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NGL, I’m gonna send some $$ their way for this.


Yeah, I’m fucking paying these guys. I played Postal 2 heaps (it wasn’t available in my country).

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Holly shit, this is pretty damn awesome!


It’s still criminal in my country, which means even if RWS does not complain, the ISP can still complain and the police will still arrest.

The law is incredibly stupid at times.



HiddenLayer5, (edited )

Remember if you like the games and have the means to, you should still donate what you can to support both them having this attitude toward this, and further development of future games.


OTOH Running with Scissors sucks major ass


I don’t know how it is in the US, but in my country Steam regional pricing doesn’t apply and the game can be about 5-7% of my paycheck for a AAA game (before “microtransactions” that is) which doesn’t seem like a lot at first, but it still seems like a lot in my mind.


They should be like the devs of Hotline Miami and just straight up provide the torrent lol


Imagine EA providing the torrent and thanking Skidrow for the great work on removing Denuvo lol


regional pricing isn’t always applied. Egypt still has USD pricing making a $60 game a quarter the median monthly income making that $60 game the equivalent of $700


Same in Vietnam. The average gamer demographic makes like 15k-25k VND/hr. That’s like $.60-$.1.10 an hour. So 55-110 hours of labor for a video game. Everyone here is a pirate, and rightfully so.


I mean, by nature we didn’t need permission, but thanks I guess!

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at least you won't go to hell for this one


Too late, see you there


See I hate that the game company’s lose out but some games I’d rather have a legitimate copy so I can get my achievements and shit so key resalers are the only cheap way of getting a legitimate copy of the game, Wish there was a way to differentiate between the stolen keys and non stolen keys.


What purpose do achievements serve even? Are there rewards you are after?

Achievements have only ever been annoying pop-up from my perspective.

What is the appeal?


Honestly they are just nice to have and pretty enjoyable to try and 100% a game.


A sense of achievement

Before I show myself out, I’ll just say some use them as a progression indicator without looking up a guide while others enjoy that sweet dopamine rush.


While you’re probably joking, sometimes it feels that way. (Referring to 1st sentence.)


It’s a joke in that it’s a pun but it’s still true, in my opinion.


Would you like to sign my petition?


I respect that, even though I really don’t enjoy their games so I probably won’t 😆

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Valve does a relatively good job with regional pricing. But after last year's readjustments price in India is at the very least 50% more expensive than it used to be.

No, our economy didn't improve to warrant this change, it's in fact tabled heavily, and disposable income has also shrunk but a lot. It'll get a lot worse too, as our policies become worse and worse.

There are other countries in similar situations where the prices were adjusted to be cheaper, but not in India, sadly.

So while Valve usually does a good job, they didn't this time. We can't expect individual developers to manually keep track of global economies and set their own prices, so it's very understandable for then to just say they trust Valve for this. I just hope more of them realize that Valve is not perfect in how they go about it.


This is sometimes the case with god forsaken countries like Venezuela, we’ve had the same prices as US since forever and we’re the worst economy in the whole continent and rank among the top 10 in the world, so yeah sometimes is just bad luck or maybe even due to international policies that regular costumers are not aware of.


These aree same guys that asked people to pirate instead of buying from key resellers, because most of those keys were bought with stolen credit cards. In that case the game company doesn’t get to keep the money, but does have to pay exorbitant fees.


How much do you think it would cost for them to accept cheques instead?


Ask Frank Abignale.

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