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Neato, in Modder Who Put Pokémon Into Palword Says 'Nintendo Has Come for Me'
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Yeah no shit. The way you do this is you release it, no notice. Open source or at least release the files so others can repackage if needed. Then if you get a C&D, it’s out there and you can take yours down but others can upload dozens of other copies. But they all want to build up their fame first with teasers.

Makes me think it wasn’t real when they keep making the same mistakes.

Speaking to IGN, Toasted Shoes said he still plans to publish the full video showcasing the mod, but will comply with any further copyright notices from Nintendo. “We would love to complete the mod pack and release it for free to the public, however for now we are playing it by ear as we don’t want any legal troubles,” Toasted Shoes said.

It’s not even complete yet. I’m betting this is the last we’ll hear of it.


These days you train a “AI” to reproduce the copywritten assets, distribute your “AI” and then say the machine did it, so it’s not copyright.


Not really how copyright works but ok

EDIT: The fact that you got an AI to replicate something that already exists does not invalidate the original rightholder’s copyright. Further, “AIs can’t hold a copyright” just means the person who prompted the AI owns the work, in the same way Photoshopping something doesn’t mean that Photoshop itself now owns the copyright (nor does Adobe). Thus, you still end up the person responsible for violating Nintendo’s copyright and trademarks, and we’re just doing the same thing with extra steps.


Huh, I thought it was that it couldn’t qualify for copyright because it was ai produced. Not made by a human. Like the monkey selfie


Yes, but by OpenAIs line of argument, the model itself isn’t piracy/theft/rights-infringing.

The output of the model might be, but that’s not the model creators problem. So by distributing the model, you’re no longer distributing infringing material.


The output of the model might be, but that’s not the model creators problem

But it is the problem of the hypothetical person trying to launder copywritten assets through an AI. I guess you were probably just joking but it doesn’t make sense.


Further, “AIs can’t hold a copyright” just means the person who prompted the AI owns the work

Assuming you’re in the US: not true. In order to be able to be copyrighted, a work must have had its traditional elements of authorship produced by a human, and it has been well established that simply providing a prompt does not qualify.

Such a work has no copyright protections of its own, but that does not prevent it from being a violation of someone else’s copyright or trademark. If you’re responsible for the creation of a work, it’s irrelevant whether that work is itself copyrighted when determining if you’ve created a derivative work that infringes the copyright of the original rights-holder.

From copyright.gov/ai/ai_policy_guidance.pdf

in 2018 the Office received an application for a visual work that the applicant described as “autonomously created by a computer algorithm running on a machine.” 7

The application was denied because, based on the applicant’s representations in the application, the examiner found that the work contained no human authorship. After a series of administrative appeals, the Office’s Review Board issued a final determination affirming that the work could not be registered because it was made “without any creative contribution from a human actor.” 8

More recently, the Office reviewed a registration for a work containing human-authored elements combined with AI-generated images. In February 2023, the Office concluded that a graphic novel9 comprised of human-authored text combined with images generated by the AI service Midjourney constituted a copyrightable work, but that the individual images themselves could not be protected by copyright. 10

In the Office’s view, it is well-established that copyright can protect only material that is the product of human creativity. Most fundamentally, the term “author,” which is used in both the Constitution and the Copyright Act, excludes non-humans.

And in the current edition of the Compendium, the Office states that “to qualify as a work of ‘authorship’ a work must be created by a human being” and that it “will not register works produced by a machine or mere mechanical process that operates randomly or automatically without any creative input or intervention from a human author.” 22

In the case of works containing AI-generated material, the Office will consider whether the AI contributions are the result of “mechanical reproduction” or instead of an author’s “own original mental conception, to which [the author] gave visible form.” 24 The answer will depend on the circumstances, particularly how the AI tool operates and how it was used to create the final work.25 This is necessarily a case-by-case inquiry.

If a work’s traditional elements of authorship were produced by a machine, the work lacks human authorship and the Office will not register it 26 For example, when an AI technology receives solely a prompt 27 from a human and produces complex written, visual, or musical works in response, the “traditional elements of authorship” are determined and executed by the technology—not the human user. Based on the Office’s understanding of the generative AI technologies currently available, users do not exercise ultimate creative control over how such systems interpret prompts and generate material. Instead, these prompts function more like instructions to a commissioned artist—they identify what the prompter wishes to have depicted, but the machine determines how those instructions are implemented in its output. 28 For example, if a user instructs a text-generating technology to “write a poem about copyright law in the style of William Shakespeare,” she can expect the system to generate text that is recognizable as a poem, mentions copyright, and resembles Shakespeare’s style. 29 But the technology will decide the rhyming pattern, the words in each line, and the structure of the text. 30 When an AI technology determines the expressive elements of its output, the generated material is not the product of human authorship.31 As a result, that material is not protected by copyright and must be disclaimed in a registration application.32

In other cases, however, a work containing AI-generated material will also contain sufficient human authorship to support a copyright claim. For example, a human may select or arrange AI-generated material in a sufficiently creative way that “the resulting work as a whole constitutes an original work of authorship.” 33 Or an artist may modify material originally generated by AI technology to such a degree that the modifications meet the standard for copyright protection. 34 In these cases, copyright will only protect the human-authored aspects of the work, which are “independent of ” and do “not affect” the copyright status of the AI-generated material itself. 35

This policy does not mean that technological tools cannot be part of the creative process. Authors have long used such tools to create their works or to recast, transform, or adapt their expressive authorship. For example, a visual artist who uses Adobe Photoshop to edit an image remains the author of the modified image, 36 and a musical artist may use effects such as guitar pedals when creating a sound recording. In each case, what matters is the extent to which the human had creative control over the work’s expression and “actually formed” the traditional elements of authorship.37


This supposed showcase he intends to release should be worth a laugh at least


Yep, if he’d release it first then publicize it, we could have had copies of it floating around but this influencer had to spread hype to all the news outlets, getting attention from big N real quick.

gaael, in We basically just got a new Half-Life game, thanks to an enormous mod

PCgames being pcgames, no useful info in the title/description. Here you go.

Mod name: Delta Particle (mod for hl1) Setup: another base (delta base) is affected by the black mesa events, and that’s where you work Content: 36 levels, new weapons and new ennemies

You can get it on moddb and I guess other places too but I didn’t look further).

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Thank you!


It doesn’t appear to have its own Steam entry yet, unfortunately.

TotallyHuman, in The Waking Dead Destinies is Another Worst Game of The Year Contender

The publisher also did Rise of Kong, and they’re literally called GameMill. And it looks like they’ve made a whole lot of terrible games, most based on well-known franchises. Seems their MO is to make games as cheaply as possible, cash in on the franchise fans buying before reading reviews, and turn a profit even on lousy, lousy titles.

tacosanonymous, in No matter how many times they've declared PC gaming dead over the last 30 years, it's kept on kicking

I feel like the only “they” that’s ever said this was people making and selling consoles. It’s propaganda and articles like this do more to propagate it than combat it. Stop it.


That and companies like EA where a big chunk of their income comes from various sports games that they half ass a remake of every year. PC gamers don’t touch those, but there’s a large number of people with consoles who only use it for things like FIFA and will continue to dutifully buy the new ones and spend dumb amounts of money to unlock their favorite players.

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If I recall correctly, Tim Sweeny said you needed a +900$ for a PC to equal the power of a 500$ PS5. Which wasn’t true even when he said it… and it was time when the ps5 just launched and covid-19 era chip shortage hit the gpu market the most (the ps5 is a SoC with unified ram and underpowered CPU, you could buy the usual second hand Optiplex for ~50$ and spend the remaining 450$ for a GPU/PSU that surclassed PS5)

theit8514, in Steam is working on allowing you to mark a game as private and hide it from your friends (both you and Valve knows why)

Now if they could also let me use my own api key to access my own profile without having to make it public. Or maybe just a sane Openid Connect implementation that actually does anything.

ICastFist, in Palworld CEO says “many” clones of Pokémon-with-guns game are coming, with “Genshin Impact-level” successors
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Auroria is being developed for PC and mobile by Chinese studio Tianjin Wumai Technology, who are owned by megacorp co-publisher Tencent.


For this reason alone, I hope it flops hard

Next year, we might see many Genshin Impact-level creature (or bishojo) raising games

The latter sound like they’ll find huge success with all those pillow-waifu lovers


It was only a matter of time before “sexy waifu Pokémon with guns” after the success of palworld


The Palworld modders have been working on that from day 1.

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Fun fact, one of the mods that wanted to be the adult palworld mod, Pals of Desire, imploded due to an attempt at monetization, since it was a collection of the then available adult mods by different authors.


I have trouble imagining a sexy pokemon. Is it just, like, Pikachu with tits?


There's quite a few (of the nearly/over a thousand current pokemon) that are humanoid in appearance.

But yeah, there's those too.

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Could be a kemonomimi version, could be a furry version, your mileage will vary greatly according to the person you ask, or the artist you search for


search for

Nahhhhh, I’m good thanks.


I mean, you're the one trying to imagine it.



SorteKanin, in Slay the Spire devs followed through on abandoning Unity
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At the time, it said it’d made much of Slay the Spire II in Unity, but would still migrate to a different engine if Unity stuck to its guns.

Good on them for switching even when they had already started development!

altima_neo, in Smaller games can be 'more creative,' says designer who made one of Ubisoft's most acclaimed games with a tiny team
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Makes sense. The gigantic AAA games are so expensive to produce that they need all this ridiculous monetization for the returns to be worthwhile. That kind of spending (at least the kind that big publishers tend to dump on these games) lends itself to all the lucrative bullshit, like games as a service, and all sorts of paid content. The games may not be “highly acclaimed” but they seem to be making enough money that publishers keep chasing it.

I dont really thing a good game requires such big teams and huge budgets. But these publishers aren’t satisfied with simply making highly acclaimed games, or being profitable, they need millions in returns.

Norgur, in 60 Percent Of Playtime In 2023 Went To 6-Year-Old Or Older Games, New Data Shows

Okay, I was really irritated there at first, reading the headline as "60% of games are for six-year-olds and older" and I went "yeah, no shit, Sherlock"... Glad it was my fault. I'm posting this so whoever is embarrassed because they just did a dumb-dumb or remembered that one dumb-dumb they did that one time may laugh at my dumb ass and feel better about themselves.

GlitterInfection, in Game Developer Reports She Was Drugged While Attending GDC

"there are only two drugs common in this area, fentanyl and methamphetamine, and she doesn’t show signs of either, so it’s my medical opinion that she simply drank too much.”

This is an unfathomably stupid statement to the point that I hope it’s just something they misremembered the fireman as having said.

Someone that stupid shouldn’t be operating a garden hose let alone talking to people in distress.

GHB is almost as common as meth in San Francisco, as is Ketamine.

GHB could definitely cause the described experience. Overdosing on it is horrendous and terrifying. I’m sad to hear that someone put her through this and that our city resources didn’t listen to her.

I’m also baffled by the claim that doing a standard issue drug test would take too many resources, since we have a for profit medical system. She, or her insurance, would have been responsible for paying the full, inflated, cost of those test. It’s also not a resource intensive test, and there are multiple potential ways to test for it.

The bigger issue in this situation is that GHB is processed in the body quickly, so if you’re in this type of situation it is important to test sooner and not wait.


Anyway, this is just so bizarre to hear about in San Francisco.

The only part I’m not surprised by is the cops refusing to do their jobs. That is the San Francisco I know all too well, unfortunately.

I just expect more from our firefighters and emergency medical professionals. Especially about drugs for crying out loud.


Yeah, this is some real ‘blame the victim’ type shit. Very disappointing.


“No officer, I am not high, its impossible that I took LSD, since it isnt common in this area”

If only that would actually work.

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The city’s goal isn’t safety and justice for all, it’s enough stability to continue operating and growing. Here’s what that might look like:

A fire or police chief is told that city tax revenue (a large source of their station’s funding), goes down when tourists stop visiting. Then, it’s also mentioned that testing for date rape drugs leads to positive results for date rape drugs, and no reasonable person would want to visit a city known for their rates of crimes involving date rape drugs, now, would they? It would be so terrible if there was no money for the station’s most effective community safety programs and equipment upgrades because of declining tourism. If things got bad enough, there might not be enough money to keep the station open without having to rely on public fundraisers like county fair dunk tanks and pancake breakfasts, and doesn’t the city where you built your career deserve better than that?


That gives our police force way more credit than is due.

One time I was robbed, I called 911, they told me to wait and the police would be right there. I sat there for 20 minutes and nothing. I called again and the 911 person told me this time that they had better things to do and that if I wanted I could walk a mile or two to the station to file a police report.

Another time someone stole my credit card info, purchased things at a big box retailer, then returned some of those things for cash. As part of the return process they had to give an valid ID and address, which that retailer had, on file, but they could only give that to the police. I went down to the station filed a detailed police report stating all they needed to do to solve this case was a phone call.

Anyway, they never bothered with that one either.

But they do show up in numbers if a unhoused person puts their tent up on a sidewalk in the presidio. And right quick!

The police in SF are not known for their willingness to do anything about any crime.

@spinne@sh.itjust.works avatar

My point isn’t that SF police are doing what they’re supposed to, it’s that this problem is systemic. It’s not just the police that are fucking this up, it’s not just fire making comments of pure idiocy about how appropriate it is to test for date rape drugs, it’s a problem that city government, police, fire, and health services are all contributing to when they refuse to test a patient who’s clearly been drugged. They have their tiny bit of hope for deniability (“date rape drugs aren’t commonly used in crimes here” and “what can you do when the test isn’t called for?” kinds of garbage) that every person should recognize as dangerous to all of society.


MY point is that the SF police are pretty useless and I doubt that they care enough to have that conversation about revenue. That would be corrupt police work and they don’t do police work, as a rule.

But I hear your point. Mine wasn’t meant as an argument against it as much as an extra layer of cynicism on top of it.

@spinne@sh.itjust.works avatar

The cynicism is so valid in examples like this. Haha a few years ago, I would’ve assumed that police didn’t want the “extra” work of having to process the assault; now, there are so many other options available for them to not do work!


I’m also baffled by the claim that doing a standard issue drug test would take too many resources, since we have a for profit medical system. She, or her insurance, would have been responsible for paying the full, inflated, cost of those test. It’s also not a resource intensive test, and there are multiple potential ways to test for it.

Ding ding ding! And here is the smoking gun, the more I think about this, the more I am certain she is a liar which is sad for all women or men that do get drugged legitimately, and not just try to make up a excuse for excessive drinking. If they mentioned being drugged to the hospital at all they would have had thousands of dollars of tests lined up for approval.


I didn’t mean to imply she was lying or cast doubt on her in any way. This is a very believable event as described.

It’s possible these things were said exactly as-is. It’s possible that she or her husband misheard, misremembered, or paraphrased things in a way that matches what they thought the person said.

Nobody should be required to have perfect recall of all conversations they’ve ever had especially when they were drugged while drinking.


What the fuck?

towerful, in Forgotten 15-year-old Steam MMO is back with huge new update

Runes of Magic, however, is one of the many, smaller fantasy adventures that has struggled to push past the competition. Set in the magical world of Taborea, this forgotten Steam MMO is back to celebrate its 15th anniversary

The game is Runes of Magic. To save you a click.
More details in the article

Norgur, in In 2018 a group of Valve staff tried to figure out just how efficient they were being—and found they were making more money per head than Apple, Facebook, and nearly every tech giant out there

That could mean that they are totally super mega awesome. It also could mean that they are understaffed and thus need to fulfill the role of multiple employees, or that they just don't have enough staff that doesn't contribute to sales directly, like customer service or the like. It could also mean that businesses are subject to diminishing returns and thus not comparable linearly. It could also mean that they have less representation in different countries to better act by the laws their international customers expect them to act by.

This is not the proof for "non public is better" or "less corporate working environments is better" people might want it to be.


Here is a game journalist who tried to find out what’s it like working at Valve https://youtu.be/s9aCwCKgkLo

BolexForSoup avatar

That was a very informative watch. I think he’s right to question why we treat valve differently when if any other company had their kind of market dominance, as well as virtually no transparency outside of very controlled announcements, we’d all be sweating it.

loobkoob avatar

I think he’s right to question why we treat valve differently when if any other company had their kind of market dominance, as well as virtually no transparency outside of very controlled announcements, we’d all be sweating it.

I think a big part of it is that consumers (myself included) tend to feel like Valve has earned its market dominance through simply being the best option for consumers. They're not using anti-competitive tactics to try to crush any opposition, they're not abusing their market dominance to force consumers into making decisions they otherwise wouldn't.

If you compare to some of the tactics Epic uses with its store:

  • Epic regularly buys exclusivity for games. This is good for Epic (who gets the games on their store), sometimes good for the devs/publishers (they get given money for a game they were making anyway, but it's also a marketing black hole with how few sales EGS results in compared to Steam releases), and bad for consumers (who no longer get a choice in where to play).
  • Epic consistently uses its market position in other areas (particularly Unreal Engine) to push publishers to use its store (such as by reducing the Unreal Engine fees for games released on the Epic Games Store)
  • last I know, Epic Games Store operated at a loss, being subsidised by Epic's revenue from Unreal Engine and Fortnite. Which makes it reasonable to assume that other parties couldn't employ the same tactics with their own stores without running at a loss, making it somewhat anti-competitive.
  • Taking advantage of fear of missing out (FOMO) by offering "vouchers" with somewhat specific usage requirements (X% off or -Y cost - whichever is lower - on games that cost Z or more. Use by a certain date). Sure, these things are advantageous to consumers if they're already planning a purchase, but it definitely pushes people towards purchases they might otherwise not make.

If Valve was using similar tactics for Steam, I think people would (justifiably) be upset. But instead, we see Steam being what's widely regarded as the best major launcher, both in terms of UI and features. We see them being maybe the only storefront to allow people to purchase keys to sell elsewhere. We see them providing a full forum system free of charge. They're generally held up as an example of what all the other companies running storefronts and launchers should be, rather than a company people only go to begrudgingly because they're the biggest or only option.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

Having worked for both public and non-public companies - Non-public is way better

FartsWithAnAccent, in Gears of War creator Cliffy B says ‘woke’ claims “p*** me off”
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Understandable, every time I bear a bigot pissing and moaning about something being woke it makes me want to rip a horrific fart directly into their face.

@uninvitedguest@lemmy.ca avatar

You may wish to read the article.

exscape avatar

I did read the article... Why do you think the parent commenter didn't?

UndercoverUlrikHD, in Gears of War creator Cliffy B says ‘woke’ claims “p*** me off”

That headline is doing him dirty. Makes it sound like he is annoyed about the opposite.

The actual tweet the article is about:

Pisses me off that people say Gears went “wOkE”.

These culture wars are out of control. If Gears 3 came out today they’d say the same thing about it – the cast was diverse AF and we had strong, non-sexualized female soldiers.


The headline is technically fine, we just hear it wrong in our heads. The noun is “claims”, that’s what pisses him off.

And who would make ‘woke claims’? Only one type of person, no one uses it unironically and positively…


With “woke claims”, in my head it sounded like he was ranting against accusations made by “the woke”.


That makes sense, but what’s the genesis? Someone had to announce or oppose something for it to be a claim in order for him to react to it. And it wouldn’t make sense for some woke group to announce or accuse somebody in this context. I’m explaining poorly, but that’s the part that I don’t understand.

Rentlar, in 'I've Never Seen It This Bad:' Game Developers Explain the Huge Layoffs Hitting Riot, Epic, and More - IGN

My take is that there was too much competition for a limited resource - our attention span, that studios collectively spent billions trying to capitalize on but failing.

There were the smash hit successes this past year, Lethal Company, Palworld, Helldivers 2, Armour 6, Baldur’s Gate 3 to name some.

The space of games that failed were trying to be like Fortnite: get a generation of kids’ whole lives hooked so that Epic would be flush with “recurring revenue” enough to put random IPs into the game.

Big budgets promising a big payoff because of live-service participation didn’t ultimately payout enough to survive the high-interest rate environment.

@jerkface@lemmy.ca avatar

I spent a lot of time and money on games this year and I haven’t played any of those, haven’t even heard of some of them. I doubt that interests anyone to hear but I said it anyway.

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