If you care about skins you deserve to pay.


I'm tired of people defending the existence of cosmetics being purchase only. I want to be able to unlock the appearance and accessories of my characters. That's part of what a fucking game is. Can you imagine if Baldurs Gate did that?


I want to be able to unlock the appearance and accessories of my characters.

I miss the ability to have skins being unlocked through quests/challenges. I occasionally play Apex and it feels like the skins would be more impactful if they were actually hard to get. To get a legendary skin you should have to do something legendary, not just open a box. Like imagine you see the person with the skin, unlocked from getting 20 kills on that character in a match with both teammates dead. (I understand there are skins that upgrade on kills but that’s a pretty boring linear achievement). Instead it’s just paint with arbitrary rarity, that requires no mastering to unlock.


It's just another in a long line of reasons why modern games, sometimes specifically AAA games are just not as good anymore. They feel soulless and paint by the number with no real satisfaction attached.


Unlockables, which were mostly cosmetic in nature, were part of the fun I had with video games & completionism. Especially when you have extensive customization options and the ability to combine / mix & match pieces together. Nowadays you pay 40 bucks for a fucking one piece outfit while everything in the game looks like shit or has other limitations. Video games lost their soul.

all-knight-party, avatar

Yeah man, everything can just look like Dwarf Fortress, graphics mean nothing, visual variety and progression in a game add no substance or perceived enjoyment /s

Jaysyn avatar

Wonderful example of a strawman argument.


What a shit take. Yes, there's people caring about character customization. Why do they deserve to pay for that? Why not apply your logic to every other type of content? Items? Features? Maps / locations? Potions? Gotta milk you all, because you deserve it.

frauddogg, avatar

Forty dollars? Tell Blizzard what, when a non-canon reference skin pack priced at the same value of three months of sub to my MMO of choice can mirror the quality and constant usability of the money spent at the MMO, maybe then we’ll talk about ‘deserve’-- but as it stands? This is just another avaricious grasping from a flailing company, long past its prime, long past having worn out its welcome, and ready to die.


D3 and OW1 were $40 each, and they were worth the money. This is like selling overpriced crack to addicts that have no alternatives. Some people will pay, and Blizzard doesn’t deserve the money.

frauddogg, avatar

While normally I’d shudder to even up Paladins in regular gaming conversation with the state that’s in right now… Even Paladins is better than the husk that OW2 became.

IHeartBadCode avatar

Some people will pay

Clearly that's a lot of them. So I agree with your stance in:

This is like selling overpriced crack to addicts that have no alternatives

But we have to remember, these "crack users" are handing cash over to Blizzard faster than Blizzard knows what to do with it. So Blizzard is a company, they're just looking at results and thus far results are good, there are literally zero reasons they'd consider valid to change course.

Blizzard is getting the message loud and clear its users are sending to them. Do more of this. Yeah, Blizzard can sit down and go "do I want money today or do I grow the brand?" And it sucks because we know which ones of those they picked but at the same time everyone playing Blizzard's games know what they picked, it's not super secret. So...

Blizzard doesn’t deserve the money

I mean they're doing exactly what their users want, why else would they continue to, at rabid pace, dump money into the company? Overwatch isn't some unique entry that stands alone in all of gaming. People who are vested in the brand, well they know and we know that's not what Blizzard is here to do, they're not here to grow the brands. So I would argue, Blizzard does deserve the money because they're doing the exact thing their users are telling them they enjoy.

At some point we've got to put some blame on the players that contribute to Blizzard learning that this is an okay model of business. Blizzard is indeed to blame but it is NOT theirs alone. The "holy fucking shit" levels of cash Blizzard is making off of this game (or at least that they are reporting) is too large to just chalk up as a fluke.


I don’t disagree that some of the responsibility lies with the players. I feel if there was more competition in this game genre that Blizzard would be forced to compete with lower cosmetic prices. For example, there’s probably a market for a $500 burger joint. Maybe they make more money having 5 customers a day than a $10 burger joint. But you can’t have a town filled with only $500 burgers restaurants, it wouldn’t be sustainable. I guess in this case we will have to look into PoE 2 (if that’s what it’s called).

blazera avatar

Thats the 57th last straw


Well we all know straws come in packs of 100, so we are a bit more than halfway through the last straw pack.


Someone on here the other day called it payware, and that’s what it is. It’s not pay-to-play or pay-to-win, because OW2 and D4 aren’t fun to play, and there is no ending. You pay to work, then if you are interested enough to pay for cosmetics, you pay for those too. My wife and I are three levels from 100, and are dreading completing the last few levels. It feels like a part-time job, it’s miserable. We really enjoyed the last few seasons of D3. I don’t see myself continuing to play any Blizzard game after D4 season 1.

Crackhappy, avatar

I’ve played Diablo since d1 came out. D4 has some promise but the end game suuucks. I’m so done with Blizzard.


Man, same. I used a blood necro build for season 1 all the way to level 90 before realizing it wasn’t viable any more and had to switch to blood/shadow, only to see the patch for season 2 buffs op and blood builds. What a slap in the face. I’m not going to play the same build two seasons in a row now that it’s going to be a viable build. Some builds are just not viable for an entire season run, and it sucks. Greater rifts were much funner than nightmare dungeons. Leaderboards were fun for those that wanted to keep going after doing everything. D4 needs serious work. I’m done putting in my time while Blizzard sorts it out.


Pre season & season 1 I couldn't get past the 70s. It just feels bad, it makes me feel guilty. The item shop, the fomo pass, the subpar story, the even worse season content. We're just cows to be milked and it sucks. The games suck. The pricings suck. The predatory mechanics suck. Gaming nowadays (largely) sucks.


I was actually okay with the campaign story. It wasn’t particularly memorable, but it was leaps over D3, which I know is a low bar.


I think they kinda wasted a lot of potential with Lilith in making her this stereotypical cartoon villain. It's a shame because I loved her design & voice actress.
I also hated when we tell Elias that we took care of his finger, instead of just yanking him another time and be done with it, or showing Inarius the freaking soul stone, for absolutely no reason, which we knew he would have strong feelings about. It's like Azmodan & Diablo telling us their plan in D3 types of stupid. And of course in both cases it completely backfired, just like it did for the big bad evils in D3. And then we let a kid, influenced by Mephisto, run away with the damn thing and don't even attempt to get after her.

rigatti, avatar

I disagree that OW2 is not fun to play. People playing only for skins or rewards have the wrong idea entirely.


Fair enough. out of curiosity, did you play much OW1?


I played about 80 hours of OW1 and now I’m up to 140 hours in total since Ow2 came out. Couldn’t care less about cosmetics I just like to play a few matches of quick play when I’m having some beers. Still fun to me.


Glad you are enjoying it. I played several hundred hours in OW1, and I don’t find OW2 nearly as fun. There are other games I can play that I enjoy more. I do wish there was another game that I could play for 20-40 minutes to fill that late night short-gaming-session craving.


I gotta admit, I do prefer the old 6v6 of OW1 but OW2 is still fun IMO but I’m a filthy casual. Overwatch is my only FPS game, other than that I much prefer single player games. I’m also a bit salty that I bought into OW1 about a year before OW2 came out and now I don’t even have a choice between the two which really sucks.

rigatti, avatar

Yeah, I had several hundred hours in it. I prefer 6v6, but OW2 still scratches a similar itch even if it’s not exactly the way I want to play.


I’m just mad that I bought OW1 and they forced me to OW2.

rigatti, avatar

Agreed. I wish they would go back to 6v6. I can see why they wouldn’t want to have two separate queues. Queue times are long enough already.

Poggervania avatar

If you guys are dreading it… why not just stop playing if you guys aren’t playing with anybody else?

If a game isn’t fun, I don’t see why people would go play the game and think “I should reach this part of the game” or “I have to complete this grind”. Like I played a shitload of GTAO solo and once I realized I was basically starting to get bored and grinding out money and rep was basically becoming a second job, I dropped the game completely and moved on. Nothing is worth wasting your time on something like that imo, not even getting that sick digital cosmetic nobody will care about nor reaching an arbitrary level that won’t mean shit once the next season rolls out.


I have asked myself this, about so many people across all types of games, and even gaming as a whole. Unfortunately I can’t offer any more insight than, that it is a very widespread idea and it definitely hurts a lot of people.


Disclaimer: I very much regret buying D4, which is also part of my FOMO issues.
But if you grew up with a beloved video games series it is hard to let go. I've done it in the past with other games. I basically boycott EA since ME3 (that was a hard one too, breaking away mid series) & Origin, and Ubisoft since Uplay. But it's hard when it is a franchise that you've spent hundreds or thousands of hours in, one that has basically no alternative like it. I know there's other hack'n slays, but nothing like Diablo's setting & atmosphere (maybe Wolcen, I don't own it, because apparently it is still a trashy mess).

And the worst part is that this is all happening to the whole market. It happened to mmorpgs before and killed it, and it happens to the rest of the industry now and kills it too. Something has to radically change, because this is definitely not fun anymore.


I’m sooooo happy I skipped D4. And I have like 5k hours in D2 and D2R, and around 700 in D3.

Seeing their plans for D4, though… made it go from “maybe I’ll wait a week” to “maybe I’ll wait a year” and at this point it’s “maybe I’ll don’t.”


I was very happy to have spent my 5 bucks on a KFC sandwich so I could play D4 long enough to realize I wouldn’t like the game. It had potential, but I knew with Blizz at the helm it was only a matter of time before they dropped it like StarCraft and HotS


Understandable question. Sunk-cost fallacy. We paid a lot of money for the game, and we both thought it would eventually “click” or we would start having more fun (and we did honestly enjoy the campaign and leveling to around lvl 80). It just got duller to play, and the experience gained from doing a nightmare dungeon fell off a cliff. It also became useless to do helltides, world bosses, and legion events. PVP also seems non-existent (not that we were into that). Once we realized we were equally not enjoying it, we were in the high 80’s, and it just made sense to 100% the season just to see something through to the end.


To no one’s suprise…just stop playing their shiat


Who is hotly anticipating skins? Stop. They don’t do anything. You are wasting your money. Find joy elsewhere.

CileTheSane, avatar

Also: who is surprised by Blizzard’s shitty business practices at this point? You are wasting your time and money with them. Find joy elsewhere.


People on the internet: EA sucks! it couldn’t possibly get worse than them.

Blizzard: Hold my beer…


Blizzard fans: we have been treated like shit for 15 years straight yet we still buy their shit

Yeah, i know this is what happens with fans of any good game i just biased against blizzard in this


Blizzard fans are a different breed, they’re fiercely loyal for no legitimate reason whatsoever. They’ve pumped out half assed wow expansion after wow expansion and have only made one new IP in the past 20 years with overwatch.

They’ve left StarCraft to rot, they keep stringing HotS along and have no idea what to do with the game, disrespected the well crafted and absolute classic that is warcraft 3, ruined overwatch, screwed themselves with diablo 4 and the horrible class balance and seasons, diablo 2 resurrected was being made by vicarious visions before blizzard bought them so I don’t even count that game as a blizzard title. Blizzard couldn’t code their way out of the break room fridge with a bottle of breast milk (reference to people actually doing that shit at blizzard btw). On top of all of this incompetence and Idiocracy, upper management bullied a poor woman to suicide and somehow that’s just been swept under the rug.


The $15/month I pay for Wrath of Lich King Classic is starting to seem like a good deal.

That’s how awful this company has gotten.


I hate to say it, but you’re enabling the problem


Sorry I am having fun the wrong way.


WoW classic with no expansions was magical. Then they added BC. With a like 50 dollar paid level boost to skip the game.

Then they added in gold buying.

It’s a complete fuck.


Let’s be honest, they didn’t add gold buying, they added Blizzard branded gold buying.

Pretending this wasn’t an issue before the wow token is monumentally ignorant. Blizzard normalized gold buying a long time ago by prioritizing monthly sub revenue over enforcing their own terms of service.

Sabata11792 avatar

I didn't think OW2 had enough people still playing it to have a backlash.


There are 7 of us!!!

CileTheSane, avatar

If just one guy is upset about it that’s a significant portion of the player base.


Well I have actually seen some of this articles say stuff like “grupe is outrage about X” when grupe was just one normal slightly disappointed tweet.

Jaysyn avatar

I've been boycotting Blizzard since the bNetd lawsuit, unfortunately they'll still profit from this because most of you are suckers.


Blizzard does stupid thing, gets backlash

RIPandTERROR, avatar

Just let me know when the porn drops


I found a Tracer x Widowmaker x Youbasicallylayinginbedwithsleepparalysis VR porn somewhere. It was like 20GB. It’s… interesting.

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