Meta is a stupid name. So is threads.

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It seems that before Instagram's Threads was launched, was just a domain name parked for sale with GoDaddy's domain auction service Afternic:

So I guess Meta just paid whatever they were asking to be paid?


At least they’re willing to use their buttload of money acquire the domain, unlike Nissan and what they did to owner.

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Could you elaborate, please?


Nissan Motors v. Nissan Computer

In 1980, Uzi Nissan founded Nissan Foreign Car, an automobile service, in Raleigh, North Carolina.[9][10] In 1987, Uzi Nissan founded Nissan International, Ltd, an import/export company that traded primarily in heavy equipment and computers.[11] On 14 May 1991, Uzi Nissan founded Nissan Computer Corporation, which provides sales and service of personal computers, servers, and computer parts, as well as internet hosting and development. Nissan Computer registered for its use on 4 June 1994, five years prior to Nissan Motor Corporation’s interest in the domain.[10][2]

Nissan Motors considered Nissan Computer’s use of the name to be trademark dilution, and laid claim to the domain by alleging cyber squatting. However, Nissan Computer was named after its owner, Uzi Nissan.[13][14][15] Following the outcome of the case, Nissan Motors uses the name for its U.S. website.

Uzi Nissan died in 2020 due to covid and the website is now no more, but it used to contains his account abut Nissan suing him for the domain and he spent years and about a million dollar to defend himself. He won and Nissan was ordered to pay $50,000 for his trouble, so he was furious. More details can be found in the internet archive snapshot:…/Big_Story.php

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Why the hell washe not awarded his whole fees? Maybe the jury didn’t think he’d been spending that much money? Well what an annoying outcome.


I don’t understand something else - why every article say that threads us a Twitter rival if meta themselves say it’s a slack competitor and it’s an exact copy of slack

Edit: oh OK that’s what op was talking about. Turns out there’s already an app called thread which is slack copycat and was created before meta’s threads lmao what a shitshow


The same way they got “meta”: money.

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