What's you opinion on Generative Fill?

It's been out for a while, so I want people's opinion on it. In my opinion, I think it's great for personal projects but unviable for commercial use. The pixel limit really limits what you can do with it without having parts of your image blurry. Because of this, the only thing you could really it for it is removing object or adding small things. I hope Adobe removes the pixel limit so I could use it in more situations.


1024x1024 is sufficient for smaller areas, and it might work better to do it in sections if the resolution is an issue? But yeah, resolution is a major problem for professional work.

Anyway, i think the generative fill beta is a great proof of concept. Very user friendly compared to the SD plugins out there. And also very useful in situations where content-aware is insufficient.

Quality-wise, it is not the best, just ok. This is what they need to focus on going forward. Midjourney is leagues ahead there. Feature-wise, i guess SD wins - but it can be complicated as hell to use. 😅

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Do you know if other AI programs can add or remove selections like in PS? If not, then that's one advantage PS would have.

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