Conservatism is a terminal disease long overdue for a cure. Navalny tried his best to fight the disease. It killed him. The world needs to fight conservatism together or we will all suffer and die because of it.

wildbus8979, (edited )

Navalny the guy who said the best way to deal with Muslim’s is a bullet and calls them cockroaches[1], who was so anti immigration he got kicked out of the center right party[2], and anti LGBTQ is the cure to conservatism?

Scarcth a liberal…

  1. archive.org/…/VideoAlexeiNavalnyComparesMuslimsTo…
  2. thehill.com/…/4473313-alexei-navalny-life-death-t…

He is later expelled from Yabloko after attending an ultranationalist, anti-immigration protest. Navalny is known to have anti-immigrant views.

@Twattymctwatterson@lemmy.world avatar

“He died of a very natural Novichok build-up from unhealthy life choices having nothing to do with Kremlin.” - Some Russian dressed like doctor.


Doubt local population gives 2 fucks.

quirzle, (edited )
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Some do, but they're...discouraged from voicing such opinions.

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Poison works in mysterious ways

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Whether or not Putin actually had him assassinated, years of unfair imprisonment and abuse certainly contributed heavily to his death. Putin is responsible, in one sense or another.

theodewere, (edited )
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did you even look at the article? there's a video of him yesterday laughing and joking with the judge.. he was fine yesterday.. he was obviously murdered..

and you can be sure it was the most cruel murder Putin could dream up in that sick little mind full of murder and torture


I don’t know if I’d say it’s “obvious” he was murdered without more details. Yes, it’s incredibly likely - probably the most likely cause. That being said, people that appear healthy can and do die suddenly quite regularly - heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, etc. can occur at any age and even with healthy people, often with very little visible advance warning. He’d been poisoned in the past - who knows what damage that may have left. Though I would argue that would still count as murder, even if as a delayed effect.

Still, yeah, he was probably murdered.


Seems like going into exile would have been the better option

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The Kremlin is extremely effective at convincing the Russian people to dismiss opposition figures who have fled the country to avoid being killed by Putin as "foreign agents". Navalny chose his own death over the death of his political movement. I hope history rewards him for it.


For longevity, perhaps. Considering the Russian government’s penchant for poisoning people outside their territory, perhaps not.


Not if you’re trying to become a martyr

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Incorrect. It’s called defenestration. The impressive part is how it happened underground


That doesn't say much, though, as people might suddenly die looking healthy from aneurysms, strokes and what not. An independent medical examination would be the only way to prove the cause of death. Which we know we'll never get.

JoMiran, (edited )
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I’m sure the multiple poisonings had no impact on this outcome.

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