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I host my own Joplin and wife and I sync our notes to it and we love it. She’s non-technical and has no issues figuring it out, but we use minimal features. It did just get the ability to draw pictures as well, but we use that mostly just for the kids to play with.


Yeah Joplin is nice. I sync it to a free 10GB Dropbox account and use it on Linux and iOS. I've also used it with Android and Windows in the past, it's available everywhere and works great.

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which makes their name ironic. What happens to free users that already are above 50?

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According to the article, the content stays, just cannot add more notes or notebooks. I followed the link to Evernote FAQ, and it says:

In keeping with Evernote’s 3 Laws of Data Protection, and to ensure that all users retain full ownership of their data, any Free user who currently has more than fifty notes and one notebook will still be able to view, edit, export, share, and delete existing notes and notebooks.

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thanks. this is good.

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my recommendations would be Anytype and Notesnook i guess

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I use TiddlyWiki via TiddlyPWA I find it works way closer to the way my brain works

blindsight, (edited )

I’m loving Logseq. It’s free and libre and stores all your data in local text files in standard formats, so there’s absolutely no lock in. They also have an ethical business model ($5/mo to use their fully-encrypted sync solution, but you can just sync the files using whatever other system you like.)

The forward and backwards linking of notes means I don’t need to worry too much about organization ahead of time and I can still find everything.

That said, I’ve never used Evernote, so not sure if it’s a good replacement. I was looking to build a “Second Brain” and it’s been fantastic for that.


I’m using Logseq too! However not feeling very optimistic considering they require CLA signing for contributors


I treat companies like this the way I treat my favorite creators.

I give them money even if I don’t use their paid features. My Patreon is full of amazing podcasters and other artists. I could easily download all of their work. But $5/mo for 10+ hours of entertainment is the least that I can do. Same reason I refuse to tip a takeout order, but leave my budtender as much as I can spare.

It’s a lot easier to justify supporting a person than it is a faceless multinational conglomerate who communicate only though neutered marketing announcements and see you as a resource to be tapped to exhaustion.

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QOwnNotes. It’s FLOSS, customizable, native / performant, offline first, and uses plaintext so there’s no lock-in. I switched from SimpleNote when they started screwing self-hosters.

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There was a thread on here not too long ago looking for alternatives.

One of the alternatives mentioned was **Notesnook. **

I’ve gone with that, it has a similar look to Evernote. There are paid options for more features.

Couldn’t get on with Joplin at all. OneNote is, well OneNote.

Notesnook is superb. Developers very receptive and fast responding as well.

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just heard of notesnook. are you using the self-hosted version or their free plan? is it self-hostable?

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I’m using the yearly subscription. Not sure if self hostable. Ask them, they’re very good at prompt replies 😉

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I'm old school. I use text files


I use paper

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I still do that for meeting minutes, out of old habits, but other stuff like design notes/specs need to be e-mailed around, so it had to be something digital. Markup in text files was my solution.

I've never used Evernote, I thought it was something Mac specific?

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I’ve moved back to a small notepad thingy for shopping lists etc.

Notesnook I use for my recipe collection and various notes such as tech stuff that I might want at some point.

Can’t write them down as my handwriting is getting older with me and command line notes would be a disaster.

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I use Obsidian.

It's text files but markdown.


I recently switched to Standard Notes and it is just perfect.

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I tried 15 different note apps after my note app stopped being updated. I didn't like any of them until Standard Notes. It's nice that you can access them from any device.



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