I think it bears pointing out that both the UK and France have their own nuclear weapons and are ultimately not beholden to the US.

So encouraging Russian aggression with the implicit notion that the US wouldn't do anything in response to an attack actually makes nuclear war more likely because even if we didn't respond... they would still feel compelled to.


There is a significant part of the core of the GOP that wants the apocalypse. So this might not be the deterrent you think it might be.


Don’t let this one go, he is irrational and insane and we should be asking people if someone like that can govern, constantly, like gop does about Biden forgetting

@JVT038@feddit.nl avatar

That man is a genuine threat to the European Union, Europe as a continent and the Western world as we know it.

As an European, I used to think of an ‘European army’ as a stupid idea, but now I think it has become a necessity to ensure the security of Europe. We can no longer rely on the US to be a reliable ally. Whether it’s about supplying arms, maintaining military hardware or coordinating military exercises, they should no longer be trusted. Why? Because this guy is crazy enough to provide Putin with all the highly sensitive data on European defenses. He’ll probably tell Putin where all the (secret) military bases are located, where the anti-air defenses are placed, and how the defenses work. He’s a traitor to the NATO alliance and a threat to the security of Europe.


That man is a threat to the US, not Europe. We will be fine without US influence. We will make new friends. The US will be fucked and on its way to another civil war.

@JVT038@feddit.nl avatar

That man is crazy enough to declare a goddamn fucking war on the EU if daddy Putin demands it from him. He’d bomb us if that’s what Putin wants.

We need to prepare for a two-front war against Russia and the US.


Says a guy who NEVER pays his bills

@SnotFlickerman@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

It’s projection all the way down. He also asked where Nikki Haley’s husband is, full-well knowing he was deployed.

Haley missed out on a great opportunity to ask “Well where the fucking hell is Melania, she sure as shit isn’t deployed?”

It’s always projection with him, every time.

@FartsWithAnAccent@lemmy.world avatar

Ever start a world war for money?


It’s funny how Trump says countries have to pay their bills, maybe they can ask for donations outside the court as he does

@Orbituary@lemmy.world avatar

If the Biden team were sharp, this is what they’d hone in on. Nobody hates their character besmirched like Trump.

@FartsWithAnAccent@lemmy.world avatar

Why does he keep besmirching the shit out of his own character then?

@Witchfire@lemmy.world avatar

Never underestimate the DNC’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

@SnotFlickerman@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

People are so shocked that the Democrats have yet again gone with “The Economy is doing great for rich people, which means its doing great for everybody!” The reality on the ground is the economy is only doing good for the rich, and everyone is struggling with higher cost of living and feeling like they’re scraping by on money that used to feel like it was enough to survive on.

Democrats always lean hard on the “The economy does better under Democrats” like that means fucking anything to the people who work more and more every year for less and less.

They’ll always lose because they’re too busy trying to capture Republican votes by doing stupid shit like giving Republicans literally everything they want in a bill. We’re supposed to cheer for them because the Republican party is so broken they refused to pass it? The bill was bad, it was beyond bad, and the Democrats should have been fucking ashamed to have put it up for a vote. Instead, we’re supposed to cheer for these milquetoast motherfuckers for handing out wins to the Republicans, who only lose because they’re always infighting, not because the Democrats are fighting the good fight. If Republicans hadn’t been infighting, this racist bullshit fucking border bill would have passed, and we’d have the Democrats to thank.

It’s no different than giving us “Healthcare Reform” that was based on Mitt fucking Romney’s healthcare plan.

@Witchfire@lemmy.world avatar

The DNC is centrist at best. They spend more time placating Republicans and the rich than the working class. Leftists have almost no representation in the US. The closest we got is Bernie and AOC’s crew.

But our country is so fucked that anything short of “lets exterminate all queer people” is considered left

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