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Meanwhile all kbin users: 🫢🍿


Also just anyone on any other instance


Someday maybe there will be a kbin api so more apps can utilize it.

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Yeah man, started on kbin and its been my favorite so far.

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Right? Like oh no, well sucks to sucks l.w lol.


I don’t hold it against them. They have their hands full at the moment with DDOS attacks. The admins are barely able to keep the place running. The beauty of federation is that we can pick and choose where to sail from.


And yet they insist on keeping registrations open and tarnishing the lemmy name with their shit uptime and terrible, terrible decisions like this. Fuck them.


Based admin above 🙏


What if a competitor, say a hypothetical Lemmy.7z or Lemmy.rar were to open, what would their response be?


They use discord to announce these changes? Wtf?


Because their shit instance can’t keep up for a minute.


Clearly their shit just doesn’t work.


I will just subscribe here from my porn account then.


The hero


Sounds like a plan.


That’s exactly what I just did haha




This is the way


Was to lazy to change instances even though .world was always down. Actively censoring made me finally pull the plug. Thanks for helping me out I guess


Ok this might look like noob posting but I’m fresh af on Lemmy & trying to figure out if my account transfers here so test comment.


You can always just make an account on a different instance.


I mean, the great thing about federation is that you can just have different accounts for different servers


We will never block it ;)


I was on Lemmy World too, but lately they’ve started to restrict more and more. Restricting access to piracy was my limit

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The reason why I have a lemmy account is to be a part of the piracy community. My account is also registered on this instance. So as long as I am able to access this community I am good. Plus making a second account on for the communities on therewill take literally seconds . Absolutely no need to panic.


Men, it sucks and always had wannabe-corpo vibes but I somewhat understand the decision, I mean it’s not the worst of reasons

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The best part is notified its users of this change on…discord. lol

Great social media site, where you notify end users of major changes on another platform entirely.



TBF their instance was probably down at the time


Yeaaaah, that’s sketchy. I can understand them blocking the communities out of fear of legal risk. They didn’t sign up for that kinda risk and we all know that piracy oriented sites get targeted by legal action (isn’t there currently an ongoing attempt to get Reddit to turn over user info about people who accessed piracy communities there?). But why the heck would they hide that they blocked the communities?

It’s the same as with Hexbear. I can understand why they defederated from that instance, since I’ve seen how they comment. They’re extremely aggressive. Even when they’re right, they’re assholes about it. And they’re often straight up supporting Russia, which is batshit crazy (they have no nuance, acting as if there can’t both be Nazis in Ukraine and Russia can also be an evil aggressor). But Lemmy.World was happy to silently defederate until they got called out. Even despite the fact that for Exploding Heads, they at least had a big post about it (even though Exploding Heads is far worse).


My main account is on the piracy instance. So it’s fine. I’m fine.


Lucky that my instance moderation doesn’t oppose piracy

Polarsy, (edited )

Since we’re here, what have they banned exactly ?

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