Some tips and tricks

  • Add two spaces after a line of text, if you want to continue on the next line with no spaces.
    Like this (see this line just under the other!)!


  • In Lemmy, you can copy a picture in the computer's clipboard and paste it straight away in the text box with Ctrl+V!
  • Note the star. Click three dots on a comment to see it or look straight on a thread to see it. It's a saving feature. When you deem something worth coming back to or to remember about, click it. It gets saved in your account
  • Lemmy supports the spoiler system. If you want to hide text (appears when clicked on), use that. Its symbol in the text editor is an excalamtion mark inside a triangle
  • Add "-" with a space before a line of text to make a list!
  • using the "#" lets you create a tag. Through tags you can find content outside the post and the community where you see the tag, going beyond to different communities, posts and threads and maybe find something new and interesting that you can start following!
  • Add ">" (with no space) before a line of text to quote something



  • See the dot above?
    If you want more space between paragraphs, you can use that (I know I do!). Makes reading text more clear, in my opinion!


Lemmy has many interesting communities of various topics. Check some of them out and subscribe to them if you get interested! And if you don't find something that just should be there, consider creating one yourself!
Your own fresh new community grows slowly. Make sure to post regularly and talk about your community in other posts/threads to gain some visibility!

Damaskox avatar

Does support tagging?


Cool, when you make a tag from Kbin, it directs me to the kbin tag page

When I make one, it looks like this:

Damaskox avatar

Okay so Lemmy supports tags but it refers to the tag's content that is only inside Lemmy?
And the same thing on kbin's side.


On Lemmy, this is what I see

Your comment (links to

My comment (no link to anything):

But when I open this post on Kbin (both link to

It’s a pretty cool workaround, if I understand it correctly:

  • Kbin supports tags, so it will render any tags in text AND it will also hardcode a link inside the tag so that Lemmy users can use it
  • Lemmy doesn’t support tags, but it renders the links (as mentioned above)

I think Mastodon users can also post to Lemmy, so I’d be curious how that works out

thegiddystitcher, avatar

Posting from Mastodon to Lemmy: Tags will show up as a link to the hashtag feed on the original Mastodon server.

Replying from Lemmy to Mastodon: Attempts to add a tag in plaintext on this side just show up as plaintext on Mastodon too.

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