My workspace gives us access to a platform called Modern Health and I was wondering, how secure is that? Will the platform share information with my workplace? I don’t think I can afford actual therapy at the moment, so no point going that route.


Hey there, check with the therapist but when I had clients who were being covered by their work or school all we could legally report (without client permission and an ROI) is if a session occured or not for payment. So it would be basically a bill saying "Criticalmiss attended x out of x appointments, for a total of x cost".


As a therapist who looked at working in schools. OMG. Dude. It's fucked up. Low pay, and a huge huge case load of kids in crisis. You are mostly doing behavioral support and getting called to rooms. A typical individual case load is 25-30 1hr sessions or doubled if the school wants you to do 30 min sessions. Everything is scheduled back to back, you are expcoto be able to do on classroom support when there are behavioral issues. So 30 hours of scheduled clients, drop in behavioral support as needed, you still need to get all of your notes done. And your battling the school the entire time with incredibly low pay as opposed to working in a private practice. On top of that, if you want to serve a district that is really needed. You're going to be living in a rural community. I live in a rural community. That means every time you go to the grocery store you get to see your kids you work with. You get to see the parents of the kids you work with. Your kids most likely go to school with the kids that you're working with. It's hard, it's complicated, and it's bullshit.




If there are therapists for online sessions there are therapists for real sessions. Classic allocation problem.

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Is a school in rural Iowa supposed to pay a therapist to drive 50 miles to the school for a session?


In my state I have done traveling therapy where I’ve traveled 200+ miles for months. This was in mostly rural areas. It’s ineffective and inefficient.


Incredibly wrong answer. Rural areas have always had issues with counseling and lack of clinicians. To make it worse, rural areas have crap internet access. Personal experience with both.

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