MajorHavoc, (edited )

Having gone back and forth, I now do my best to reserve one and only one “give-a-shit” for work, per day.

Luxuriously, my single daily give-a-shit is quite effective, because I’m very good at what I do.

Anyway, perhaps my mantra could help you “Is this worth spending my daily give-a-shit on?”

Just try not to say the mantra out loud.

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Ill give a shit the whole workday but it annoys me to not leave it there. Heck I don't even begrudge the back of mind solving that happens overnight or weekends. Thing with yesterday is it was like messing with my ability to relax and watch a show.


I’ve had that. I hate it.

For me, it was a sign it was time to change jobs.

The bigger sign was my spouse telling me “you need to change jobs”, of course.

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Im in the US and my spouse needs healthcare. Main reason I don't change jobs or just contract really.


Oof. Yeah. Gotta do what ya gotta do.

I really did have a mantra, to help keep it in check, when I was dealing with that.

After hours, it was “I spent that give-a-shit at work, already.”


Is your work part of a job or a career? Because if it’s the latter, that’s how I first began to learn that i’d finally figured out what I wanted to do “when I grow up”

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im closer to retirement than career start.


im closer to retirement

muahahaha I’m never going to get to retire. every time I start saving / funding retirement, the economy implodes like clockwork.

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I get that but it may not be something your choose so that you have a good one. Im still a ways a way but I often wonder when it will happen as I have seen people go downhill at vastly different ages.


Its work, you could get another job tomorrow and have a fresh start

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