Trump appeals New York civil fraud verdict


  • Former President Donald Trump is appealing the New York civil judgment finding him liable for fraudulently inflating his net worth on years of financial statements.
  • Judge Arthur Engoron had ordered Trump to pay more than $450 million in fines and interest for his fraudulent business practices.
  • The notices of appeal do not indicate that Trump has secured an appeal bond, which is required in order to pause the judgment from being enforced.

Burn up that time

FlyingSquid, avatar

So his lawyers know they can’t appeal but they’re doing it anyway.

I guess he just tells them what to do and they do it whether or not it will have any effect.


It will have an effect: On the amount they are billing him. Whether they ever see a penny of it - who knows?


He has to put up the full amount to do it.

Get fucked Two Scoop piss baby!

negativenull, avatar

This needs to be on billboard facing Mar-a-largo.

FlyingSquid, avatar

How about skywriting the URL over it?


I’d monetarily contribute to that

FlyingSquid, avatar

I love it!

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

Easiest website quiz ever.


Thanks. I wanted to ask a question, but the popup only threw up a waity. Looks like they are busy.

Did anybody the math and can say on what date/time he hits the $500,000,000 mark?


I get it to roughly 303 days from today, which will make a lovely Christmas present.


lawyers know they can’t appeal

This is a common misconception.

You do not need to put up money or bond to file an appeal. You need them to pause enforcement while the appeal is in progress.

In other words, if Trump appeals without putting up a bond then the plaintiffs can start selling Trump’s property while the appeal is still in progress. In which case, if Trump ultimately wins on appeal then they would return some or all of the sale proceeds.


Gosh, that’s going to make him even whiner, if the appeal can go forward but he is still subject to having assets seized to pay for it. “I filed an appeal, but they’re taking my stuff anyway! ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!1!11!!1!” Even though that’s how it works for everyone.

He’s basically White Privilege personified. If he’s not getting special treatment, then it’s unfair.

dhork, (edited )

That’s not how I read it. He has the right to appeal, but needs to either put up the money or secure a bond in order to do so or else they can collect even while the appeal is ongoing.

His lawyers are filing the appeal without arranging for the payment. Then,(assuming he doesn’t make the payment at the last minute), when it is summarily denied because they didn’t do it right, they will complain about weaponized government / witch hunts / etc.

I wonder if he’s simply going to ignore this payment. And then when the court takes action to seize his assets, he will complain that his right to campaign is being taken away from him.

He complains a lot.

medicsofanarchy, avatar

Answering the question, “What do you get when you paint a whiny bitch orange?”


Him having an appeal while they move to take his stuff away plays right into the existing strategy so far of playing legitimate legal consequences for his actions as witchhunts.

Hell absolutely bitch about it and his cult will lap it up.


He probably still thinks he can win the election and pardon himself.


Appeal deez nuts


Don’t you think he looks tired?

Ixoid, avatar

How can he appeal without an appeal bond?


The appeal will proceed while the state starts seizing his assets.


An claim to his idiot MAGAs that he’s somehow the victim.

Spitzspot, avatar

Trump appeals to no one.

HorreC avatar

Sadly as we all saw, this is not the case.

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