Headline is kind of funny, but I wanted to know what he shot at

In body cam footage shared across social media, the officer was seen jumping to the ground and shouted “shots fired” after the acorn strikes the roof of his car. He then turned and emptied every bullet from his gun, each aimed squarely at his squad car.

Funny again…

While Hernandez fired on the car, Marquis Jackson, who was accused of stealing his girlfriend’s car, was in the back of the police cruiser. Officers had searched, handcuffed and loaded the accused into the back of the police car and, despite being cuffed, it was Jackson that the officer thought was shooting at him.

Nope, he was trying to kill someone handcuffed in the back of his squad car and had already been searched for weapons.

Cop should at least be facing reckless endangerment, if not attempted murder.


I deal with PTSD vets every day so I understand the snap buuuuut… No one else gets to get away with a slap on the wrist because of their mental illness so fuckem

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No where in the article does it mention PTSD.


And most of us would still wait for an actual target in a built up area.

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Yeah. The "having PTSD" part isn't what should be punished, it's the "and yet still carrying a gun while putting yourself in a position to have your PTSD triggered like this" part that's egregious.


Well, Philip Brailsford, the murderer who murdered Daniel Shaver, claimed PTSD for murdering Daniel so he could draw on his pension and retire early. Because he murdered someone and it hurt his fee-fees.

Fuck that.

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Indeed fuck that, but I don't see what it has to do with what I said.


I was making the point that even the “has PTSD” is egregious when it comes to cops.


I mean. Being in combat and being a cop are two different things.

Maybe this guy was in a shootout and has PTSD, maybe this is the only time he’s ever fired on duty and he’s just a coward who panicked.


During the course of the investigation into the shooting, deputy Herandez resigned from the force.


Oh wow. Good for him. I’m honestly surprised.

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Many times cops retire to avoid being investigated and move to a different department.


Yeah at this point we should assume the worst until proven otherwise.


See I’m like, I don’t even think you could qualify most of the things you would do to this guy as being punishment. Preventing this guy from being a cop forever (pretty unlikely, but could happen), isn’t really a punishment. If he’s discharging his firearm into his own car, he’s obviously just unfit to be an officer and that’s a pretty clear safety concern. If you sent him to prison, that might be more of a “punishment”, but that’s also, you know, what cops do basically their whole careers, is send people to prison, and we still have all the same problems with the prison system as we’ve always had, so, you know, I’m like. I dunno. That doesn’t seem like a clear “win”, to me, both in terms of improving society and in terms of helping him out if he’s mentally ill which, you know, seems to clearly be the case, here.

You could also maybe think, hey, this guy goes to an asylum or something for mental illness, but that kind of has the same problems as sending someone to prison, it’s not usually a helpful system.


Keep in mind, this is Florida. It is perfectly legal to murder anybody if you can prove that you felt threatened.

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Even if he wasn’t trying to kill Marquis Jackson, he clearly didn’t care if he killed him.

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You don't mag dump like that if you don't care. He very much was trying to kill him.

originalucifer, avatar

this is their training. its SOP to do exactly this.

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At an active threat, sure. When the dude's been searched, handcuffed, and trapped in the back of a car...there's some personal responsibility, imo.

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So they've been trained to murder and endanger the public?


Pretty much. Did he have a clean backdrop? Nah. He was in a fucking neighborhood

FlyingSquid, avatar

You do if you’re an idiot and a coward.

quirzle avatar

Would just be an idiot and a coward trying to kill a man.

girlfreddy, avatar

… who’s handcuffed in your backseat.

The utter stupidity of cops astounds me daily. One would think I’d be used to it now, and yet …

FlyingSquid, avatar

I am not saying he definitely wasn’t trying to kill Mr. Jackson intentionally. I’m saying that the other possibility is that he’s a stupid coward that empties his clip at his own car because he’s terrified and doesn’t think about and/or care that there’s a person in his car.

Was he intending to kill Mr. Jackson? Maybe. That’s definitely not an unlikely possibility. But I think stupid cowardice where the motive wasn’t murder is also not unlikely because cops are stupid cowards.

quirzle avatar

I got ya. I'm agreeing that he's a coward and an idiot, but disagreeing that he might not have been trying to murder a guy. He might not have believed it was murder, because of the idiot part...but the video convinced me he was intentionally trying to kill the unarmed man in the back of his car.


He also yelled “I’m hit” while unloading on his own vehicle.


Is he trying to use the South Park ‘He’s coming right for us’ defense?


Aren’t they all?

BolexForSoup avatar

I went and watched it and you're right, it's plain as day lmfao. He falls over all dramatically "I'M HIT!" and shoots his gun sideways. I mean what the hell is this dude thinking?

quirzle avatar

"I'm hit" is to shooting someone as "stop resisting" is to beating them.

ivanafterall avatar

He even does extra-dramatic rolls in the grass like a kid pretending to be shot.

JoMiran, avatar

“It hit my vest” and “I feel weird”. Them be signs that his fat ass has coronary artery disease. Fucking Okaloosa County. Good riddance. Don’t miss it.


Same as when they think they’re doing on fentanyl…

After hearing the sound of the acorn, the deputy reported that he also felt a “tingliness” all along the side of his body. He then said his “legs just give out” and he fell to the ground, assuming that he had been seriously injured by something.

Because of this, the video also showed Hernandez complaining about feeling “weird” and shouting to his colleague that he’s been hit. It’s all very dramatic.

Cops are constantly terrified because of their training, so they panic and mistake a panic attack for something else.

Being a cop sucks so much (because of their own leadership and culture) that good qualified people do t want to be a cop. So we end up with these fragile snowflakes that shouldn’t be allowed to carry at all. Let alone be a cop

JoMiran, avatar

…fragile snowflakes that shouldn’t be allowed to carry at all.

Yeah but deputy tacticool has holo sights. Not wasted on him at all.

Poor Durango.

FlyingSquid, avatar

These idiots are so convinced that merely touching fentanyl will make them collapse that it actually happens to them.

If fentanyl was that strong, people would buy one bag and it would last for like a year.


Yeah… I am sure there are some idiots who believe in the horrors of fentanyl.

The reality is it is a catch all to excuse all the other drugs in their systems. If someone notices a cop is clearly amped up on amphetamines then the reality is that someone in the tri-state area had a single particle of fentanyl on them and THAT is why the cop who just killed four people is alternating between growling and crying while looking even sweatier than alex jones.


Does fentanyl amp you up? I would think it would make you super mellow.


Just so we’re clear, those cops were tested after that ordeal and had absolutely zero fentanyl in their system.

Sir_Kevin, avatar

And the tingling he felt was just piss running down his leg.

HerbalGamer, avatar

Imagine a drug you only had to touch. You’d never run out!


Not quite. Drugs that can be absorbed through the skin, well, they get absorbed.

It’s not an infinite drugs glitch, just like powdered Fentanyl can’t be absorbed through the skin.

SnotFlickerman, avatar

What? I always ran out of LSD and all you have to do is touch it because it’s skin permeable.

HootinNHollerin, (edited )

Only If it’s wet


That’s just because you don’t know how to make it, and they are selling it to you a few drops at a time. I believe the ingredients are actually pretty cheap. Chemistry students make it.

ivanafterall avatar

Yeah, right. I don't believe you. HOW would they do that? What steps could they possibly take!? What ingredients would they need and where would they even get them!?


I mean, step one: acquire the precursors. Step two: take organic chemistry 1; then organic chemistry 2; perhaps something strange like p chem, or environmental chem or chemical instrumentation; ask the professor between classes how to make it; take another class like drug discovery and design, or advanced organic chemistry…

Step three: make the good stuff.

Pips, (edited )

I am not recommending that anyone do this but you don’t need anything more advanced than Orgo 2. The issue isn’t making the compound, at least once you have the precursors, it’s ensuring that it’s not contaminated with other products in a way that harms or kills you. It’s not enough to get any yield, you need a safe yield.


That was the joke. You technically don’t even need the ochems if you just ask the professor like I said. We’re trying to lead kids down the dark road of the chemistry cult.


I took Advanced Orgo for fun so I’m with you.


We need details, dammit.

More seriously, a friend of mine was a chem student, and he says pretty much every one of his classmates knows how to run off 2 liters of LSD. Which should be enough to send every horse on the planet straight to the moon.


Maybe LSA, but probably not LSD.

Synthesizing the drug isn’t the issue, as long as you have the right equipment and knowledge. The difficult part is getting the correct precursor chemicals.


Sell a man some LSD and he trips for a day. Teach a man to make LSD and he trips for a lifetime!

FlyingSquid, avatar

True, but fentanyl is generally not. They do make fentanyl patches, but casual exposure, like a cop touching a tiny bit of fentanyl, will not result in fentanyl being absorbed.

SnotFlickerman, avatar

I know this, but I was responding to the idea that a drug you could touch and get high from would somehow last forever.


Please don’t take away my dream of endless LSD.


Get yourself a degree in chemistry and you’ll be able to make a lifetime supply.

FlyingSquid, avatar

I know. I just felt clarification was necessary for people who don’t understand the difference.


good people get fired as cops because they hesitate to shoot unarmed people and won’t lie for officers doing questionable things.

Theprogressivist, avatar

My goodness what a fucking snowflake. Maybe you shouldn’t be in the profession if you’re “scared shitless” 99% of the time. But we all know that’s a cover for them. They love killing people.


Cop should at least be facing reckless endangerment, if not attempted murder.

The review board found his conduct was not reasonable; so, it’ll be up to the prosecutor (which I’m sure in FL is an office eager to go after cops). The other officer, who began shooting after the officer wearing the bodycam in the OP began shooting, was found to have acted reasonably.

Essentially, you can’t think an acorn is a bullet and get away with shooting at a detained and secured civilian. But, if another officer on scene thinks, even unreasonably so, that an acorn is a bullet and starts shooting at a detained and secured civilian, you can too. If this doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, take that as reassurance that your critical thinking remains, at least partially, intact.

BolexForSoup avatar

I can at least somewhat understand the other officer. If your partner is screaming “IM HIT” and shooting several rounds in broad daylight, why would you question if you’re in a real shootout? Just because you haven’t seen the alleged shooter yet doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

I’m not saying either should get away with anything. But officer 2 at least had a reason to believe he was in danger.


Essentially, you can’t think an acorn is a bullet and get away with shooting at a detained and secured civilian. But, if another officer on scene thinks, even unreasonably so, that an acorn is a bullet and starts shooting at a detained and secured civilian, you can too. If this doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, take that as reassurance that your critical thinking remains, at least partially, intact.

IIRC Sympathetic Fire seems to be insta-forgiveness (by other police and the courts) whenever it comes up.

As one example, I think it played a role in the Daniel Shaver case, but it’s been a long time since I read all those details and I really don’t want to dive into that pool of anger and sadness again to verify.

theneverfox, avatar

Nah, it kind of makes sense for the second guy.

Remember, he’s not getting triggered by the acorn, he’s reacting to his coworker yelling that they’ve been shot and actual gunfire. That’s a justified reason to pull out your weapon IMO

Granted, he should’ve tried to take control of the situation and de-escalate so he could “save” his panicked coworker, but that kind of calmness “under fire” would take actual training


It does mean that the assisting officers aren’t required to actually confirm their target, though.

What if this was real. If a 3rd party shot at them. 1st officer fires, blindly assuming it’s the perp in cuffs in the car. 2nd cop shoots and kills perp in car because he saw that’s what his partner was shooting at. When, in this hypothetical scenario, it was really a 3rd party that wasn’t identified yet, which would be the only plausible source of a gun shot anyway since the perp was already searched and cuffed.

That doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s how they’re trained. Ride or die with their comrads. Once the first shot is fired, it’s shoot first and ask questions later for all additional officers.

That’s not good policy. That’s not good for civilians.


If a random loud bang from an acorn falling nearby is enough to get someone to behave like this, they really should not be walking around with a gun. This is completely insane and unhinged behavior.

match, avatar

From the body cam footage it was quite a soft bang


I want to stress that I am in no-way attempting to excuse this cop, nor am I suggesting that there is any reasonable way to confuse the sound of an acorn with the sound of a gunshot. Even if there were, there is no justification for blindly “returning fire” in the general direction of the noise. That is so batshit crazy a scenario that it is completely irredeemable. This cop needs to be in prison.

That being said, I do want to comment on the capabilities of recording and playback. They completely lack the dynamic range necessary to make any sort of reasonable judgment on the intensity of the “bang”. What we hear in the video and what the officer heard in real life are two completely different things.

I have heard black walnuts (golf ball to tennis ball sized outer shell) hitting vehicles at close range. While they certainly can’t be reasonably confused with a gunshot, they are startlingly loud.

Again, I want to stress: completely unreasonable that an acorn hitting the cruiser could be confused for a gunshot, and criminally stupid to fire in the general direction of the noise.

match, avatar

I appreciate your dedication to science (I’m still going to call you a nerd)


You can call me anything you want, so long as it’s not an apologist for this criminal cop.

NOT_RICK, avatar

In that case I’m going to call you Shirley


Kinda sounds like PTSD or anxiety or something.

That doesn’t make it ok. Just ml saying police need more support and supervision.


What was he shooting at? This man just blindly ptied his gun at something or someone he couldnt see!


He was shooting at the unarmed suspect cuffed and trapped in the back of the police car.


Read the story.

originalucifer, avatar

theres no reason for most officers to be lethally armed their entire shift.

they are trained the exact opposite; be afraid of everything and empty the clip. ask questions later.

this cop behaved as he was trained


The good news is, the guy did resign. So I guess he agrees.


Coming soon to a police department near you!

originalucifer, avatar

or a school 'safety officer'


Or he resigned to just join a police force one county over.

LillyPip, (edited )

Fun fact: ‘police officer’ isn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous professions in the US. It’s solidly beat by things like garbage collector, delivery driver, maintenance worker, and pilot. None of those professions typically carry weapons on the job.

Lots of police officers were former bullies with an inferiority complex. Some are wusses who only feel powerful because they’re carrying a deadly weapon.

Another fun fact: police in several other western countries don’t carry deadly weapons and yet are able to do their jobs just fine.

American police are trained to think everything and everyone is against them, through programs like David Grossman’s Killology course. Weird how a program designed to teach recruits to kill without empathy would result in people killing without empathy.

Elsewhere, police are learning de-escalation tactics, but police in the US are learning escalation.

It’s absurd, and leads to scared, trigger-happy morons shooting at acorns.

e: missed a word


The story of piggie little and his panic attack.




Sorry folks… I dropped something.

My bad.


It’s more than the Uvalde cops did at least


One commenter added some critical context to the story:

I actually just read about this, early today. I think two things were involved here, neither of which were mentioned in this article:

The officer served (2) tours overseas. Seeing the lasting affects a tour in Afghanistan has had on a relative, I believe this officer has undiagnosed PTSD which impacted his reaction here.

The officers had reason to believe Jackson owned/possessed a firearm with a suppressor. The sound of a suppressed 9mm isn’t terribly dissimilar from an acorn falling on sheet metal.


They patted the suspect before cuffing and putting him in the car.


So it’s a story about the absolute state of mental healthcare in the US after all.


Especially for veterans.


Doesn’t matter if it was a perfect replay of an exact recording of the weapon they expected to be facing. He emptied a clip into an unknown target with no visual confirmation.


PTSD will do that. Not an excuse, but a possible explanation.


A pistol with a suppressor on it is still loud as fuck though. You would have been able to hear it in the cam footage. Also, these are the kinds of situations that happen when you get soldiers trained to kill to come back and play police duty with civilians. Its inexcusable, even if he does have PTSD.

Koordinator_O, avatar

Fact is that guns with silencers are still really loud with silencers, correct. Not like in the movies… with normal ammunition. In that case, the sonic boom is what you hear. But with subsonic ammunition and a slightly larger silencer it is really very quiet and can sound like in the video or in movies almost. It’s hard to find on youtube because very few people want to shoot with such weak cartridges + with a silencer additionally, but if you’re really interested you can find it. If I remember after work I can look for another demonstration and post it here. if you are interested.

Koordinator_O, avatar basically just the mechanical parts that are audible. still not like the movies but pretty close. In person i felt like it’s actually less loud than in these vids depending on the gun.


Fire that cop and give the acorn a badge.


empties one full magazine on the car, not a single hit Would you like to enlist in the imperial army?


Dude should have applied to be a Stormtrooper. Would have fit right in, got to wear a snazzy set of white armor, black little pew-pew laser rifle, the works.


and he can create all the drama he wants and no one will say a thing “The rebel scums were shooting at me!”


If you’re that scared you have no business being a cop. What a fucking idiot thinks he got shot too.


This is what happens when you spend your life fantasizing about how you’re a hero under constant attack.


To any who might doubt this: this us-vs-them hostile attitude against the public at large is exactly how they train members.

It even exists within Canada’s RCMP, FFS.

Omegamanthethird, avatar

It’s literally what the “thin blue line” represents which all the police has swapped in place of “protect & serve”. And that’s ignoring the racist undertones.


Why did he say “I’m hit”


Cops are trained to say that before shooting as a psychological trick to manipulate witnesses. Your brain doesn’t perfectly record the order of events in a situation like that, so to make sense of things you’re likely to misremember one or more of the gunshots being before the “I’m hit” rather than correctly remember that the cop shot first.


“It’s coming right for us!” -South Park hunting episode


Because he’s a hysterical fucking moron who believes himself to be some for of hero warrior.

Darken, avatar


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  • Jimmyeatsausage,

    Sunshine laws…shit happens everywhere, Florida just isn’t embarrassed enough to keep it private.


    So where exactly did he fire at? The site itself is crap and the way it’s written it sounds almost made up. Not saying that it is, Florida police officer shooting at acorns sounds about right, but do we have a better source?


    He shot at his own squad car. I guess he assumed the suspect inside that they had already performed a search on earlier was firing from within.


    He shot at the unarmed, and handcuffed suspect he had locked in his car.

    In the video it also looks like there is an officer or bystander down range. Like if you pause the video and forget the context it would not be obvious if he was sitting at the car or pedestrian.


    If US police is this incompetent, the only real solution is to take their guns away. It works in the UK.

    And yes, there are more guns in general in the US, but that means that the police needs to be BETTER at deescalation than in the UK, not worse.

    (Also: Obviously there are exceptions for specialized units in the UK, and the same would have to happen in the US, but your standard run-of-the-mill cop really doesn’t need more than pepper-spray and a stick.)


    I mean fuck cops for sure but UKs gun laws are extremely strict for civilians I think you can only have antiques, even. In america there is guns everywhere. That kid you’re frisking and giving a hard time could have daddy’s pistol in his backpack. Its just a different environment in us


    Perhaps you shouldn’t be giving him a hard time then? Perhaps you should politely ask to check him.

    Every single time I’ve ever watched US cops deal with the situation they always seem to escalate it they get their guns out and start yelling immediately. I’ve seen situations where the suspect is being entirely cooperative and they’re still yelling. What are they trying to prove at that point?

    Shut the hell up, calm down, and actually evaluate the situation.


    What you’re asking for requires intelligence, which is actively selected against by most police departments in the US.


    Dude I hate cops with a burning passion but yeah for sure you should just go into North St Louis or Southside Chicago and just be real nice to everyone. That’s gonna work.


    How about we also give them actual training? You know, basic 4 year training like in Europe, to become basic police officer, additional training to become more, and not the “6 months and here is your gun” as they do in the US?


    If you look into this story a little further, it turns out that there are a few things to consider.

    One, this is actually the result of training. The man served two tours overseas, this is quite literally what he’s trained to do. Do you have any idea what a gunshot sounds like from far away? Because it’s not exactly a clear sound, and there are a shitload of different bullets (and gun barrels, compensators, silencers, sub sonic ammunition as an even further layer) to make different noise. When you’re used to being shot at from far away, yeah a sound like this actually does sound like you’re being shot at. I could also easily see someone mistaking it for a bullet landing near them.

    He also describes experiencing a tingly sensation and thinking something was wrong with his left(? going from memory, lazy) side. It very much sounds like he had a PTSD attack.

    Lastly, he resigned during the course of the investigation into the shooting. Not to mention, the investigation into him concluded that no he should not have unloaded his firearm after hearing an acorn hit the car.

    Should he be a cop? Fuck no! He likely has undiagnosed PTSD and should be getting help, not putting himself into circumstances where he is much more likely to be shot at.

    However this is not the result of incompetence. This man is a military veteran. He will likely be more proficient with firearms than you or I ever will be. You need to stop thinking of cops as pigs in tight bullet proof vests. This guy, and there are absolutely others like him, is not at all untrained.


    I’ll preface this saying that I own firearms and I spent 11 years in the military, I’ve had people shoot in my general direction, but I’ve bever been in a firefight.

    Police and military operate in different environments that require different skillsets and different training. People expect, incorrectly, that police are there to protect citizens (this isn’t a rant about them protecting only the owner class…the judicial branch has upheld that police had no duty to protect). IF they had a duty to protect, they wouldn’t be allowed to open fire without a target in site and awareness of what was beyond that target and endangered when they miss that target.

    Hearing a gunshot is not a valid excuse for randomly discharging your weapon.

    I’m glad nobody was hurt, and I really hope the VA or some other organization is able to help this guy recover from his combat trauma. The department that hired him should have done better, and I hope they revisit their candidate screening policy…


    This is the result of having minimal training and not having enough training to be competent.

    His description of legs feeling weak and tingly are that of an adrenaline dump.

    i.e officer has been trained in handling firearms but not “stress innoculated” he’s not been trained to respond properly in a stressful situation.

    His firearm handling is also below an acceptable standard. He emptied his mag without so much as landing a single hit on the car and when he goes to reload fumbles numerous times, isn’t sure if he wants to reload or find cover and does both badly.


    He may have PTSD and he may have had 1,000 hours of firearms training, but if you empty your magazine the way he did, under the circumstances he did, you’re incompetent to be a police officer. Period.

    And even he apparently recognizes that since he resigned (though whether he’ll just go get hired the next town over is probably a decent bet).


    What a very composed and calm individual that is perfectly suited for a job as a public servant.


    The few, the proud, the acorn popper.

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