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An electric car company who’s sucking right wing dick and pissing off liberals isn’t breaking records?!



All that aside, they’ve also been floundering lately and lacking in any substantial new developments. Self driving isn’t really progressing, their line-up hasn’t seen any refreshes, no new features, and all they have to show for it is a Cybertruck with a bunch of issues and delays that probably wasn’t going to sell well to begin with.


yeah, honestly, if you zoom out summary level, the whole thing is so confusing.

I’ll admit I wasn’t paying attention, so high-level he seemed like a Tony Stark, liberal darling: investing in space, internet access, electric cars, and solar. I mean, the dude was set to be a left-wing mascot. Boy was I an idiot. But I admit I wasn’t paying close attention to any early flags.

EdibleFriend, (edited )
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Honestly, same. I liked him up till he called that dude a pedo for saving those kids before he could. He seemed cool up till then for the most part then holy shit did he nosedive.

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Literally all he had to do was to shut the fuck up and let his companies make infinite money for him. But no, he’s got to have his own personal face in the news. Now here we are, Musk is one of the most hated people on the planet and every single one of his businesses are tanking into the lithosphere.

It would be a lesson on hubris if he was capable of self reflection.


We had a good thing, you stupid son of a bitch! We had Tesla. We had SpaceX. We had everything we needed, and it all ran like clockwork.


SpaceX is tanking? Big news. Tesla is still the most valuable automaker, so it has a ways to go.

I hate him too, but let’s not live in fantasy.

EdibleFriend, (edited )
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Yeah, apparantly there was shit before the pedo thing but it wasn’t super widely known? To me, and many like me, he was just this shitposter running companies that seemed like they might really do cool shit like self driving cars and taking us to mars.

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It’s not prostitution if you pay in horses. Then it’s patriarchy.

@EdibleFriend@lemmy.world avatar

I’m a white male and was never given a horse :(

@HeyThisIsntTheYMCA@lemmy.world avatar

Have you tried being whiter or maler?

@EdibleFriend@lemmy.world avatar

I mean…im pasty as fuck. But…hmm. I could get a dog instead of the 3 cats?

@HeyThisIsntTheYMCA@lemmy.world avatar

Just put the cats in a trenchcoat and it counts as a horse


He was on track for that for sure. But he had two crippling flaws: anti union, and ego obsessed jackass.

The first is obvious how it went down. We like unions, he’s deep in the Californian ideology that caused conflict and he rejected the left aspects of that ideology because of what appears to be a lack of emotional regulation. And that’s where the second comes into play here. It’s also partly because the left is vicious. We kill our heroes to an unhealthy degree.

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They’ve got one of the highest P/E ratios on the S&P. Pretty much the definition of overvalued.

But the short-sellers have been burned so many times, its stayed inflated long past its peers throughout the rest of the tech sector.


You love to see it

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People shouldn’t throw their Teslas in the water, whatever the way the stock performs.


Right, you’re only supposed to throw car batteries in the ocean, throwing the whole car in is just littering.

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How else are we going to electrify the eels?

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Tesla will be unable to compete with other cars soon. I would not buy the stock, except for short term bounce.


That probably means it’s a good time to buy the stock tbh


I think it just means it’s over valuation started to end coinciding with the calendar year

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Not really. It still has a price to book ratio of 9.10, which is still ridiculous for a car company.

For comparison:

Toyota is 1.21

Ford is 1.05

Honda is 0.66

VW is 0.38

Nissan is 0.36

The price-to-book ratio, or P/B ratio, is a financial ratio used to compare a company’s current market value to its book value (where book value is the value of all assets minus liabilities owned by a company).


Tesla makes more than just cars. It’s not a fair comparison.


So do all the other companies. For example, Toyota makes robots.


Doe’s the CEO of Toyota shitpost tho?


I shit post all the time and am not yet a CEO billionaire. You’ve been debunked.


Perhaps you need to be a CEO before the shitposting?


I agree, but hype drives up tech stocks. I don’t buy tech stocks at all because it’s just random in this regard


“Worst performing stock this year”

It’s february. I think whoever wrote that article has an agenda.


Well, it’s a bit surprising that Tesla is the worst-performing stock so far. I mean, the Boeing scandal was a disaster image-wise, and others are struggling real hard. But even with all that, Tesla is performing worse than the airplane manufacturer, who can’t build secure and quality-controlled aircraft. The tide is turning for Tesla. Competition is getting stronger and starting to roll out strategies like the BMW 50% 2025 Plan, which means Tesla as an electric automobile manufacturer has dire times ahead if they don’t start fixing things.

Tesla long stopped delivering on promises they, or rather Musk, made. They need something other than words and visions to sell, and fast, otherwise, the stock is going to normalize more and more, to a degree a mid-sized automobile manufacturer would be, as the shareholders slowly start losing faith and jumping ship, as long as the stock is overvalued and there are buyers.


The original memestock.

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But it’s a negative when his antics have helped erase more than $200 billion of shareholder value.

I'm guessing his reply to that is:

@Zerlyna@lemmy.world avatar

(Nelson voice) “ha ha!”

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This really isn’t surprising. Their market cap was larger than the whole of the rest of the auto industry combined. Had to come back to earth eventually.


I wanted to short it because it was obviously overvalued but I was absolutely not confident it would come down because I will always believe there are greater fools among the Tesla shareholders.


Remember: the market can remain illogical a hell of a lot longer than you can remain solvent.


Exactly. Nvidia’s stock is propped up by AI hype, and that’s going to collapse at some point. That could happen tomorrow, or next year, or three years. If I try to short it, I could easily lose the whole investment before the market hits reality.


Something about how the market can stay irrational longer than you can remain solvent…

Michael Burry, who shorted the housing market in 2008 and made big upfront payments for that bet also shorted Tesla in the last couple years, but bailed because it was too risky for him.

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Musk manipulates the hell out of that stock's price


It's getting much harder for him to do that. Mostly because the last time he tanked the stock price, it (justifiably) never recovered.


Especially when he keeps dumping Tesla stock to bail out Xitter.


When written as


Does anyone else pronounce it “shitter”?

@skulblaka@startrek.website avatar

Every time. But to be fair I was calling it Shitter a long time before the name change.




Hmmm looks like all the Tesla speculators jumped on the Nvidia train. Always the danger of gambling on these tech hype stocks.


I’m still in complete shock and awe at this. I honestly don’t understand how anyone plans to cash in on the AI hype. I see very few practical applications.


A lot of words to say “my imagination is non existent”


It’s not a lot of words and that’s not what I said 🤷


Oh there are practical applications if you know where to look. For instance I'm training a trading AI to spot patterns in numbers and indicators that aren't necessarily common knowledge.


if you know where to look.

I obviously don’t.

I’m training a trading AI to spot patterns in numbers and indicators that aren’t necessarily common knowledge.

For what purpose?


For what purpose?

The short version: making trading decisions based on technical data.

The long version: there are traders out there that do their operations using statistical formulas called indicators.

There are lots of such indicators out there, and hey, it's pretty easy when they all point one direction, but what happens if they don't? What happens if you only get a few conclusive indicators and the rest are inconclusive? What if you were to combine specific indicators to get a more conclusive answer?

If there is one thing AI is good at, it is exploiting numbers and patterns in service of a very specific and easily measurable goal. Mine is trading profits.


Yeah I don’t buy it. People have been trying to create such algorithms for decades. Problem is no algorithm can account for the complexity and completely illogical decisions of humans.


Oh yeah, this thing will never be able to predict events like GME or that kind of thing.

The thing is though, I don't have to beat the first couple or even the first 50 trades. I just have to beat the babdwagoning masses by detecting upticks and downward trends, something my software can do and act upon faster than any human.


Teach it how to short sticks and it can lose you infinite money.

It’ll be like wallstreetbets AI.


Haha maybe you're right. But it hasn't done me dirty yet, in fact it works pretty solid.


Teach it to short automatically and get back to me.


Oh it can signal shorts already. I'd just need to plug it into a specific trading platform to execute it automatically (right now it just notifies me on its advice; I'm in the manual testing phase)


Pull off the safeguards and let ‘er rip.



Also, stock prediction can change the thing being predicted. Once a critucal mass of people believe in a certain prediction strategy, then their own actions screw up the prediction. It’s not like predicting some natural or external thing.

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The number one app for companies right now is “we can replace a lot of people and save a ton of money”, specifically look at the chatbot assistants you see on websites. Once they get the kinks worked out there, I guarantee they’ll have a talking version that will replace call center workers. And that’s only the beginning.

They’ve already run the numbers and figured the upfront costs are worth it. Occasional maintenance/cooling/upgrades/tech support is still going to be cheaper than FICA/Medicare/401K matching/PTO/maternity leave/overtime/workman’s comp/running a huge HR department/family day barbecues, etc.

Just trading one type of equipment for another, in their eyes.


Chatbots? Is that it? That’s what all the hype is about?

Hardly seems like a multi-billion dollar industry.

@OpticalMoose@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

It’s just the start though. It’s going to spread to any and every thing they can think of. When’s the last time a corporation said “Naw, that’s off limits. We can’t in good conscience monetize that.”


It’s just the start though. It’s going to spread to any and every thing they can think of.

That’s what I’m asking. What else will it “spread” to?

When’s the last time a corporation said “Naw, that’s off limits. We can’t in good conscience monetize that.”

I didn’t realize this was an ethical discussion?


It has already spread to image and audio generation and manipulation. It has also spread to automated decision making in financial firms.


It has already spread to image and audio generation and manipulation.

Yeah, once again I don’t see a financial opportunity there.

@zaphod@lemmy.ca avatar

You don’t see a financial opportunity in delivering tools to dramatically speed up the creation of emails, reports, presentations, boilerplate graphics, etc?

Tell me you’ve never held a corporate job without telling me you’ve never held a corporate job.

There are people who literally live in Word and Excel every day. For them these tools could be life changing.

And that’s just one obvious userbase.


Tell me you’ve never held a corporate job without telling me you’ve never held a corporate job.

Ah yes, we’ve reached the derogatory insult part of the discussion.

That’s the part where I bow out. 🖕


Looks like you were in search of an exit and you found it. You’re whole argument seemed to consist of “no” which would be responded to with more explanation to support their assertion, which you’d again respond “no” to. How many goes round did you think it would last?

Seriously though, if that was an insult/derogatory, i don’t know how long you’re gonna last here or anywhere on the Internet, tbh.

helenslunch, (edited )

Looks like you were in search of an exit and you found it.

Ah yes it’s always my favorite thing to be insulted on the internet.

Seriously though, if that was an insult/derogatory, i don’t know how long you’re gonna last here or anywhere on the Internet, tbh.

I’ve lasted about 20 years so far. Mostly by refusing to engage with people who resort to personal insults when they run out of explanations.


More like refusing to engage while repeating the same sentence until people tell you to fuck off, if my experience with you is anything to judge by.


The block dodging and harassment is SUPER mature of you.


Block dodging? Is that your way of saying it's my fault you didn't block me?


When a gold rush happens, the people getting rich are the ones selling shovels. That’s what NVIDIA is doing, and it was what they were doing with the crypto gold rush. It makes them a decent short term investment. When AI crashes, they will probably lose some value if they can’t find a new technology gold rush. But even when the gold rush ends, AI will be here and be wanted, so NVIDIA has a place, has profit potential. Just like the .com bust of the early 2000s. Most of those companies bankrupted, but it wasn’t like we abandoned the Internet.


Yeah sorry, Nvidia will definitely crush it but I was speaking more about the companies they’re selling to.


They and Microsoft are a smart investment for now. They could end up like a lot of company post COVID bump, but both are old companies that hopefully have the smarts to project and plan to so they don’t collapse when the cash stops flowing as well.


I dunno man. I just don’t get it. Any of it.

Like there was a Chevy dealer with a ChatGPT chatbot and they had to take it down within days because it was just immediately being abused. It couldn’t even answer any simple questions that I asked. It was nothing but a liability.

Many other bots are neutered to the point of being completely useless.

Not to mention the looming issue of whether any of this will even legally be allowed to exist.


I agree that these customer service bots are a poor use of the tech. In the corporate world, it is very useful for both writing and summarizing, that’s where Microsoft comes in. Outside of LLMs, though, NVIDIA is well staged for most AI stuff. That’s why I say they will outlast the craze. It doesn’t matter what the AI is used for, NVIDIA wins. Voice to text, text to voice, sentiment analyses, object and image recognition, anomaly detection. All of which have gotten significantly better in the last few years due to modern AI tech. Hell, even video game up-scaling and ray tracing have both benefited from these technologies.

All of that is to say, the LLMs and image generation stuff has taken all the press and attention, but there are a lot more uses than those two, and clever people are finding new uses constantly.


useful for both writing and summarizing

Voice to text, text to voice, sentiment analyses, object and image recognition, anomaly detection.

All of this seems like not super valuable stuff. Especially considering the current state of AI.

The most valuable application I can see is as a sort of “assistant”. One that can answer calls, take messages, draft emails, create and add appointments to your calendar, etc. MS is doing it the right way by creating an entire OS around it. But not having a mobile OS will hamstring them considerably.

Google and Apple hold all the cards right now, for that reason. Apple has the on-device processing power. Google has the professional ecosystem.

Hell, Google’s Messages spam filter is the only reason I still have a Google account.

But again, I’m still not confident these things are as valuable as the attention they receive makes them out to be.


My wife needed help with an Excel VBA script. I know programming but not VBA. I spent hours searching with Google to find a script that I could adapt. I gave up and tried ChatGPT. It wrote a working VBA program in seconds.

A friend is a sales engineer. He says he spends days putting together customer requirements with technical specs into a coherent proposal for government sales. He said he tried chatgpt and it gave him a complete proposal in seconds. He said he had to proofread it but that was hours instead of days of work. He (the company he works for) won the multi million dollar bid.

It’s not human intelligence that will solve all the world’s problems. But it is a revolutionary assistant like how the pocket calculator improved productivity compared to adding numbers by hand.


So, let me tell you about my 1990s investments in Sun Microsystems…


Ha, there are certainly plenty of companies that didn’t survive, and it possible someone comes along with eats NVIDIA’s lunch. AMD is certainly giving them a run for their money on the graphics side.


I keep thinking this, but every time AMD seems to get close, Nvidia blows the doors off. There’s value to be had, but they just can’t compete on performance.


Problem is that nvidia has the brand strength now. AMD has to be significantly better than nvidia now to overcome the disadvantage.

AMD knows all too well. By every objective measure their server CPUs are the best right now and Intel still has a bigger market share anyway. Every time you think AMD should have easily grabbed the lions share of the market, they somehow don’t. People are stuck in their ways.

On the GPU side, they have to face an even stronger version of this and also have to contend with the reality that nVidia’s software stack and game developer partnerships are still stronger than AMD even it AMD GPU is technically strong.

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