Definitely both, but I'd probably separate the options? Think they can serve different purposes.

Example use case: blocking a NSFW instance to prevent seeing NSFW content, but if an account thats hosted on that instance would want to participate in SFW conversations on other instances that would be fine to see

@Blaze@reddthat.com avatar

I would have both, with different names

  • mute to hide all posts in communities on that instance
  • block to hide all posts and comments from that instance members
@rimu@piefed.social avatar

Yeah, I think both. Like defederation is.

You might be getting too clever with the mute vs block distinction. Don't want to make people think more than they have to...

@cabbage@piefed.social avatar

Block instance vs. hide communities from instance?

I think it's a good idea to have both options, but defederating from an instance in its entirity is by far the most important to me. Using kbin and having to individually block hexbear users was a drag. Still, I wouldn't want to see lemmynsfw communities although I have no issue with seeing users from there post elsewhere, so both options serve a purpose.

@rimu@piefed.social avatar

Those examples make it more concrete for me, thanks.

@Blaze@reddthat.com avatar

Indeed, maybe there might be a better name choice

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