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What would Triumph say?


Apparently he would be taken down the mountain when the climbers descend.


A mountain of shit!


At least the idiots all funnel to the same place rather than fucking up every location. I feel the same about Joffre Lakes near Vancouver.


Sherpa rates gonna skyrocket


limit the permits to climb this mountain and charge people thousands of dollars for them


I too, believe the best way to control a natural resource is to only allow the rich to use it. For they are truly better people. Always known for their consideration.


Plus, their shit doesn’t stink.


Only the rich climb it now.


An upper middle class person can afford an Everest climb as a once in a lifetime trip. It isn’t an exclusive millionaire class trip.


But what about the poors?


They belong down here.


“Once in a lifetime” isn’t affordable, that’s someone sacrificing a lot to vacation outside of their socioeconomic class.


An “economy” climb is $60k. That is 10 years of saving $6k per year for a once in a lifetime vacation. That is totally achievable for someone making $100k a year that doesn’t let income creep put them in a stupid financial situation.

You have more of a point if that same person making $100k a year spends $120k on a “premium” climb, but that same person would let income creep make that trip less reasonably affordable.


Shut up 🙄


How poor are the people here that you’re getting downvoted and even got a “shut up” for this comment? It’s really not a stretch to call a $60k expense a “once in a lifetime” expense.

How many people drive around in 80k vehicles that they “upgrade” every few years? How many people spend absolutely ridiculous amounts of money on designer brands, perfumes, watches, and shit? Sure, 60k is a lot of money for most people, but there’s a large number of people (at least in the western countries, in absolute numbers, not %) that could easily afford to spend 60k on something every 5-10 years if it fancies them, and an even larger number of people who could afford to spend 60k on something once in a lifetime.


Those people with $80k cars tend to lease, which can have tax advantages, but you are still paying $1k a month to rent a car that you put 20-30% down on.

That touches on that income creep issue as people increase their lifestyle expenses along with income and don’t understand how they are living paycheck to paycheck with no savings, retirement, investments, and can’t afford to have your midlife crisis on the world’s tallest peak.

Buy a Honda, climb the mountain.

Psythik, (edited )

Yeah seriously, just limit the amount of people who can climb.

I personally believe that anyone should be allowed to go on a suicide mission should they chose to, whether they be rich or poor.


How? Unless you live in Napal, it’s not cheap to get to. It also takes at least some amount of planning and skill. Far from the hardest climb out there, but you can’t be an idiot about it.

The remoteness alone is already limiting who can go there. El Capitan is less remote, but is a legendarily difficult climb, and that may get around the same number of people per year.


That’s already the case isn’t it?

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Love it


I just don’t understand why people even climb everest anymore, with all the tech nowadays it’s quite easy, and really just depends on weather if you die or not. I’ve seen some overweight elderly people successfully do it, some as old as 80.


What’s the highest you ever got? (not counting planes)


Prob that time I did 2 hits of acid, a half eighth of mushrooms, and unrestricted weed smokage (couldn’t possibly quantify). Not that much.


And it shows. Actually try hiking above 4000 m and then tell me how easy it was.


Never said it was, I simply made what is called “wordplay” with your question. See, when you said “high,” you meant altitude, however by subverting the original meaning and turning it to “high” as in “on drugs,” I have made what is called “a joke” in English, “una broma” in spanish, or “шутка” in гопник. Thanks for coming to my lesson entitled “what is humor and what should I do about it,” in this next segment we’ll cover “what is laughter” and “how to at least appear that you understand humor so as not to look like a sociopath.”


Sorry, I didn’t notice you’re not the guy I was talking to and though you’re simply avoiding the question. Yes, yes, very funny, haha.


Understandable lol.


They need to just haul a big trebuchet up there.Then they can just launch poop down the mountain in sealed containers with the poop trebuchet. Ideally you could have a few poop trebuchets in a line to launch em down one after another.

Easy peasy.

theneverfox, avatar

You’re over engineering this.

Have you ever heard about the guys who brought parachutes up Everest, and just glided back down?

Instead of a heavy trebuchet, you just redesign poop bags to have a little parachute attached to them. Then you release your poop to the winds… Who knows how far your poop might go?


So we are just bringing part of Death Stranding to real life?


Where I have to signup?


They’re clearly not thinking this through. They all need to lug their frozen poo to the summit and pile it there, so they can stand on it when they take their selfie and declare that they’re at a higher peak than any previous summiters due to their poo pedestal.

tsonfeir, avatar

Global warming is gonna make that a simple hike.


The thing that makes Everest dangerous is the air pressure combined with everything else, that’s why it’s such a long slow ascent, you have to acclimatize so your lungs don’t implode.

In the summer the summit temperature is about the same as a bad Canadian prairie winter day


Support global warming! Let the earth clean up Everest poop the natural way! Decomposition in situ: transport costs more emissions!


It already is a simple hike, it just depends on weather if it’s dangerous or not.

80 year olds have climbed everest. So have 15 year olds.


That 80 year old is a mountaineer. The youngest, at 13, went with three sherpas to help.

It isn’t a simple hike, but since you seem to think it is- let’s see the pics from when you made the trip.


Ah yes, I just talked about how stupid it is to climb everest, so I definitely did that.


No, you just ignorantly judged something you’ve never done as easy.


You are bitter, angry and judging by your comment history, just try to bait people into arguments.



Thanks for playing.

tsonfeir, avatar

Have you?


Simple hike? Haha have you ever climbed any mountain?


How do they wipe and clean themselves up there? I’d bring my bidet with, lol


Poorly I would guess


Makes you wonder if they just start diet until returning to camp.


Wait is this the no-poop-for-three-days guy is doing all along?


Thought it was “starts to sink,” I was like ok that’s a lot of poop


BRB gotta eat enough tacobell to reverse tectonic processes and launch the monsoons into central asia

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I thought it was shrink.


You really can't have a better headline for the wealthy enshittifying the world for their singularity point egos chef kiss

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How much frozen human shit has that mountain accumulated since people started climbing it for fun? Can somebody do the math on that? I feel like it has potential for a really shitty trivia question. Like, for Shitty Jeopardy! or something. JFC, I am baked.

@FlyingSquid omg I didn't realize it was your post. Hi! Ok I'm gonna put the bowl down


Some maths are better left unmathed

FlyingSquid, avatar



A shitload har har har

Apparently the average UK adult defecates about 100g per day, and that's the first link that showed up so I'm going to go with the UK numbers in that one study. According to wikipedia there were 11,346 ascents as of July 2022. Assuming two weeks from base camp to summit and back, based on Tom Kilpatrick's article on The Manual, that means 1.4 kg of shit per climb for a total of almost 16 metric tonnes or 17.5 short tons

AmberPrince avatar

Thank you for your service.

EtherWhack, avatar

I read that as 17.5 shit tons


That number is definitely low, you eat more in the cold and with exertion. It is probably over double your number, that is a lot of doo-doo.

I imagine all the loss of snow is exposing decades of accumulated mountain dookie.

By 2100 they are estimating a 75% loss of snow/ice on the mountain, which means at 800 climbs per year(modern rate) by 2100 there will be over 186 metric tonnes of poopy on the mountain with very little snow to hide it. I don’t even think that number includes Sherpa scat.


The first thing I want to know is who shits on the mountain? I mean taking a poo in base camp I can understand-- but on the way?


It takes 2-3 weeks to get from base camp to camp 4. So thats at least 3-4 days between camps.
I know lemmy has a thing about not pooping for 3 days, but to maintain a 3-day bowel movement cycle for 2 weeks is a bit far fetched.

The final ascent from camp 4 to summit is 10-20 hours, plus descent. Normally done in a single stretch, but likely still gonna need a shit.

So, Im going to say everyone that goes up it is gonna shit on the mountain…/how-long-does-it-take-to-climb-mo…

Rapidcreek, (edited )

When they have rest periods during days long climbs a tent camp moves with them. Pretty sure they also have a toilet.


Well, first paragraph of the article:

Mounting piles of human poop are kicking up a stink on Mountain Everest, much to the annoyance of local authorities who are now instructing climbers they must bring their dirty business back to base camp.

So, even if they have a toilet, it isnt magically transporting the shit off the mountain.
Or, there are climbers without these magical toilets.
Or, there are enough climbers not removing their waste from everest for it to be causing a problem.

People clearly shit on everest.
Clearly, not everyone is removing their 2 weeks worth of waste

Rapidcreek, (edited )

Waste is a problem on Everest and they have been working on it for years. If frozen .poop is a problem, they should clean it up for sure.

skulblaka, avatar

Years? Give me 8 good men, three months, and a little discretionary spending and I’ll have all the shit off that mountain. We’ll carry up the components to build a small trebuchet and launch platform, pieces at a time over several ascents, and once it’s built proceed to sling all the shit 350m off the side of the mountain. It’ll be easier to clean up once it’s collected at the base and people aren’t risking death just to get to the area it’s in.

For a real professional amount of money, we can airdrop the trebuchet materials with a heli and only make one trip up for construction and operation.


people aren’t risking death just to get to the area it’s in.

How will they get it from ‘the area it’s in’ to the trebuchet? Is there a drone idea for the last-metre work?

skulblaka, avatar

Nah that’s what our 8 men are for. Someone got there to take a shit originally, someone ought to be able to get there to retrieve it.

FollyDolly, avatar

Ohhh you could do the same thing with the corpses too! Looks like someone is getting a funeral after all!


lemmy has a thing about not pooping for 3 days

What are you… you know what, never mind. I don’t want to know.

Da_Boom, avatar

The original post appears to have disappeared, but heres a post that was crosposted to !fediverselore

(Not sure how to translate post permalinks to the instance agnostic form, and the cross post shows more detail of the original post on the web interface)


Holy shit I had no idea it took 2-3 months to do this


It takes about a week to go from base camp to summit to base camp. Even the fastest ever time on this route is over eighteen hours

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