I’ll tip like a buck sometimes, but only if I’m feeling like it. Certainly no obligation. USA


Yup, in the US you shouldn't tip on takeout orders

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I do for certain local mom and pop places because then they remember me and give me extra fries/rice/extras and orders seem to go a little faster. With a chain, nah.


Living samples of penicillium.


As a service industry worker, I wouldn’t bother. We generally treat it as a “cool they left money for some reason”.



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Me, a non-american:


Low tip for takeout. Usually 10ish%. I’m also a high tipper at restaurants in general, food service in particular is shit work where you’re treated badly and paid garbage. “It’s not my responsibility to pay their employees” always sounded cheap to me. Either you can’t afford it or you’re cheap, if you claim to have any sympathy for minimum wage employees, you tip well. If you don’t like tipping (because you’re cheap or can’t afford it, neither of which is wrong), you push for legal change and don’t punish the fellow worker in front of you.


Same. Helping to trickle down, unlike actual rich people.


Only during COViD. They put extra service by risking their health. Some sullen teenager standing behind the register while I pick up my bag has provided no service

JohnWorks, (edited )

I used to tip everytime when I got food to-go but recently I’ve completely stopped on to-go orders for 2 reasons.

  1. It was getting annoying how much money it just keeps adding onto what should be a smallish purchase
  2. I didn’t realize until recently that if you tip through the card scanner or online or whatever the company that made the scanner or online processing takes a part of the tip. I didn’t tip for you card processor I tipped for the employee.

Zero tips for takeout.


New York City.

The delivery guy is probably not making very much money. Looks like minimum wage for food service is $10, $15 for everyone else. They have to go out in the rain and snow, too.

I make a modest shitload of money. I am not going to notice the extra $7 tip I give the driver. They might.

I can understand if you’re tight on money not wanting to tip extra. Fine. Make your own decisions. But people pulling in mid six figures can afford to share the wealth.


I tip for delivery as well. OP is taking about takeout, where I have to drive to the place and pick it up myself.


I realized some time after writing my post that I had misread the op. Woops.

I put money in the tip jar at a lot of places, like the pizza place on the corner.

The lady at the burrito place I used to go to told me not to bother tipping with my credit card, because they didn’t actually get that money. I had to tip in cash.


Fuck no, they’re paid to prepare food. There’s no service, why am I tipping? People who tip like this are the reason why we have a terrible time ordering every time we go out.


Could you speak up so those in the back can hear you?

“Fuck no”

Ok great, thank you for your service.


I tip around 1-2€ depending how much change I’ve flying around. Never tipped through the app because I don’t think this reaches the driver.


None. I just pay in the app and choose a 0% tip. The thing is expensive already and I don’t wanna waste money uselessly


More annoying than just asking for a tip on in delivery or takeout, is asking for the tip first. At this point it is just a fee.

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