FlyingSquid, avatar

Free speech absolutist.

Digital town square.


Her account is active rn

Saxoboneless, avatar

Found an article that pinned an update - she was suspended for 45 minutes. Weird.…/x-formerly-twitter-suspends-yulia-nav…


Super weird. Wonder what happened. Was it an active suspension or automatic via reports or something else


I understand she has been restored and X has come up with a bogus excuse.


Pushing the envelope. I’ll bet they didn’t restore a bunch of lower-profile anti-Putin accounts.

lennybird, avatar

Looks like Putin got another stooge with kompromat.


Jesus Christ fuck Elon, how terrible can he get.


How much time has he got?


Less and less, every day.


Given how long it’s taken for Trump to catch consequences, I’m going to say Elon has perhaps 200 years.


Honest question, why hasn’t anyone dealt with him? In the past, a man like this may have been dragged out into the streets by now. I feel as a low income person, it is my duty to harm billionaires.

Surprised nobody has taken him out

nexusband, avatar

Probably because he’s got a barrage of security. Same with Trump. 50 Years ago, both would have been hang out to dry the crazy…


eat. the. rich.

Infynis, avatar

Gotta send that message. Folks must be getting unruly so he’s letting them know he will not just kill them but their families too.

Jaysyn avatar

Only symps still use .


And a lot of ordinary people who know nothing about the Twitter/Musk shit and just went to follow their favorite celebrities. Pretending like nobody uses Twitter doesn’t make it irrelevant.

Jaysyn avatar

What exactly do you think a fascist sympathizer is?

You're either anti-fa, or you aren't


Someone who has sympathy for fascists? Are you seriously not aware of people who use Twitter without being aware of the politics behind it?

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