Or they could just port the games we’ve been waiting for like Ghost of Tsushima and be happy with the money they get from the people who won’t be buying a console. Especially, now that Sony have proven they’re happy to steal digital content from customers’ libraries. Really poor timing on a statement like this.


Basically, Sony is saying theyre never porting Bloodborne or Demons Souls Remake to PC, because those are their hostage games.


I’m honestly surprised they’ve ported as many games as they have already. Just annoying they’re slow to get them done. I can understand the whole first-year-exclusive thing. It’s annoying, sure but understandable but to be cherry-picking the ones they keep back is just infuriating.


How many times I’ve purchased GTA 5 on PC: 1

How many times PlayStation users have purchased GTA 5: 3

Must get old to have to rebuy your games every generation. Not to mention the ps5 version is still worse than the PC version lol


Or games you just can’t play anymore unless you have an old working console. If you want to play Oblivion again you better hope your console still works.


That’s my biggest gripe with consoles. Even if you have a working console, and even if you have a TV that can display composite, It’s not going to look amazing.

Meanwhile, there are mods on PC to make Oblivion 4K.

Or even if you take the performance of consoles. There are a lot of PS3 and PS4 games that are poorly optimized, and they dip below 10 frames per second often.

I mean hell, Xenia emulation gets better frames in RDR1 than Xbox 360 or PS3. In fact, RDR1 runs like shit on those consoles, getting an average of something like 20fps.


Or Starfield capped at 30 fps and you can’t fiddle with settings to get 60 or more. It’s like you don’t own the damn thing and traded freedom for convenience.

helenslunch, (edited ) avatar

I don’t think there’s any denying that consoles have several advantages. They’re just not worth it LOL

But no you don’t “have to” build your PC. You can buy a pre-built or have someone like Micro Center build it for you.

Also when a new console comes out, it’s probably a great deal hardware-wise, as they can sell them at a loss to get you “in the door”. But that’s because they know they’ll get their money back from subscription fees and game sales, which are generally considerably more expensive.

A few years after new consoles are released (like right now) you can build a PC for less money with equivalent power.

Steam Machines are likely to become a thing again and they’ll be taking a chunk of that “plug and play” market for sure.


Add the cost of online access and any savings is wiped out. It’s what? 120 dollars a year according to google. That’s quite a big tax on the machine. Say an average PC has 5 year life span (2 generations of hardware), that’s an extra 600 dollars on top of the 500 dollars for the console? At 1100 you’re looking at a solid PC if you play your cards right … at pre built, nowhere near as much.

helenslunch, avatar

Yes I mentioned subscription services.


I have a PS5 and it has been collecting dust after I finished Demons Souls Remake a few days after it came out. My PC however, has not been collecting dust.

mp3, avatar

Meh, I’ll use a Steam Deck instead.

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