Tributes to Alexei Navalny, Putin's greatest foe, removed from Russian cities as police look on

Navalny’s death at age 47 has deprived the Russian opposition of its most well-known and inspiring politician less than a month before an election that will give President Vladimir Putin another six years in power.

Although neither the imprisoned anti-corruption crusader nor other Kremlin critics were in position to challenge Putin for the presidency, the loss of Navalny was a crushing blow to Russians who had pinned their future hopes on Putin’s seemingly indefatigable foe. It also prompted questions about what killed him.

A note handed to Navalny’s mother stated that he died at 2:17 p.m. local time Friday, according to Navalny spokesperson Kira Yarmysh. Prison officials told his mother when she arrived at his former penal colony Saturday that her son had perished due to “sudden death syndrome,” Ivan Zhdanov, the director of Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

FlyingSquid, avatar

He died in his 40s and people aren’t allowed to mourn him.

Nothing suspicious about that.

girlfreddy, avatar

Tbf they were allowed to yesterday, as long as they didn’t stay long. Cops just stood by and watched.

Then over night everything changed … all the flowers were removed in garbage bags and cops started arresting people.


This is “normal” I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The spot Boris Nemtsov was murdered by the FSB on the bridge near the Kremlin was every day some flowers that could be found. The next day they were gone and by the end of the day, there were new ones again.

Jaysyn avatar

Nothing will change until "good" Russians start ambush killing FSB enforcers, en masse.


I fear the soviet rot has corrupted it’s people too deeply. I don’t know if the people have the time or energy to be “good”.

quirzle avatar

Or the weapons. Have to imagine there's a pretty wide disparity between the police and average citizens. If Prigozhin/Wagner couldn't get it done, it's not exactly a simple task for some politically progressive average folks.

2fat4that avatar

It bothers me that people refuse to accept this. Our oppressors rape and murder us knowing we are pacified because any act of aggression would mean we aren’t “civilized”.

Do nothing and nothing will change.


Ridding Russia of Putin would be one of the most civilized things I can think of, no matter how many of his goons die in the process.


Sudden Death Syndrome sounds sorta like Excited Delirium. In fact, they both involve a person dying mysteriously while under the control of an authority figure. Checks out.


It was a state-involved dying.


In death, the idea and virtues of Navalny will continue to grow as an anti Putin symbol which can never be defeated.

Classic mistake, Vlad

girlfreddy, avatar

Putin just created a martyr, and that is what will bring him down.

ptz, avatar

Let’s hope. That’s the only reason I can think of why Navalny didn’t seek asylum after the first poisoning.

girlfreddy, avatar

Historically it’s what happens. The people try to grieve > it gets shut down > anger festers > riots and bombings occur > etc etc etc

The other part of this is Putin’s armed forces, who he could have counted on for support 3 years ago, has been decimated … as have all his rich and powerful supporters.

His arrogance and stupidity has made him vulnerable and I, for one, am glad to see it.

theodewere avatar

the credibility of Russian elections is a direct, clear statement to the rest of the world about the credibility of Russians in general


I don’t know about what his wife said in Russian, but to me when she states (poor paraphrasing) “what they did to Russia and what they did to my husband” the fact that she put Russia first is entirely on purpose.


Well, his role as a symbol is more likely to resonate with people than ‘random fuck dead, more at 11’. From what I understand, most semi-intelligent people in Russia know how fucked it is anyway, it probably helps to appeal to that.


Despots and dictators always think they can squash dissent. Then a bullet shatters their skull, they drink the wrong beverage, or a balcony proves unreliable.

Sic semper tyrranis, sic semper Trumpus

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