Wasn’t a spree shooter. Just a disgruntled person who had no more prospects left so killed those who he felt were in his way from getting a job.

The gun was bought over a year ago legally. He had just been evicted and lost out on getting a promotion to tenure so he had no more options left. None of the students were targets because he killed coworkers.

It’s sad that the students were afraid, but gun control wouldn’t have changed anything. The way to prevent this from happening would be to spread the tuition money to associate professors who actually teach the classes instead of all the money going to Administrative Profit.

The shootings won’t stop by banning the tools, but by fixing the inequality in our economic systems. Sadly the media and politicians will talk about guns instead of the actual problems with pay. UNLV already was a gun free zone, but somehow that will never come up in the media coverage. Banning AR-15’s wouldn’t have changed this outcome.

The media loves sowing fear. Articles about scared students will feed the vultures for weeks and never go into actual real world ways to stop this problem. We have lost hope in this country. The majority of people are 1 crisis away from death, and we are stuck with politicians and a President who don’t want people to be able to defend themselves. Not to mention asking the corporations bleeding us all dry to please stop raising prices.

I really hate the blatant fear mongering.


This is a point of view I didn’t know existed. Thanks for that


I really hate the blatant fear mongering.

Student: I called my dad to say goodbye and tell him that I loved him because I thought I was going to die during the mass shooting at my school.

Gun nut: StOp FeAr MonGeRiNg!!!11!!! GuNs DoNt KiLl PeOpLe DeYz JusT a ToOl!!!11! Huurrr


Ho hum just another day in America. People kill people, thoughts and prayers, Mental health (but we can’t pay for better mental health care cause then you’re stealing my money to give to the crazies), etc, et al, ad nauseam.

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Yeah. No way to prevent this, says only nation etc.

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