I'm out of the loop; what happened??


I'm out of the loop; what happened??


I'm out of the loop; what happened??

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The espionage methods of KGB during the cold war should have been warning enough that twenty-year-olds with loneliness problems and confidence problems will present a security risk.

To be fair, lonely, insecure forty-year-old present a security risk as well.

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Obviously the way to go is to leak them in a forum of an online game so your favorite tank gets implemented in the game…


WAR THUNDER forums try not to leak classified information for 10 minutes CHALLENGE: (IMPOSSIBLE!).


The best part about the warthunder thing is that it just keeps happening.

Like, guys, we talked about this TWICE already, comeon!

@Wizard_Pope@lemmy.world avatar

Even more than twice by now

circuscritic, (edited )

You know what’s worse than a credible defense post in NCD?

A noncredible post, trying to use credible information, only to be unintentionally noncredible.

Since when is some dickhead in a New England air reserve unit, a member of the USAF?


Doesn’t that just make it worse?

AllonzeeLV, (edited )

Doesn’t anyone do it just to watch the world burn anymore?

shakes head


That’s the option on the right, isn’t it?

AllonzeeLV, (edited )

No, I don’t mean the ones that disrupt the system for power, gravitas, or infamy, I mean doing it for the carnage itself, for the pretty flames their disruption makes, breaking the pathetic illusion of civilization.

The dreamers.


Obvious solution: revoke security clearance of all air force personnel.

Oh you’re a pilot who needs to know what you’re bombing today? Don’t worry you will have a corporal from the army assigned to you. While you’re in the air he will be in direct contact with you. Corporal Crayon will be looking at the map and tell you where to turn when you need it, and will be the one to tell you when to release the payload.



“I duct-taped your windows, now the lights on your HUD wolnt give your position away!”


No shit the Soviets tried something like that for a while


I can assure you that trying to get Corporal Crayon flying his MQ-1C to drop a hellfire on baddies in direct contact with friendlies makes you want to gouge out Cpl Crayon’s eyes.


Don’t worry, Cpl Crayon, under the leadership of Captain Crayola, is highly skilled amd very motivated. He’s only being given the best supplies: the red ones

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