Republicans work to recruit female, minority candidates even as they criticize diversity programs

Rep. Richard Hudson, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, recently listed for reporters a slew of candidates that he described as fitting the “formula” for the GOP expanding their ranks in November.

There was Prasanth Reddy, a cancer doctor who immigrated to the U.S. from India and joined the military after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. He’s running for a congressional seat in northeast Kansas. Then there was Alison Esposito, a gay former police detective running for a seat in New York.

Another example Hudson cited was George Logan, whose parents came to the U.S. from Guatemala and is running for a seat in Connecticut. Also, there’s Kevin Lincoln, an African-American and Hispanic mayor in Stockton, Calif., and Mayra Flores, who is making another run. She made history by becoming the first Mexican-born congresswoman, but she subsequently lost in the 2022 mid-terms.


I love how there’s a single downvote on a series of rational comments. Hey, Downvoter. Your opinion sucks, as verified by everyone else disagreeing with you. Fuck off.


The party of face eating leopards is recruiting People with faces.


I had a black republican candidate so a zoom town hall at my work, talking about how terrible it is that the liberals are tearing down Confederate statues.

How it was their heritage being torn down.

A number of people jumped on Blind and just face palmed after that.


Republicans need more Uncle Ruckus’


I understand that from a party perspective, it helps the “I’m not racist I have black friends” narrative.

But from the black friend’s perspective I’m not sure I get it. Is Doctor Reddy trying to “change things from the inside”? Does he see a demand that he can exploit to get visibility and votes? Does he align so strongly with Republican views on, say, economics that he’s willing to overlook the views on diversity programs?


Minorities aren’t monoliths. Dr Reddy may very well think that diversity programs hurt minorities. He may think racism is personal and not systemic, after all he’s a doctor. I’ve definitely seen black people who resent that they’re expected to vote democrat because of their race and ignore why.


How Republican are these women? They’re being asked to run on a platform of fewer rights for women, which is bound to be a tough sell.

Mazi Pilip appears to be pro-choice. That’s hardly compatible with the party line.


You gotta be fucking insane to be a republican. Unless you’re a rich white male, then you’re perhaps just psychotic.

FlyingSquid, avatar

The best female and minority candidates they have been able to come up with this year are Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy.

FenrirIII, avatar

Nikki kind of hides her diversity and Vivek is an idiot.

FlyingSquid, avatar

She can’t hide being a woman though. Which still makes her the best woman they could come up with. And even she’s become a butt of the MAGA people’s jokes.


And both are about as appetizing as a shart down the throat.


That’s because minorities are just tools to them- to work in fields, to help with optics, and to serve as punching bags, prison labor, and bogeymen.

FuglyDuck, avatar

Also. Women have tits and tits win votes.

For some reason manboobs don’t seem to cut it.

Rocketpoweredgorilla, avatar

manboobs don’t seem to cut it.

They do seem to like to suckle the orange ones though.


🤢 why did you have to conjure up that mental image for us


I think it’s a lot less about the attractiveness and more about the fact that they have a well earned reputation of misogyny so they’re needing to use women to sell anti woman policies, and as a bonus moms are great for using “family values” and “protecting the children” to take away rights.

Everyone wised up to an old man opposing abortion, now they’re using a 30 something mother of 20.

FuglyDuck, avatar

it’s not just that they have a “reputation”… they are misogynists.

which is why you got people like the Howler Monkey Twins; with zero competency or apparent understanding of what they’re actually doing but plenty of plastic surgery.


Well obviously, but what matters is the reputation of it. Before they were obviously misogynists but were able to brush it off

girlfreddy, avatar

Yup. It’s Republican hypocrisy at its finest.

DarkGamer avatar

It's hypocrisy all the way down

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