I’m starting my clinical counseling masters program next month. At the same time, I left my job as a caseworker. Covid + RSV nearly killed me.

The healthcare system is so strained, overworked, and burned out it’s unbelievable. Getting new clients into services was backed up months. Months before someone can receive medication management… even my forensic clients…

It’s kinda sick to say (hence why my former employer’s CEO repeatedly talked about the fact that) there is more job security in the field of mental health than ever before, due to the trauma of the covid pandemic. Especially a traumatic time for frontline healthcare workers. So much loss, exploitation, and burn out…


I had an appointment canceled on me the day-of. It was rescheduled 47 days from that day. I waited 6 weeks already for the first one…

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I waited 4 weeks. In the first 5mins they told me I didn't have enough problems and wasting their time...


That’s awful. Any problem is enough of a problem to talk about. Shame on that therapist. 5 minutes is nothing to tell the stories in your life that could indicate stuff.



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  • Gradually_Adjusting,
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    What a wacky and far out Twilight Zone episode you’re describing ha ha damn that’s crazy

    Anyway I have anger issues now


    What the shit does this have to do with fuck?


    Jesus Christ the stigma around mental health is real

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