19-page PDF accuses Wikipedia of bias against Israel, suggests editors be forced to reveal their real names, and demands a new feature allowing people to view the history of Wikipedia articles

The crying "History" button at the top right sends its regards. Yes, the World Jewish Congress has published a report that demands Wikipedia add a feature to view the history of articles, see what actions were performed by whom, and "host forums and discussions within the Wikipedia community to address concerns about neutrality and gather feedback for policy improvements". It also wants to force all admins and above to reveal their real names.

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Have they never been on Wikipedia before. You can already see the edits and attribution. If their information is correct they should submit an edit and offer proof. Going to be hard for them to sweep the Palestinian genocide under the rug though.


Israel has a team of people influencing the image of their state positively throughout Wikipedia. Get fucked.


Well it’s not working


It’s working, but maybe they want to make it work even more



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Wikipedia is israeli ran from the top down it’s not just army of IDF soldiers editing it.

For example Wikipedia lists israeli lobby organisation ADL as a “reliable source”

In 2020, the ADL trained staff to edit Wikipedia pages, but after the project caused Wikipedia editors to criticize this as a conflict of interest, the ADL said it suspended the project in April 2021. The ADL is considered a reliable source on Wikipedia, and the ADL said its staff complied with Wikipedia policies by disclosing their affiliations, but some Wikipedia editors objected that the project cited ADL sources disproportionately and did not reflect the volunteer spirit of the website, especially in heavily editing its own Wikipedia article.

Anyone that knows anything about ADL knows they are not reliable whatsoever. Wikipedia is a compromised Zionist dumpsterfire.

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Anyone that knows anything about ADL knows they are not reliable whatsoever

Of course. Still, even if someone knows nothing about ADL, by making a simple search with the keywords "ADL zionism" they will have the relevant page that confirms they are zionists. I won't add this link, but I will add the link of:

Jewish Voice for Peace - Our approach to zionism

While it had many strains historically, the Zionism that took hold and stands today is a settler-colonial movement, establishing an apartheid state where Jews have more rights than others. Our own history teaches us how dangerous this can be.

Palestinian dispossession and occupation are by design. (...)

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Searching about it, the ADL seems to try and separate support of the Israeli government from Zionism, and defines Zionism as the belief that Jews should have a sovereign state to live together. If one thinks that Israel shouldn't be sovereign at all and being abolished tomorrow would be very good, I'd also agree that that is extremist.

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From Anti-Israel and Anti-Zionist Campaigns - ADL

While criticism of Israeli policies and actions is part of that discourse, certain forms of anti-Israel rhetoric and activism delegitimize Israel and its existence, and are antisemitic when they vilify and negate Zionism – the movement for Jewish self-determination and statehood – or utilize anti-Jewish tropes or hold all Jews responsible for Israel’s actions.

  1. They try to portray zionism this way in order to legitimize settler colonialism, and equate anti-zionism with antisemitism. Historically this chance was lost well over a century ago. See quote above from Jewish Voice for Peace and their site for details.
  2. Check out the Ben Gurion and the critic he got from Bundists. If you like videos, this one is pretty informative:
    The History of "Socialist" Zionism | Leftist Zionists did the Nakba & founded Israel
  3. If you like text you could take a look at:
    The Neglected History of the State of Israel - The Revisionist faction of Zionism that ended up triumphing adhered to literal fascist doctrines and traditions.
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Please elaborate why they are not reliable for things other than Israel/Palestine topics, for which WP:RSP already has a small warning about that area. Just having bias and doing advocacy doesn't necessarily mean that their reporting is unreliable, though as with other biased sources more objective sources are preferred.

Even if ADL were unreliable, that's just one source, and I don't see how that exemplifies that "Wikipedia is a compromised Zionist dumpsterfire". Organizations and individuals are allowed to submit requests to edit pages for which they have a conflict of interest, and I don't see why Wikipedia being open to review them means it's now Israeli-ran from the top-down.

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For anything non-controlversial and science related Wikipedia is fine. But when it comes to geopolitics Wikipedia is extremely Western biased. And in the case of middle eastern topic severely compromised. It’s an important place to play with words and selectively put disinformation so people who think they get educated leave brainwashed.

There’s far far more, I wrote a lengthy comment once about Wikipedia claiming israel’s 1967 invasion war a “pre-emptive attack” which is a very dubious claim at best and debunked by many israeli leaders already. Wikipedia might be open for review but with the amount of Zionists involved in editing Palestine related articles there’s no way real change gets through. Ironically Wikipedia instead just has an entirely different page explaining why it’s actually not a pre-emptive attack but nobody is going to look through that. They will see the summary of the first article and the damage will be done.

The ADL is one of the biggest Zionist slander lobbies that call any criticism of israel “anti-Semitic”. Wikipedia still listing the ADL as a “reliable source” cannot mean anything else than israel having huge influence on Wikipedia’s politcy.


Any organisation that endorses the ADL or uses them as a “news source” is severely compromised it’s as simple as that. It’s like people quoting Russian state propaganda as evidence. By now everyone knows the ADL is an israeli slander lobby

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Not exactly sure what you're arguing about the six-day war, but if you mean that it should be an unjustified invasion instead of "pre-emptive"... My first impression of "pre-emptive" is unjustified and at best marginally better than an invasion, and the UN seems to agree in Article 2 (4) of the UN charter. That "entirely different page" is also summarized in the six-day war–page's "Controversies" section, but I assume you're talking about the lede. "On 5 June 1967, as the UNEF was in the process of leaving the zone, Israel launched a series of preemptive airstrikes against Egyptian airfields and other facilities, launching its war effort.[28] Egyptian forces were caught by surprise, and nearly all of Egypt's military aerial assets were destroyed, giving Israel air supremacy" does not give me an impression that Egypt planned to invade.

The ADL is one of the biggest Zionist slander lobbies that call any criticism of israel “anti-Semitic”.

Even if that were true, "there is consensus that the labelling of organisations and individuals by the ADL (particularly as antisemitic) should be attributed." That converts it into an opinion. Nowhere have you demonstrated that the ADL has a track record of falsifying facts, not opinions such as labeling people.

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Pre-emptive means that an imminent threat is coming and they struck it first. Aka that “israel had the right to defend itself” before even being attacked. Which was a straight up lie.

If you’re not informed about the ADL here’s a decent article on it. The more you read up on the ADL the worse it gets.

Since the 7 October attacks, the ADL has been working with law enforcement to crack down on college campus activism that it sees as antisemitic. They developed a legal strategy to go after branches of Students for Justice in Palestine, and reached out to 200 university leaders calling on them to investigate the group for allegedly providing support to Hamas, which the group vehemently denies. ADL has described grassroots calls for protests of Israel’s military campaign as “pro-Hamas activism”.

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Again, Wikipedia's reliable source listings are only concerned about the quality of the source's factual reporting. Having a horrible bias in judgement does not preclude factual reporting.

had the right to defend itself” before even being attacked

And many people think that's wrong. Just saying that that's the reason Israel and most publications claim Israel did that is not claiming that it was justified.

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Calling anti Palestine protests pro Hamas or anti Semitism is not factual.

Having a “antisemitic incident counter” which increases every time someone says “free Palestine” is not factual.

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Again, labels, especially of antisemitism, are considered opinions and attributed.

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The ADL is used as a source for “anti Semitism statistics” which are per definition rigged. An organisation that claims to be anti racism and prejudice which raison d’etre is to smear anyone including Jews which are against israel is not just “opinions”. The ADL is a piece of filth that enables Genocide by using anti-Semitism as a shield for israel.

The ADL defies its entire point of existence. Classifying pro palestine protests as anti Semitic and hate speech is per definition a lie.

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The ADL is used as a source for hate groups' backgrounds and way more than labeling their antisemitism, such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creativity_(religion).

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Which they also have no authority for becuase one of their other main goals is spread anti-Arab propganda.

Under the guise of fighting hate speech, the ADL has a long history of wielding its moral authority to attack Arabs, blacks, and queers.

In the present, the ADL has continued to militate against internationalist, intersectional anti-racism, and has used its status as “the nation’s premier civil rights organization” to do so. In a particularly painful example in 2016, the ADL’s director wrote a critique of the Movement For Black Lives policy platform, using the black spiritual phrasing of the civil rights movement: he told them to set aside intersectional bonds with Palestinian resistance and instead “keep our eyes on the prize.” At the same time, the ADL has consistently used the language of civil rights, and its position as an authority on them, to describe Israeli state military violence as liberatory and Palestinian resistance, including non-violent civil resistance, as extremist. This habit isn’t incidental: the ADL is now a vetter of content for YouTube, where videos relating to the Boyscott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement have been censored as hate speech. It has also reportedly joined forces with Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft as well to “engineer solutions” to cyberhate, and is building a Silicon Valley “command center” to house these operations.

And one of their source articles where it becomes rather apparent that the ADL heavily pushes for islamophobic legislation

Shalev: You don’t think that “Muslim-baiting” is much more acceptable in the mainstream media than, say, “Jew-baiting”? There is a Congressman now who is calling for the authorities to keep track of the entire Muslim community.Foxman: I don’t think that’s Muslim-baiting. It’s a natural response. It may be wise or unwise. But I think America’s got an issue now, and not only America. You look at France, you look at London, you look at Amsterdam—most of these incidents have come from Muslim communities that have been brought in and are not assimilating. Just like after 9/11, America is now questioning where the balance is between security and freedom of expression: Should we follow the ethnic communities? Should we be monitoring mosques? This isn’t Muslim-baiting—it’s driven by fear, by a desire for safety and security.

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I won't reply further if you can't separate bias from objective facts, especially those that are tangential to the bias, such as the history and key persons of a white supremacist group that doesn't involve Arabs.

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Pretend Arabs don’t exist as a minority and falsifying antisemitism claims isn’t real!

Just seperate the lies from the truth, ignore the lies and then they don’t lie anymore!

You have been linked plenty of evidence. There’s far more out there and you’re welcome to go look it up for yourself.

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I was looking into this thread to see if someone had reposted the video, thanks :)


“Balanced and Zionist in nature.”

He said the quiet part out loud.


Balanced and Zionist

“The pancakes should be tasty and composed primarily of vomit”


Soon to appear:


[Edited By: Gigi Getngahu]


It also wants to force all editors to reveal their real names.

Not even veiling the threat…

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I've just realized a mistake by the signpost headline: It only wants admins and above to do that (which is better I suppose?). I've amended the post body.


I mean Mossad will show up and do what they are very good at doing, so they only need one name.


I just love the absolutely hysterical desperation in the hasbara’s every attempt to try and rescue the contrived (and thoroughly undeserved) PR image Israel once had thanks to Western media.


The old trick of calling any criticism of Israel anti-Semitic doesn’t work anymore. They might need to actually change policy this time.


this is hilarious


You know, not having read Wikipedia on Israel, and not taking a stand, those that think Wikipedia is biased could put up a simple wiki like page that lists the biases and rewrites the article in a way that they would consider unbiased. This would be in the spirit of Wikipedia. People could really decide for themselves.


Is there a wiki on this accusation? I’d love to read that.


The zionist scum hate Wikipedia because its hard to call it antisemitic


Not actively raping a Palestinian child’s corpse while you drink their blood is antisemitic.

I genuinely, in my teens, thought ‘antisemite’ was the word for ‘person who thinks genocide is bad’ and identified as one for multiple weeks. I can’t imagine how many other kids are making that same mistake, and I cant even feel bad about it.


OK, maybe leave out the “drinking blood” thing. That’s way too close to blood libel for my comfort. Leave the criticisms in reality. There’s no need to say things like this when they’re literally committing a genocide.


Maybe they shouldn’t larp a protocols of the elders of Zion fan group and draw fan art of it on all our maps? Because, like, I for one would really appreciate the fuck out of them stopping that shit.

Also, want to see how long it takes me to find a post by a kapostani shutzstaffel killbot actually doing that? I don’t have social media accounts and am terminally sleep deprived, so my bet is above an hour.

Cethin, (edited )

Them (their government, not the people or jews in general) doing something bad does not make it acceptable to be racist. I don’t care how bad some social media post is. If your argument isn’t based in reality or it brings racism into it, it only works to decrease the legitimacy of actual criticism. Keep it to yourself if that’s how you feel. It doesn’t help anything.


This isn’t racist, this isn’t about fucking Jewish people, except ‘hey fucking stop speaking for a bunch of people you have basically no connection to, many of whom fucking hate you’.

This is about a bunch of literal Hitler apologists larping a piece of shitty antisemitic czarist propaganda with real genocide, and I don’t care if it would be racist to say it about Jewish people, which I’m not convinced these assholes even are. Every sliver of effort spent being precise about ‘well we don’t know for sure’ is like immediately contradicted by one if these vicious shitty little monsters making a shitty rap narrating the war crimes as they do them live on video.

And I think invoking racism here is potentially a bad faith tactic. I’m genuinely worried about the racism these monsters are normalizing for people who believe their shit about not only being Jewish, but speaking for all Jews globally, which I’m pretty sure isnt even a real thing except in aforementioned shitty antisemitic propaganda they’re literally treating like a checklist.


Every sliver of effort spent being precise about ‘well we don’t know for sure’ is like immediately contradicted by one if these vicious shitty little monsters making a shitty rap narrating the war crimes as they do them live on video.

You said they’re drinking blood! They aren’t fucking drinking blood. It’s not about being precise, it’s about you spreading racist messages. Blood libel is a real thing spread about Jewish people, and it’s fucking racist.

Also, saying you don’t think they’re real jews is just a no true scotsman fallacy. They are jews, though they don’t represent all jews. Every sufficiently large group has evil people in it.


The thing is, the reason it would be racist to say that about a human of Jewish ancestry/heritage/religion does not apply to these rabid fucking fascist ghouls, because it comes from a book they’re larping. Like, on purpose, I’m pretty sure.

I just said it because it was a comically awful flourish, which theybe probably dobe because theyve done in just the past week literally every atrocious thing you can think of and a lot you hopefully cant, but you pointing out that its a shitty negative stereotype makes me think that’s why they would do it in a more official capacity. Like how they poisoned all the water they couldn’t steal. When I say “LARPing ‘protocols of the elders of Zion’” I’m not being hyperbolic; it genuinely looks like they’re doing that, but with real victims.

And I can’t be precious and sensitive to irredeemable monsters that genuinely seem like they’re trying to do a 100% speedrun of every possible atrocity. They probably are doing it, because they’re doing every bad thing they can think of, according to their press releases, on purpose with full knowledge.

And the ‘not Jews’ thing isn’t based on them being awful, but about an argument they once made about why it was okay to do some awful shit to other Jewish groups. Also the fact that they’re mostly literal Hitler apologists who(se grandparents) tried to literally participate in the holocaust. Also the fact that all the, for example, foods they say are theirs, are things they stole from Palestinians, not things they got from their ancestors.

Them claiming to speak for all Jews is just super fucking racist and awful and probably going to get real probably-innocent people, some of whom I’m kind of attached to, killed by well intentioned idiots. Hopefully not too many. Unrelated, not no-true-scotsmaning. Fuck em; fascists don’t get to have identities anyway.


I hate that there is a loud group of people reverting to actual antisemitism in their criticism of Israel’s genocide.

I want to be arguing that a cease fire is necessary to save Palestinians. I don’t want to be arguing about a Jewish deep state that invented the Holocaust.


Sorry I just find it really frustrating because that’s valid, and then they just do the fucking thing and claim to represent all Jewish people everywhere despite being led by a literal Hitler apologist, and I’m finding it really hard to care about which specific details they did or didn’t do, like asking if the bathrooms at Auschwitz were clean.

Its not like they’re culturally Jewish anyway; their food and stuff is all things they pillaged from the locals. I’m convinced their holy book is some old czarist propaganda.


I’m sure Wikipedia are very concerned about this official PDF and they’re going to implement the recommended changes immediately.


PDF means it’s legit yall


Means it’s probably infected with who knows what kind of zero days.


Wow, accusing the IDF of doing something bad that they do every tuesday. Basically Reinhard heidrich on (slightly less) cocaine.


It’s actually a PDF of a Powerpoint.

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assuming you're serious: it's not




Gee, I wonder what some murders want with the real names of people who they don’t like.

Anyone curious why privacy is so important even if you’ve done nothing wrong?

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We realized this a long time ago and simply made our own national analogue of Wikipedia.


You’re talking about Metapedia, right?


What is metapedia?


It’s a wiki made by deniers of a different genocide.


Is it Hamichlol?

Because if it is that’s hilarious. It’s like an Israeli version of Conservapedia.

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