ended this shit for once and for all.

It wouldn’t have ended it. Guns can’t kill ideas.

It might have scared the q-zombies for a while, but you gotta remember that almost half the voters were for the orange golfer, so it’d only be a matter of time before they attacked again.


“My Philippina wife” I sincerely hope you see your wife as more than just her ethnicity, because the way you phrased that, and the fact that you can’t be bothered to learn the correct spelling of her ethnicity, Filipina, is somewhat concerning.

Alto avatar

I've said it from the beginning and frankly I don't think people realize how true it is. They were incredibly lucky that a mob of people actively attacking congress wasn't shot dead to a man.

Not that I think that would have actually been the best outcome, frankly I think that would have started an outright civil war and nobody wins that (not to mention that many innocent people almost certainly would have been caught up in it in the moment itself. But it very, very easily could have been.


The lady that climbed trough the window and got shot actually saved a lot of lives because had they managed to break down the door as a group, everyone remotely close to the door would have been killed.


The one thing that mob did right was to leave their guns in their trucks (possibly only because they wouldn’t have been allowed into the area otherwise - I’m curious if any of them tried and were turned back before they even reached the protest zone). Had one of them brandished a firearm, the story of that day would have been quite different.


What really should have happened.

Military should have surrounded the building and said “you have 5 minutes to come outside, lay face down and surrender, after 5 minutes, we are coming in and removing anyone still in there”

None of this 4 years of investigations. Every single one of them should have been booked right then and there.


Can we call it fascism yet?


Way ahead of you. Tired of people whining about fascism “coming” to America. It’s here. Now. Today. Wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

@EricKHoward@mastodon.social avatar

@shalafi @someguy3 Matt Walsh, for example


That crackhead pillow slinger, for one


You should read the new book “Prequel”.

The US fascists almost won last time.


“innocent” Jan 6 rioters. You know, those people who broke the law and participated an insurrection that led many of them to be convicted. Those “innocent” rioters.

@bloopernova@programming.dev avatar

christ, what an asshole.

skellener avatar


ivanafterall avatar

I'm not a big cop fan, but the Capitol Hill police were always awesome when I was there. Patient, helpful, professional--you got to know them checking in and out of buildings all the time. I think it being a small group with a really focused and constant assignment might remove some of the crazier bullshit you might find in a bigger city department, for example. There aren't words for how shameful this is.

HopeOfTheGunblade avatar

They're also really used to dealing with protestors. I think that probably helps.


It’d make national or even world news whenever they fail at their job. Fuckensburg’s cops aren’t so closely observed.

@QuentinCallaghan@sopuli.xyz avatar

“Blue Lives Matter”… no, not those ones!


It’s absolutely wild how these trump supporters don’t see Capital police as “police”. What a fucking cult.

wrath_of_grunge avatar

it's always that way with that group.

we demand freedom! no not like that.

we support the police! no not like that.



They like cops who suppress others but not them.


They back the blue only when the blue is murdering unarmed black people for them.

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