Moderation tools for communities?

Hi all,

First of all thanks for the great work. It is really nice to see a project in a language I understand :) Also, I'm very grateful for the video walkthrough of the codebase!

Anyhow, before I did a local install I thought of trying the online version and poke around a little to understand the features. I made a community for the sake of testing ( but it won't let me use the "moderate" or "settings" functions. Is that because my account is new?

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Hi there,

I'm working on these features at the moment. The 'settings' button lets community owners change a few things, including appointing new moderators. The 'moderate' button lets owners and moderators do moderation-y things. The moderation part is about 50% complete but you can see where I'm going with it.

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Hi, welcome to PieFed!

Those features are not built yet, but they will be soon.

There is a queue of 40 issues to be worked on. I have put the highest priority of those into this kanban board, which features the 'basic mod tools' task/issue. It is the next thing to work on, after I finish sub-topics this week.

As PieFed is still in beta it is not wise to create new communities yet. I recommend you wait until mod tools and are completed.

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Thank you! That is good to know! Again, I only created the community to understand the state of the project and help with some user testing. I'll create some issues based on this!

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