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I've been experimenting with and since the 1990s, since QuickTime VR was a thing, trying desperately to capture the beauty of the world.

This is one of my first attempts from 1997 or so. I was on a / trip in National Park and had gotten out of the kayak to scramble to the top of Bowknot Bend. Once at the top, I took out my trusty digital camera that recorded 640x480 images onto 2.5" floppy disks and snapped a whole bunch of photos as I pretended to be a human tripod.

Weeks later, at home, I hand stitched the photos in 3, or whatever version was current at the time. This was the beginning of a long journey.

A zoomable and pannable version is here:



That's so awesome! I'm even feeling sentimental about this retro "stitch line" & love it all!

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