Why a limit at all? I see it as our role to share just as we received it from others who shared with us.

If space is needed remove the ones with the lost existing seeders instead of some ratio goal.

Keep each torrent alive!


I set 10x ratio, after which I stop seeding and seed fresher torrents. Those stopped ones can be resumed if I accidentally go to the forum or tracker and see no seeders


I try for minimum 3 for fast or slow uploads. Generally my max is 5. It depends upon the total number of concurrent seeding files Slower torrents, I’ll just leave seeding. Some may still be below 1 after a month. If they have such low use, I can afford the small bandwidth and data impact.

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I seed as much as I can, never set any targets for seeding. Torrents die our dayz, so no target should be a priority. Unless it is movies 🎥 - that shit takes tons of data.

Platform27, (edited )

No. Here’s a pretty good explanation from the qBittorrent forums:

Your ratio is what percentage you have given back to others of what you have taken. For example, if you download something, and have a .5 ratio on that file, that means you’ve shared back half of what you’ve taken.

Ideally, you should strive to always seed to 1.0 meaning you have given back the same amount that was taken. In an ideal world, this would assure that no torrent ever has to die. Private trackers may have more specific rules about what ratio you must maintain, either overall (across all torrents you download) and/or on each individual torrent you grab. Check the specific trackers you participate on for their rules.

If you deal exclusively with public trackers, then 1.0 should be your minimum goal.

Personally, I’d put your ratio at 2.0, if you have the available data allowance, and bandwidth. Help others like you’ve been helped, even on public trackers.


I just seed to 3 - if it’s popular it won’t take long, and if it’s not popular it probably needs the extra help (and it’s just one setting)

I actually seed much longer if something still has no other seeds though


You’re doing god’s work.


if you’re doing min(a, b) wouldn’t your target then be 1?


Yes. I wanted to write max.

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