/s means serious post. Take those posts at face value


tone indicators, you can Google them as there are a bunch. Do keep in mind tho: different communities sometimes user different sets of tone indicators /g

/g -> genuine


Wow I only knew about the /s.


Glad to be able to help!

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Comments ending with “/s” mean the author is being sarcastic. Clearly marking sarcasm is important because of Poe’s law, which stipulates that “without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, any parodic or sarcastic expression of extreme views can be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of those views”.

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Also fuck sarcasm. Instead of trying hard to make other positions look dumb, just explain your own position. /rant

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I can believe this is not sarcasm


Can confirm. Have been banned for forgetting /s in a stream once where I assumed it wasn’t needed because it was obviously ridiculous and my history there, but random mod thought otherwise.

Even recently here, I put quotes around something to paraphrase the argument some people make and then proceeded to make fun of it outside the quotes and I got a giant rant because someone didn’t realize I was arguing against that idea. Was not even sarcasm in this case, but I guess needed to put “Common dumdum argument:” before the quotes or something, so people would not get the wrong idea before getting to the end or a post 1/2 this size of this one.

Erika3sis, avatar

/s is a sarcasm tone indicator.


“/s” means the person is being sarcastic, but there’s also a name for this kind of thing: tone indicators. There are several tone indicators out there, all are meant to carry the meaning of the text. If I’m being honest, some tone indicators don’t need to exist because they reintroduce confusion for people that need them for the full context.

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/s stands for sarcasm. indicates the user is being sarcastic


t y


/s stands for serious. Indicates the user being serious.


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