There are still echo chambers just like Reddit.


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Echo chamber is just another way of saying people tend to group up with like minded people. I certainly don't want to interact with people on the internet that I avoid in real life.


Polite counterpoint: ‘echo chambers’ are more than that, I feel. It’s not that they are a group of like-minded people, so much as they police groupthink and don’t allow even moderately dissenting opinions.

See: r/conservative, and them permabanning anyone who so much as hints at a different mindset.

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Indeed an echo chamber is like a community/subreddit dedicated to pizza but bans any mention of " pineapple pizza".

A group of like minded people might generally dislike pineapple pizza but would still allow it to be discussed.


It’s even in leftist zines.


It really depends. If I run a queer friendly space, then part of being queer friendly is not putting people in the position to have to defend their existence every time they log in. Which means that anything I can see that even smells off gets removed immediately. If you come and whine about it instead of giving me a clear signal you understood, you’re getting banned.

Is it an echo chamber?
I don’t know. Probably.

Would I run it any other way?
Fuck no.


That was my experience on blahaj. I’d never been banned from a community, let alone one I’ve been an ally to before. Such a pure echo chamber that even discussing why the outside world holds the views they have, even without expressing agreement, gets you labeled a transphobe.

Honestly, it soured me on lemmy as a whole since that was the content I had been enjoying the most.


I think in your case you’re definitely banning queerphobia/bigotry, which I hope most people agree is radically different from banning dissenting opinions.

Maybe the definition of an echo chamber should revolve more about what would be different if you weren’t in it? For example, I’d say I’m in a community that is an echo chamber if, when getting out of this community, I might change some of my views that previously seemed obvious. I hope that people in a queer community don’t start questioning their sexuality/worth once they’re outside of a queer friendly community - although after writing it out maybe some do :(

But then it’s not the same mechanics: if I come out of an echo chamber I might read up on some new evidence/arguments/opinions that challenge my thinking, while coming out of a queer friendly space is, as you’re saying, getting exposed to hateful comments and being weakened by these. It doesn’t seem right to say it’s an echo chamber, just like it doesn’t seem right to say there are “conspiracy-friendly” communities!


No, some Reddit echo chamber mods will go through your posting history and permanently ban you if you subscribe to subreddits with opposing views. Some will permaban you if they simply don't like your opinion. Some will ban you if you're not a member of a demographic, regardless of your posted opinions.


When I first landed (the day boost died for reddit) it was all flowers and birds but since the start of the gazan genocide Interactions have grown progressively more toxic in almost every forum. Everybody has strong political opinions, which isnt a problem per se, but they are more than prone to bash them into everybody else.

I personally agree with most of the stuff here, but still, I would prefer a space for the exchange of ideas and dissertation over one for pure confrontation and circlejerk.

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Lemmy feels like a subset of Reddit.

Certain communities are continuations of those that are/were on Reddit. The “post link to a paywalled article, everyone bitches about the headline” section of the world is a carbon copy. A lot of the technical space…I haven’t encountered as many “May God create a deeper, hotter hell for you and your family if you buy Intel over AMD” types here, though this may have been because I haven’t really found a substantial PC hardware community.

Commercial Republicanism doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as present. The folks with a mossy oak jacket instead of a personality…there’s a few of them here but the extremists actually seem to be Stalinites.

The various permutations of No Stupid Questions or Ask Lemmy aren’t as dick-in-hand horny as Reddit’s were (I’m guessing there’s fewer teenagers here), though there’s a lot more talk about the platform itself. slow turn to look at OP

Official discussion boards are completely absent. Nobody’s ending Youtube videos with “Go check out our Lemmy community.” I’ll use the example of Coffee Stain Studios’ game Satisfactory: Snut still occasionally mentions their subreddit, and while there is a community here, it’s A. unofficial and B. almost entirely dead.

The brain trust feels gone. Stuff like r/tipofmytongue or r/whatisthisthing or r/askhistorians just hasn’t happened here yet, possibly because of the lower population. I’m less confident that I can get an actual answer to “What’s this weird piece of bent metal I found in the back of my grandmother’s silverware drawer for?” or “What’s that movie where a guy pulls a nuclear bomb with an ATV and gets radiation sickness?” I don’t foresee AMA’s or anything like that, though it seems that was dying off on Reddit as well.

Moderators overall seem to be doing an amazing job, because the place seems well moderated, I don’t really notice the mods doing their jobs as much (possibly because Lemmy doesn’t do the deleted by moderator thing that Reddit did for some reason), and I’ve yet to see or hear about a mod being a human case of pink eye like you’d see so often on Reddit. Use Reddit for awhile and you build up a list of moderator names and the subs they ruin, the same list on Lemmy is still blank so far.

It’s still the internet, which means The Worthless are present and accounted for. You know, the “people” who didn’t get enough attention as children who exist only to make casual conversation via text impossible via interpreting every sentence as 100% true and literal. Say something like “Raiders of the Lost Ark was better than Last Crusade” and The Worthless are guaranteed to show up and try to lecture you about opinion versus objective fact.


I am all for having more people, but being an obscure “site” is a good filter imo.

The Voyager App has some bugs, but for what it is, I’m amazed by the polish.

On Reddit, all I did was look at memes from the top subreddits, spending my day filtering through the vastly unfunny majority. It’s also through memes that I kept up to date with the news.

On Lemmy, I decided to not fall into that sort of doom scrolling again. I blocked all meme communities. I browse through “All” to find any obscure community that peaks my interest, block the ones that don’t and add the ones that do to “Home” or “Favourites”.

This means my feed is much more curated than the slop I was ingesting on Reddit. I still doom scroll sometimes 😅, but it’s better now than it was before, I think.


I’ve found more far-left shitposting here than anywhere else on the internet, which might be some people’s cup of tea but I find incredibly obnoxious. I’m not even right-leaning. Glad I can block whole instances with the app I use at least


Which app would that be?


There’s a different odour.


I just wish there was a single leftist community on the internet which was academically engaged with contemporary political science instead of simping for shitty autocrats because they want to relitigate the cold war.


Quora has a higher rate of intelligent posts than most open forums. And the community tends to be less tolerant of troll posts and those not backed by evidence. Much less right-wing extremism.


Speak to some Scandinavians? Maybe a Finn.

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I miss some of the communities I used on reddit that are still either quiet or very quiet over here, but I also recognise that unless I ramp up my participation in them, I haven’t really got grounds to feel negative about that. Besides, using social media less is a plus to me.

I love there’s no ads, tracking and ‘suggestions’ - in short, no algorithm. The apps are (mostly) open source and the community are appreciative of that.

I used to get news from reddit and can get it here too, there’s no difference in quality or quantity. Politically, I appreciate the de-emphasis on hateful content and it helps I’m on an instance where the Admin is on top of their game in that respect. It is noticeably more left-wing on here but since I am too I guess that’s not an issue for me. It’s certainly way better than Reddit in that respect where I’d stumble across fairly extreme right-wing opinions in (supposedly) non political subs every day.

People seem, by and large, much calmer and more reasonable here and less inclined to attack en masse. I’ve noticed a distinct improvement in my overall mental health but I think that might have more to do with not being on reddit than being on here.

Lemmy is what we make it. For those of us who came over in the Summer, Lemmy/KBin is less than 6 months old. Let’s not paint it into being one thing or another just yet.


I didn’t use reddit that much before switching to lemmy (only browsing a couple of niche subreddits that I liked), but in general I do like people here a bit more. At least in my experience, I saw more people here willing to have discussions when compared to reddit, which is something I do enjoy from time to time.

That being said, I must agree with a lot of commenters in this thread - there is a lot of propaganda on this platform and that’s a part of lemmy that I have the biggest gripes with.

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I try to participate more actively on Lemmy than I did on reddit, where I was really just a lurker. I decided to do so in order to support the platform at least a little. I have the impression that a lot of lemmy users feel similar and really do want to care for this project. And that’s really cool, I think.

In my opinion, however, the biggest issue with Lemmy has unfortunately changed little in the past 6 months: I think there is still pretty little original content. What’s more, the little OC there is easily gets lost in the flood of reposts or screenshots from other platforms. At least that’s the impression I get from most of the larger communities (besides from /pics). I think that’s a shame since this makes it hard to find and appreciate the content someone took quite some time to make.

As far as interactions with others are concerned, it sometimes bothers me that a whole bunch of Lemmy users seem to have really fixed opinions on certain topics. Those guys don’t seem to take arguments into account at all but rather seem to be on some sort of propaganda mission instead. So it seems to me that there are multiple topics that simply can’t be discussed in a meaningful way on Lemmy. I think that’s a shame as well.

But all in all, I quite like Lemmy for what it is.


A lot more sexist


I haven't seen this. Are there specific communities you are thinking of?

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Me either but as a CIS Het dude, I may be unlikely to notice it. Can anyone tell me more? Serious question, want to be part of the solution here.


more active in terms of not feeling drowned out, but also just as much if not more fickle about things that are posted, so i basically stopped doing that and do the occasional comment if im feeling fanciful


I am reading a lot more toxic discussion and really angry people here on lemmy than i did on reddit, which makes me sometimes think i might be at the wrong place. I blocked some of the communities that pull american politics in my feed but still. On reddit, i was good reading just my niche interest subs, but there is very little traffic here for niche stuff, so i end up reading the crazy talk too.


My experience is exactly the same. I find people way more toxic here, and way more extreme discussions. I still reddit more on my PC, RES makes reddit worthwhile, and I'm unsubbed to most of the very popular subreddits, so my feed is mostly tailored to my hobbies and interests, which don't seem to be either very active here, or don't exist yet.

Since I don't reddit on my phone anymore cause I can't use RIF, I use kbin. But it's rather lackluster to me.


Yeah I think it’s because there’s so much less engagement here than on Reddit. The same toxic people would have been buried or down voted to hell over there, but here with far far fewer comments those toxic trolls will remain visible and take up a disproportionate amount of any comments section.

There’s also a selection bias thing going on, people who would get shadow banned or downvoted on Reddit find that they get engagement with their content here so stick around, the people who they put off will leave, which causes the toxicity ratio to go up and eventually the place will end up full of toxic commenters and posters. With a federated system this is an incredibly difficult problem to solve.

There’s some interesting musings on how this can affect the development of online spaces here which has stuck with me since I read it.


Man that blog post nails it I think. Lemmy is probably not going to grow much at all because yeah, all the normal people are chased away


You also have a few things Reddit did or could do that you can’t really do on Lemmy. You also have, with a few exceptions, a rather new moderation team on Lemmy without the years of experience that some Reddit moderators had.

Outside of the mass defederation of any Nazi instances, Lemmy has been a lot weaker on overall moderation.


On lemmy, I’ve literally been told that I should be tortured and nuked because I was born in the US, and then got banned for defending myself.


Odd, my experience is the opposite. Everyone here is chill and I rarely get flooded with downvotes. I’ve only had one asshole in my replies.

HobbitFoot, and defederated from some of the more problematic instances. You’ll see it happen more on

lvxferre, (edited ) avatar

That hints me that what people here is calling “toxic” is politics-related, since I’m a user and I certainly would not say that my experience here is overall “toxic”.

And, funnily enough, most of the issues that I had were with users from either or; sometimes


A lot of it politics related in that someone posts something even slightly critical of communism and a ton of people dogpile on them.

There may be toxic 1v1 conversations, but I generally see dogpiling only from one side.

lvxferre, avatar

Got it - mostly politics, then. That explains a lot why you guys are seeing far more toxicity than I do, I don’t generally join political discussions. (And when I do, since I’m myself communist, perhaps I don’t even notice it.)


Yeah. If you don’t participate in the discussions and you aren’t likely to get targeted if you do, you probably won’t see it.


Yeah I find it incredibly toxic here. Stray from the echo chamber and you’re going to get a bad reaction probably. I’m way more prone to leaving a comment on reddit than here. Honestly the inbox notification on lemmy gives me a little anxiety.


I find Reddit way more toxic, especially post the purge from the lack of apps. It’s like their moderation ranked or something. It’s probably different in smaller pages, but I’ve found the front page over there is way worse than Lemmy nowadays in terms of quality of conversation.


Given the purge was due to moderator access to API’s, I’m not surprised.

lvxferre, (edited ) avatar

It depends a lot on what you consider “toxic”.

If it’s just about intrusive off-topic political discussion, then I fully agree with you: it’s far more common in Lemmy than in Reddit, and sometimes it reaches a point that even people who’d otherwise enjoy discussing politics roll their eyes and say “not this shit again”.

However, if “toxic” includes other forms of undesirable behaviour, then Lemmy is probably less toxic than Reddit. For example: while sometimes you do see here disingenuous and deliberate stupidity, “waah TL;DR!!”, the “I don’t understand” conveying disagreement, or passive aggressiveness, in Reddit they pop up all the time.

So, what do you consider toxic? Depending on that, the other users’ experiences might be really similar or really different from yours.


intrusive off-topic political discussion

Yeah that is pretty much what i meant.


Same shit, different platform.


For me, it’s great. It’s like Reddit honestly, no matter how many would get offended by the comparison, but that’s how it feels to me. I wasn’t a power user there, and I haven’t been here.

I like reading and finding stuff, and that’s been fun and plentiful here too. The comments are much less numerous, but about the same in terms of their content. At least compared to how it was when I left Reddit, and it’s been a while now, maybe it’s changed.

If I want serious and informative and extremely helpful comments, I’ll hop to hackernews at yc. If so want to know what’s up around the world and see cute cats and a few interesting things besides, I’ll just open lemmy and do a short scroll. If I feel like I need a pick-me-up, I’ll read the comments in anything other than news articles regarding war or politics. I get the same feeling I did back in Reddit. There are legitimately funny comments and jokes and such here, and it’s great for what it is.

I haven’t tried tilde, though I did give it a peek back in the day. I feel perfectly at home and content here, combined with hackernews. It’s enough, and since I mostly just do short scrolls here and there and don’t really doom scroll, it’s just very nice.

I love being here, honestly, and have had no complaints after I got over missing Apollo (the client) and then, for a short period, Memmy.

Once the UX got close to what I like, with Voyager, it’s been nice and cozy.

Haven’t missed Reddit at all. I get the exact same experience here personally.

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