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@nintendo I miss street pass. That was so cool, fun, exciting, and novel!

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Because it’s peer-to-peer, there’s no server to take down; it still works if you can find DS owners. These days, it’s mostly cons like PAX, and even then, not like it was in the heyday.


What was it?

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Dear Hiring Manager at @nintendo,

I am writing to express my interest in the Software Engineer position at Nintendo. With my strong technical background and expertise in error handling, I believe I would be a valuable addition to your team 😜


Wholesome own of mistake. Take my up vote. ❤️


Three systems**, so many ways to play***

** they’re all versions of the same system

*** 2 ways to play, except the Lite which only has the 1

Canicheslayer, (edited ) French

Et si vous profitiez des soldes @steambot ou @nintendo pour prendre Raging Loop?

C'est un des meilleurs que j'ai pu lire (puisqu'il est dans mon top 10 VN).

Au menu : horreur (un peu), de l'humour (tordu), des morts (beaucoup), de la boucle temporelle (un de mes fétiches), du flowchart (un autre fétiche), du folklore japonais, des coups de théâtre, des personnages réussis et un des meilleurs protagonistes qu'on puisse rencontrer (dans un VN)😍

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Hey. This community is mainly English speaking, so I think you’ll get better response if you post in English.

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