Send_me_nude_girls, avatar

Cute 15€ game.


That trailer was a snooze fest. “Look at this animation over and over and over. Neat! $90 please.”

Fredselfish, avatar

IS EVERY GAME YALL PROMOTE ON HERE SOME BUILDING SIM. I swear every time I see a trailer it for another grinding game or society building.

Can we get story or some great rpg, action games.


You can post those you know?


I didn’t enjoy this on phone, perhaps it is easier to control with mouse and keyboard.

picandocodigo, avatar

Oh, I’ve had this one on my Steam wishlist for a while now. Maybe I’ll get it on Switch instead 🤔


What makes you prefer the experience of a switch?

picandocodigo, avatar

I work with computers. At the end of the work day, I don’t want to even see a computer. Also, it’s way more comfortable for me to play on the TV, sitting on my couch rather than on my computer desk. Although for this kind of game in general I prefer mouse and keyboard. But if it runs ok on Switch, I generally prefer it to a computer.


Fair enough, I’m actually interested in going over to PC gaming but, outside of it being prohibitively expensive, I imagined the setup as a couch and tv setup. I amy have to reevaluate


A PC will outlast a console by far, is way more powerful and can easily fit in a couch and tv setup.


In terms of convenience, is it comparable? I’d love it for the mods and piracy and better prices for content but are there work arounds for having it turn on and off with a console controller etc. I don’t want to have to sign on everytime and open steam etc.


You can have any OS open and sign in automatically along with automatically opening Steam with big picture mode on.


I like this game on PC. I’m curious to see how the controls will carry over.

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