Some experts are blaming the increased amount of solar activity as the reason for the destruction of these satellites, however, a new theory is emerging. Conspiracy theorists are now saying these rockets are being taken down by extraterrestrials that serve mankind. One man even posted a video showing exactly how they do it.

The current theory is nuclear weapons along with satellite energy weapons are being destroyed by benevolent “aliens” who are trying to help humanity from killing itself. Many are asking why now? Why are the ET’s taking down all of these rockets? The answer, according to conspiracy theorists, lies in your prayers. There’s a recent push of prayers led by us here at Tiblur to have child genocide, trafficking, and weapons immediately end throughout the world.

WTF is this nutty garbage?


Watch this video explains everything. Great source with real video.…/1728757855220810086


“Great source” like your source above claiming that aliens are responding to prayers about ending child trafficking by blowing up satellites?


What kind of shit source is this?


The useless kind that won't even help to grow tomatoes.


Bunch of space garbage.

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This post, yes. The satellites themselves, no. Starlink satellites are designed to quickly deorbit and burn up when they're no longer useful.

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