How do I stop certain communities from showing up in my feed?

Am I correct in assuming that blocking a community stops it from showing in your feed? I see a lot of posts from communities in languages I don't speak and would like them to not show up on my feed. So I blocked a few, but I'm not 100% sure if what I did has the intended effect.

(Maybe it's just because to me, blocking a person seems like something I wouldn't do to someone who hasn't done anything wrong, haha XD)


You can also block whole instances/servers by clicking on the domain and blocking from there. It looked like a bunch of furry stuff was being posted to a specific server earlier so I block it and I haven't seen anything since

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That doesn't seem to work 100% for me. I tried blocking (no offense, I just don't speak German) and still get Ich_lel in my feed all the time


Same here. Domain blocking seems broken.

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Not on lemmy. That is a kbin feature for now.


My bad, thought this was on kbin. Still getting used to how things are set up here.


Oh, you can? That's really good to know! Thanks for the tip!

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You can on kbin, not on lemmy.


Okay, thanks!


That applies specifically to kbin (note that the user you replied to is on kbin). It is not a feature yet available in Lemmy, though I imagine it's coming.

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That furry spam was infuriating. Especially since on Kbin, you have to navigate to the specific domain itself using the Kbin interface, which means seeing more furry porn.

While it's just annoying in the case of furries getting to shove their fetish in peoples' faces, it poses a serious issue in case there's a domain that starts posting less-than-legal porn or whatever - in some jurisdictions, even having that in your browser cache is a crime, so specifically having to look at all the content from such a domain is... sub-optimal.


Shout out to furries though. I learned how to block magazines day one thanks to them.

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Forget just the furries, I don't want any porn shoved in my face on /all or /random - I was so annoyed I had to manually visit some /boobs sub in order to start blocking these weird porn subs.

I think I should be able to go to and then simply type in the names of magazines or tags I want blocked without having to visit the sub first.

I'm assuming there's a issue/card opened for this already?

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Ich Iel? No more :)

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Simply block the community's, or join a more restrictive lemmy instance which filters instances in a way you want ( nothing bad in this that's one of the feats of lemmy and stuff)


On a related question How do I filter out posts that I have already read earlier on the same day. So that when I reload, I want to no see posts I already seen today.


In your user profile settings, you can toggle on or off read posts.

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It seems to do just that. On that topic, is there a way to see which communities you have blocked?

ETA: I found it, log into your Lemmy website and click username in top right corner, Settings, Blocks tab.


I blocked a handful of communities because I don't care to see their content, but nothing wrong with it. You do you.

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Why would you want to do that? All communities have value. It would be sad to try to block one out. We need unity, folks. Let's embrace everyone and work together to make America great again.


you can block communities/users or even instances (on kbin). this is one approach, and works like a blacklist

or you can subscribe to some communities and set Subscribed/Hot as default feed in your account. this is more like whitelist

i suspect the intended approach is the latter, because you can see communities you usually don't without unblocking them if you follow links or search for them specifically


With kbin you can block the instance, with Lemmy you either can a) block all their communities (subreddits) or users b) ask to get blocked by their mods or admins or c) hope your instance admin defederates them.

As someone who wants to block certain communities out of my life, like say conspiracy Q ones, I wasn‘t able to stay on Lemmy as long as we don‘t have that feature. Hope they‘ll add it eventually.


Ah I do get the option to do it for individual communities as well (on Lemmy). Maybe it's a new feature?

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Communities are the groups (subreddits) on an instance (Reddit) it‘s a bit confusing for me sometimes, think I also used that word for instance.

For example if there is a "altright conspiracy instance" (there is and it bothered me), I would have to go there and block all their communities individually and since they are creating new ones too I would have to go there regularly, just to never see them again.

Whereas with kbin I could block their entire instance which means I‘ll never see any of their communities anywhere which is nice. Afaik instance blocking still isn‘t a thing with Lemmy as just yesterday I saw some other people from there lament the same thing.


Nothing to add, but wanted to say Thanks for the explanation. I was also wondering about blocking communities and the relationship to blocking instances. I'll try to pay more attention to instances and be on the look out for any communities from unwanted instances.


I'm making an app, I'm very close to an Android beta (iPhone will be a bit later), and I'll put in a "block all communities on this server" button. I can also auto block them the first time a community is seen based on a list of blocked servers

The nice thing is the blocks would be through your account, so if you use the app it would affect the web as well (although the block would only go into place after the app sees it, so it wouldn't work perfectly in the browser)

I imagine any issue you see one person talk about will be a pain point for many, so would that fix most of what makes you hesitant to stay?


What's the name of your app? I'm looking forward to trying it.


Yeah that sounds good, though one question comes to mind that is, if users from that instance can still interact with me? Or can they be filtered/blocked too?

I would like that cause I hate all these Q guys (I lost a relative to this cult). Someone blocking an instance mainly for its content and not users might disagree though. I don‘t even know if it works like that on kbin actually.

So I would say your solution by itself would already fix like 90% of what I want, the rest would be a "nice to have".

I‘m on iPhone, but I‘ll keep a look out for any Lemmy apps that pop up in the App Store for sure and I wish you good luck with it!

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Communities or users, yes. I found the latter to be more productive when you want to rid your frontpage (is there an established term for that on lemmy just yet?) of porn, for example, since there are a few accounts (bots, most likely) cross-posting their NSFW stuff over several instances and communities. Tried blocking those individually first, but the content pops up elsewhere again.


Hmm, thank you. Yeah, I kind of like to see posts from different communities pop up because I'll learn about new communities that way, but on the other hand I've been seeing posts I'd rather not see. Is there a NSFW filter on Lemmy?


Yes, in your profile. Go to profile in the upper right of webpage, there is a checkbox to block NSFW.


Ah, just found out it was already checked! Thanks for sharing!

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Just to be clear, I think someone doesn't have to have done something wrong for you to block them. The block list is an important self-care tool and you don't need a reason to look out for yourself. <3


Good point! Haha. The first time I saw that option I immediately clicked it but then suddenly I was thinking I wouldn't just block some random person without a good reason and then my mind went: it's not the same as REPORTING a community, is it?

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I felt exactly the same way when I blocked the NSFW instance! I haven't blocked anyone, let alone a whole "community", for many years! Odd thing to think/consider when we just tryna block some pornbots lol.


Correct, that's pretty much it.




That is what I have done and I think it is working


Good to know! Thanks!

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