Is there any evidence they are making any effort to avoid or reduce civilian deaths?

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Bombing promised safe routes and locations is totally not targeting civilians. Just ignore the mountain of bodies. Even if Hamas was sneaking out of them, you promised they’d be safe. The civilians had no other choice.


You can drop a bomb in the middle of a crowd of people and still claim to not have been targeting the people, they were just there. Doesn't really change the evilness of the action one way or the other.

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"They put on a blindfold and fired into a crowd with a machine gun. Clearly, as they weren't specifically targeting the civilians in the crowd, it's all okay!" - State Department desperately trying to come up with excuses for American policy towards Israel

RubberStuntBaby, (edited )

It seems more like a wanton disregard for civilian casualties. Blowing up entire apartment towers because they believe one or more people there were valid targets is unacceptable but not technically targeting civilians.


Their bombs arent deliberately targeting much of anything… Even though those bombs are extremely expensive and capable of centimeter precision targeting.


You’re going to have to take my word for it because I’m lazy and in bed, but Israel goes to serious effort to make no distinction between civilian, terrorist, protester or child.

They have rules of engagement so broad that basically nobody is safe. When soldiers gunned down children, they are either not charged or cleared by falsified evidence. Some of which admits that they killing was unjustified and offers alternative explanations to be given to the press.

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That’s not better than killing thousands of civilians UNINTENTIONALLY.


Nor does it remove it from being a war crime. Just being indifferent to whether one hits civilians or not is a war crime. The bar is one has to concern oneself actively with considering how to minimise civilian casualties.


For sake of argument, suppose they earnestly believe this. I can think of a scenario consistent with that belief: that they also believe there are no civilians in the region, and that everyone present is Hamas.

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Then all you need to tie a psychopathic bow on that is to say that anyone that doesn’t openly denounce Hamas is part of Hamas.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy


Checkout because these kids didn’t condem Hamas.


I’ve seen video of civvies in Gaza trying to take cover away from open space and being shot right through the knee. It’s been circulating since what I think in real time would be 2 nights ago. State department has been captured by the IDF.


Hamas was just the bodies that fell along the way.

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And we’re going to belive the fucking state department? Yeah right.


The Yankee War Machine department expects me to believe this.


True, they’re not targeting civilians. They’re just killing everyone indiscriminately. Hell, they’ve even killed Israelis.


All those journalists dying in their beds at night aren’t targeted eh? Seems legit.


It depends on what your definition of "civilian" is.

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More dead journos in 90 days than all of WW2.

Doesn't look like anything to me.

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According to an unsourced claim on Al Jezeera, which is definitively a source we can trust for this conflict.

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Who would you trust more?

Zoboomafoo, (edited )
@Zoboomafoo@lemmy.world avatar

Someone that posts their sources, for one

Edit: lots of downvotes, but no sources for the claim?

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