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Ladapo is a quack that should be thrown in jail for child endangerment.

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"My kid got measles and it's my fault, can I get a WHOOP WHOOP"


Best I can do is whooping cough.

CeruleanRuin, avatar

Can the rest of the country have a standing quarantine of Florida?

ChaoticEntropy, avatar

Is someone trying to cull all the stupid people…?


It’s not stupid people. It’s innocent children. Especially if you consider the fact that vaccines are not 100% effective (so you might get it and still be susceptible to catching it) and some people have legitimate health reasons they can’t get the vaccine. It’s these kids of innocent people who could also get fucked.


It’s not like conservatives are above eugenics.


The MMR vaccine is very safe and effective. Two doses of MMR vaccine are about 97% effective at preventing measles; one dose is about 93% effective. Source

Sorry but that’s a really dumb take. So you’re saying that 97% effectiveness isn’t good enough so we shouldn’t bother at all?


So you’re saying that 97% effectiveness isn’t good enough so we shouldn’t bother at all?

No, I’m saying that the people who choose not to vaccinate their children are putting those 3% at risk.


Ohh! I misunderstood. Sorry about that. I thought you were taking an anti-vax/nihilist take on it.


No worries. You get tons of credit for admitting you were wrong. Most people don’t do that. Another poster made the same mistake, and simply attacked me when I pointed it out (but subsequently deleted it because I think they realized they were wrong).


They are putting more than those 3% at risk. What about all of the kids that are too young to be vaccinated? They are the real ones at danger


Which would fall under “legitimate health reasons” why they can’t get one.

Suavevillain, avatar

I hate my state so much man. Nothing but the worst of the worst here.


As someone who lives in Texas, I can sympathize.


Appreciate you both. Edit: from coastal elite ivory tower


Waiting for the responsible parents who pulled their kids out to get charged for truancy.


Man. Florida fucking sucks.


Bugs Bunny was right, we should just saw it off and push it into the ocean

Beer_Raccoon, (edited )

Oh, so it’s a death cult now? Cool, cool cool…

Edit: /s




Lol, I appreciate the format


Where have you been? It’s always been a death cult.

A lot of republicans want ww3 so that the bible can be fulfilled, and they can go to heaven. I’m not even joking.


Easy guy, I know. Calling the GOP a death cult is like saying water is wet. Should have added a /s


Not sure who you’re arguing with right now, but seems these republicans you speak of are more deserving of your shade.


But Armageddon already happened on - checks notes - the Plains of Megiddo.

The Bible has very old roots, and its forward-looking statements are kinda suspect.

SecretSauces, avatar

Which is mindblowing, because you’d think committing acts that would lead to the apocalypse would invalidate you from going to heaven.

Keeping in their line of thinking, you’re actively destroying the earth and killing the people God created so you can selfishly get yourself into heaven.

Olympic Gold-level mental gymnastics there…


I went to evangelical boyscouts (Awanas) when I was a kid. They particularly love the verses Ephesians 2:8-9(KJV): “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.”

Basically, taken to mean “You’re going to heaven if you believe in the American Jesus (see: him on the interstate). It doesn’t matter if you are a genocidal maniac who breaks every single one of the Ten Commandments and strives to make the lives of food service and retail workers miserable because you’re still better than the most virtuous and philanthropic atheist (or Muslim/Jew/Hindu) because they are going to Hell. Oh, and free will basically means nothing because it’s all predestined.”


Fuck yea! Bad religion!!!


I love how they put that at the end of their (awesome) Christmas album.


Oh man, you just brought Royal Rangers and Missionettes to the forefront of my memory. Religion is crazy, isn’t it?


The greatest miracle Jesus ever created was living in the Middle East and looking like a white man.


What a pointless edit.


Well some people are stupid and write mean things on the internet so…ya know


Ooh, look at me! I’m making people happy! I’m the Magical Man from Happy-Land, in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane!

Oh by the way I was being sarcastic

Homer Simpson



There, all is well in the world now. :P


Been a death cult. Any pro-life stance they have is to create more soldiers for the forever war.

They don't believe anyone should have a decent life, because then they wouldn't be driven to die to get to heaven.

They don't want to provide education beyond what's needed to believe your pastor regarding his interpretation of the Bible. If you want education, they want to force you into the army for, you guessed it, forever war.

They worship a god who begat himself just to sacrifice himself to himself, to "save" us from the sin that he orchestrated. And every one of their policies mirrors this "logic."

There are Christians who believe that Jesus is the embodiment of God's love, grace, forgiveness, charity, etc. But they're not the ones in control of the churches, or any of the "seven mountains."


In fairness to them, they are consistent when it comes to ignoring science.


Pray the measles away does have a catchy tune. I feel bad for the kids that are about to die, not their fault.


Consistently hurting our children too.


What the hell is wrong over there? At the moment i think every news article considering the US is making me shaking my head harder…


I mean most people from the US ask “What the hell is wrong over there?” About Florida pretty regularly. So clearly the other 49 states also have no clue either.


We’ve got a little trouble with an apocalyptic death cult. I mean, we would send them back to you guys…

muntedcrocodile, avatar

Do we have enough paper to print darwin awards?


Nope. Forced-Birth certificates used it all up.

HarkMahlberg avatar

Gonna have to dust off the ole Herman Cain Award in short order. I for one am excited for a second round of schadenfreude.


I love it especially later in the election season.


I don’t think the Darwin Awards apply here if it wasn’t the decision of the deceased (child) to do the stupid thing, but of the parent(s). I would rather consider a “murder your child / make them handicapped for life” award in the form of a trial and imprisonment for endangering your child.


Maybe the parents could get Darwin awards for still managing to prevent their genes from propagating.

muntedcrocodile, avatar

Exactly its just bad luck the dead children had dumb parents.


I have to get out of this state before it kills me.




almost /nottheonion material with the post about permission forms for teens to watch kids movies in school next to this one


However, due to the high immunity rate in the community, as well as the burden on families and educational costs of healthy children missing school, [the health department] is deferring to parents or guardians to make decisions about school attendance."

This is fucking bonkers.

We know it’s hard on you, so fuck preventing a breakout of the most contagious disease we’ve encountered, that not only is bad on its own, but resets your immunity fucking you over even more for years to come.



It’s how they roll.




Has you or a loved one been diagnosed with Mesovidlioma?


Well yeah, but if it gives you immune amnesia then it’s like you were never vaccinated for all the other things too.

It’s the antivaxxer’s re-virginization.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some intentionally infected their kids to try to undo past required vaccinations.


You can be revirginized once before you become immune to revirginization!


It might cost us money, so some of you may die, but that’s a risk we’re willing to take.


Wait, measles resets your immunity? Your immunity to what? Measles? Everything?


Everything. The adaptations your body has learned to fight other diseases are stored as T-cells. When you need more of that particular kind of thing, your body goes and runs off copies. Measles kills your T-cells, so your body can’t copy the old adaptations, only make blank-slate factory-new ones.


Holy shit. TIL. We should be good if we were vaccinated forever ago when we were kids, right?

loutr, avatar



Thanks :)


TIL we found the factory reset button for the human immune system.


If only. You’d think it could potentially fix some auto immune disorders as a side effect, but nope, all negatives.


Recent research suggests it wipes a large portion of it.…/measles-immune-system-memory/


Here’s an article that describes the “immunity reset” aspect of measles:…/20211112-the-people-with-immune-amnesia


I’m 53. I have never met, or heard of, a person that had measles. I honestly don’t really know what it is.

As kids, we all thought that shit was extinct. Measles were as irrelevant as smallpox and polio.


Regressives gonna regress, unfortunately.

No_Eponym, avatar

Polio is back too. No word on smallpox yet.

khannie, avatar

Is polio really back? I haven’t heard anything about it in years except the drive to finally eradicate it.


Unlike smallpox, no other global campaign to eradicate diseases has ever happened.


There are a few others, but they have succeeded yet. Anti-vaxxers aren’t helping.

It is remarkable in its own way, though. We live in the only time period of human history where we can plausibly say an entire disease has gone away, and not just for rich people.


Not really. There are some vaccine related cases but nothing naturally occurring that I know of.

SaltySalamander avatar
khannie, avatar

Cheers. Well that’s depressing.

FollyDolly, avatar

Jesus. My grandmother had polo as a child and was wheelchair bound for life because of it. And it’s coming back. All because some idoits think they know better than decades of science.


You don’t get it man, it’s like the man, man. He lies to make money so he can mine gold for the aliens since they all took over positions of power and demand gold for their… Planet? So the vaccines actually make you a dwarf miner that wants nothing more than to mine gold for the aliens, or the rich dude, for the aliens, yeah that one.

It’s so obvious sheep! All you need to do is open your eyes and listen to the totally free and not biased at all PatriotMuricaPatriotMomsBasementPatriotReport.Freedom/liberty podcast! He’s just one of us so he can be trusted™


In today’s internet, I really hope you dropped the /s


I’m a bit younger than you but I remember measles was something recent when I was a kid, but it also wasn’t something that any of my contemporaries caught. This is what happens when you spend 40 years telling everyone that their opinion matters; your opinion doesn’t mean shit when it goes against verifiable scientific research.


I’m around your age and didn’t have measles but did have mumps (the other M in the MMR shot) and everyone I knew had chicken pox. I don’t know how the immunizations worked back then (what the schedule was) we did get the shots. Had mumps as a preschooler, chicken pox around 7. Uncomplicated both times, my brothers were younger when the chicken pox came through and had it worse.


Smallpox and chicken pox are different diseases.

Xtallll, avatar

My mom lost a brother to measles in the 50s. She is hard core pro-vacination, and will to this day proudly show off the scar from getting one of the first polio vaccines.


I’m 37 and was born immunocompromised so didn’t get any vaccines when I was younger. I went on to get measles and mumps. Measles almost killed me. Honestly, fuck antivaxxers, they can all go get fucked.

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